Titli 18th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhara Tells The Truth!

Episode Summary, September 18, 2023, Title!

by Manish
Titli 18th September 2023 Written Episode Update

Megha starts the “Titli” episode, which broadcast on September 18, 2023, by pleading with Garv to stick with his treatment plan. She serves as a reminder of both the value of the therapy and his affection for Titli. Garv considers it to be foolishness.

Maina attempts to remove the recorded conversation from Alpa’s phone in the meantime. Alpa steps in and tells Maina to make tea when a maid confronts her about removing the phone. Maina is upset when Alpa keeps her phone.

In another section of the narrative, Manikant runs into Titli and asks why she’s there. Titli hesitates when she thinks back on Garv’s remarks. Megha is told by Garv that he doesn’t require her help and that Titli would take care of him. Megha is happy about this advancement.

At home, tensions increase as Hetal confronts Ambika and demands that the family’s property be divided. The family members’ perspectives are mixed, with some choosing to maintain their unity and others accepting their fair portion.

A novel option put out by Ambika is to adopt a child, raise her as a daughter-in-law, and eventually marry her to her son. She hopes to alter cultural expectations of the saas and bahu roles. The stunned family members appreciate Ambika’s tenacity while Shakuntala expresses her disbelief.

Manikant pressures Titli to divulge information on Garv’s treatment back at Garv and Titli’s house. Titli grudgingly acknowledges that Garv saw a psychiatrist. Manikant is incensed by this information and questions Garv about his mental health. When Maina and Koel find that Garv is looking for psychiatric therapy, they react with shock and disdain.

Manikant reprimands Titli for asking for psychiatric assistance for Garv, which causes tensions to rise back at the family home. Koel and Maina are baffled by this information.

When Dhara shows in and verifies that Garv has raised his hand against Titli, the episode takes a dramatic turn. The family is shocked by this information, and Titli pursues Garv.

Later, Garv approaches Titli and accuses her of telling Dhara about their private problems. He abuses her and expresses his rage at her, saying that she has endangered his career. Titli argues her case, but Garv keeps criticising her.

Garv makes the decision to tell Koel the truth about their altercation. Koel responds by hitting him in shock, nevertheless.

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