Shiv Shakti (Zee) 18th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv indirectly saves Shakti from Ranjan

Shiv Shakti (Zee) - Written Episode Update: September 18, 2023 Shiv shields Shakti from Ranjan inadvertently.

by Manish
Shiv Shakti (Zee) 18th September 2023 Written Episode Update

Scene 1 Manorama is told by Ranjan’s mother to bring gifts for her family. Since dowry is against the law, Shakti overhears and realises that this is wrong. When she turns to leave, Ranjan is there. He implies that she is constantly in the kitchen and doesn’t spend enough time with them. He suggests that because Manorama isn’t her true mother, she makes her work a much. Manorama is defended by Shakti on the grounds that she is her mother and works there because it is her home. Given that she will soon become Rimjhim’s sister-in-law, Ranjan advises that she stay with him. Shakti is alarmed and makes a threat to tell Manorama. She tries to leave, but Ranjan’s brother surrounds her. As Ranjan gets closer to Shakti, she starts to feel uneasy. As she pleads for assistance, Shiv enters the home. Ranjan is startled when she calls him “Dr. Shiv.” Shiv is approached by Shakti, who grabs his arm. Shiv touches her hand and asks if everything is okay. He is perplexed. Shiv is reassured by Shakti that everything would be OK since she believes that if Shiv becomes upset, he won’t spare them. Ranjan is afraid as Shiv continues to grill her. He warns his brother that if Shiv learns, he will be killed. Shiv stops them and says he feels like he has seen Ranjan before as they start to leave. Ranjan rejects it and walks away. Shakti is certain Shiv has met him previously, and she thinks finding out could stop the wedding.

Mandira sings aloud about not allowing Shiv and Shakti to reconcile. Keertan walks in and asks whether she called him. He leaves after Mandira snatches his phone and claims that she needs it because her phone isn’t working. Mandira looks through his phone but cannot locate Rimjhim’s number. She tells herself that she knew Rimjhim would never be someone Keertan would date. She gets Rimjhim’s phone number from Ranjan and uses Keertan’s phone to call him. When Rimjhim sees the call, he is startled. When Mandira calls, she responds by asking why she is doing so right now, why she is engaging in these games, and why she won’t let her go. She says that when Mandira proclaimed her love, Rimjhim fell in love even though he couldn’t see her face because she was hidden behind a wall. Rimjhim complied with Mandira’s request to bring Shakti along, and when she arrived at her house, Mandira insulted her as if nothing had happened. She asks Mandira if she loves her and tells her that today is her haldi. Mandira hangs up the phone feeling that she now knows Keertan was doing all for Shakti and Rimjhim thought it was for her.

Shiv is approached by Shakti who asks for his help. They are not pals, Shiv replies. He must help, says Shakti, or else Rimjhim will get married. Shiv inquires as to her reasons for opposing Rimjhim’s marriage and the nature of the problem.

Mandira uses Keertan’s phone to make another call to Rimjhim. As she replies and explains why Mandira is calling her right now, Rimjhim sobs. She questions why she keeps saying she doesn’t want her but then confesses her love, why she’s playing these games, why she won’t let her go, and why. Mandira is informed by Rimjhim that despite not being able to see her face, she still fell in love with her. In an effort to trick Rimjhim, Mandira disconnects the connection and thinks she can utilise Keertan.

Shiv is confronted by Manorama, who queries his presence. Shiv explains that he attended since Chacha invited him to all of the events. He looks at Shakti because he doesn’t want to reject anyone. If he is referring to Shakti, Manorama inquires. He says he came to assist. Manorama tells him to get out. Manorama offers him flowers and requests that he adorn the home once Chacha steps in. He does so after nodding in agreement. He is approached by Shakti, who queries his presence. Shiv replies by questioning her decision to reject his friendship. He is told by Shakti that attending the event will make it more valuable. Shiv claims that if she becomes his buddy, his worth would rise. Together, they each take a chair and give each other adoring looks. Shiv trips because he is so focused on her that she laughs. Ranjan worries as he watches them interact. Shiv is there, and he contacts Mandira to let her know, making it impossible for her to carry out her plan. Mandira tells him that since Shiv’s memory is bad and she has already given him some medicine, he shouldn’t have any issues. Ranjan concurs.

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