Here’s a Rephrased Version Of The Anupama Written Episode Update From September 21, 2023

by Manish
Anupama Written Episode Update 21st September 2023

Here is the most recent information on the enduringly popular television programme Anupama. We present you a written update on the most current episode of the show as of September 21, 2023. The male characters in the show performed a spirited dance routine while adhering to the game’s rules at the beginning of the episode. Anupama expressed her sincere gratitude to God and Kanha Ji for revealing a crucial secret during the episode: Anuj’s true identity as Gurumaa’s son. She acknowledged that despite having the truth directly in front of her, she had not seen it. She remembered having a talk with the warden during which he had revealed to her that her husband, Anuj, was Malti Devi’s descendant. Anupama expressed scepticism regarding the accuracy of this information in a Facebook post.

In this Anupama episode:

The warden revealed that Anuj’s birth mother, Malti Devi, had never seen him when he was eight years old. Since she had raised him for his first eight years of life, she was certain that she could identify him. Anupama looked for documentation to back up this assertion, such as Malti Devi’s donation receipts and Anuj’s original birth certificate. Malti Devi had been sending donations, but according to Anupama, she had never asked about her son. Anupama thought back on times when Anuj had helped her, especially when he had rescued her feet during their first encounter. She remembered the events that had taken place before the circus and her tenacious efforts to reconnect Anuj with his birth mother. Anupama was overcome with emotion and felt impelled to tell Anuj about her realisation.

Anuj was informed by Anupama that it was his duty to find his mother and that he would set out on this journey on his birthday. Malti Devi’s prior actions were pardoned by Anuj despite not being aware of all the specifics. Anuj, however, emphasised her prior actions when Vanraj questioned the source of his hate. Nevertheless, Anuj agreed to avoid discussing this matter on his special day at Anupama’s request. Anupama teased that there will be a surprise at the party that would bring a son and his mother back together. Anuj danced with the Shah family during a happy song in the episode, and Anupama invited Malti Devi to take part in the celebrations.

Romil interrupted the music when Malti Devi was seen embroidering an initial on some garment. When Anupama arrived, she discovered everyone was dancing and went inside to get Gurumaa, she explained. Anupama emphasised that the birthday celebration for her son wouldn’t be complete without her mother’s blessing. Anuj was perplexed as to why Gurumaa had been brought there in light of this. Anupama and the others exchanged wary looks as there was an awkward pause. Romil apologised for accidentally setting off the party poppers. When Anuj questioned whether Gurumaa was really his mother, Anupama credited Kanha Ji’s heavenly intervention for their newfound understanding. Then, claiming it to be Anuj’s, Anupama produced a childhood photograph of Gurumaa’s kid. Malti Devi, seeing the photo, was overtaken with emotion and burst into a sincere smile.

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