Oshi No Ko Chapter 132 Release Date and Details:

by Manish
Oshi No Ko Chapter 132 Release Date and Time

The wait is almost over for those who are anxiously anticipating Oshi No Ko Chapter 132. The latest chapter of this hugely popular Japanese manga series is about to be released, and fans are buzzing with anticipation to find out the release date, time, and a brief summary of what to anticipate. Here, you’ll find all the pertinent details about Oshi No Ko Chapter 132.

Date and Time of Oshi No Ko Chapter 132’s Release:

On November 1, 2023, the eagerly awaited Oshi No Ko Chapter 132 is expected to be published. Since its debut on April 23, 2020, Oshi No Ko has won readers’ hearts, and with every new chapter, the number of fans grows. Fans are eagerly anticipating the next installment after the recent release of Chapter 132 because they are itching for more.

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Countdown to Oshi No Ko Chapter 132:

With only 42 days till its release, Oshi No Ko Chapter 132’s countdown has already begun. That’s correct, there are only 42 days till you can start reading the exhilarating new Oshi No Ko chapter.

What Time Should You Expect It?

Date your calendars! The publication of Oshi No Ko Chapter 132 is scheduled for Wednesday, November 1, 2023. One of the most popular and most anticipated programmes right now, each new installment enthralling viewers. Oshi No Ko’s popularity is mostly due to its captivating plot, which has readers eagerly anticipating every new chapter, especially Oshi No Ko Chapter 132.

Overview of Oshi No Ko Chapter 132

Chapter Name Oshi No Ko
Genre Drama, Mystery, Supernatural
Initial Release Date April 23, 2020
Oshi No Ko Chapter 129 Release Date October 11, 2023
Oshi No Ko Chapter 130 Release Date October 18, 2023
Oshi No Ko Chapter 131 Release Date October 25, 2023
Oshi No Ko Chapter 132 Expected Release Date November 1, 2023
NOD 42 Days
No of Chapters 131

Regarding Oshi No Ko:

A chat between Sarina and Gorou concerning Shibuya is shown in a flashback. Gorou admits that he previously attended a college there. Sarina talks about wanting to be an idol and how Ai Hoshino was discovered in Shibuya. Gorou pledges to take Sarina to Shibuya when the time is perfect and offers his assistance in seeing that Sarina fulfils her ambition.

He assures her that she is cute and that she will be noticed, but he also cautions her of hidden talent scouts. Sarina dismisses this worry and even says she’d be open to becoming an underground idol if necessary. Gorou, who emphasises the dangers in the entertainment business, promises to defend her. Sarina mocks him for being excessively protective in a humorous manner.

When we get back to the present, Ruby is sobbing, feeling guilty and like she’s bringing bad luck to everyone around her. Aqua tries to console Ruby after spotting a keychain with Ai’s artwork on it. Aqua denies Ruby’s request for her script and explains that now is not the appropriate moment to practise.

Ruby expresses her frustration with Aqua by saying that he entered the idol business only to seek retribution against Ai and Gorou. Aqua keeps pleading with her to reconsider and tells her not to seek retribution. Ruby lashes out at him, claiming that their fake sibling bond and Aqua’s late arrival make their brotherhood impossible. She contends that they underwent reincarnation there.

Aqua nods in agreement and accepts the truth, but he calls Ruby “Sarina” and claims he is not Aqua Hoshino but rather “Gorou.” He makes her think of Sarina’s desire to live a free life outside of the hospital and become an idol like Ai Hoshino. Sarina had dreamed of dressing up like her idol, singing enchanting songs, getting encores, and spreading joy.

When Will Oshi No Ko Chapter 132 Be Released?

Oshi No Ko Chapter 132 is anticipated to be released soon, as was already indicated. Since the previous chapter’s release, fans have been impatiently expecting this one because it left them giddy with anticipation. Fans have been looking for the Oshi No Ko Chapter 132 release date because of the series’ tension and intrigue, and it will soon be here.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 132 Release Date – Common Questions:

1. When was Oshi No Ko first made available?

On April 23, 2020, Oshi No Ko was initially made available.

2. How many chapters are there in Oshi No Ko?

Oshi No Ko has 131 chapters altogether.

3. When is the publication date for Oshi No Ko Chapter 132?

On November 1, 2023, Oshi No Ko Chapter 132 is anticipated to be released.

4. What category does Oshi No Ko Chapter 132 fall under?

Drama, mystery, and supernatural are some of the genres that Oshi No Ko Chapter 132 belongs to.

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