Anupama: September 23, 2023 – A Captivating Episode Update

by Sushil Pandit
Anupama 23 September 2023

The “Anupama Episode Update: September 23, 2023 – A Tale of Aspirations and Choices”

Anupama is still a cherished favorite on television, holding onto its place as such. A huge development occurred in the most recent episode as of September 22, 2023. Anuj strikes up a conversation with Anupama and exhorts her to put a stop to the current situation as soon as possible. He adds that everything has been said that needs to be said and requests just one hearing. After reassuring him of her position, Anupama encourages him to share his viewpoint and assures him that she is willing to admit any errors she may have made.

Anupama is due on September 23, 2023.

When Malti Devi, a driven lady with ambitions, asks Anuj for permission to tell her side of the event, the story takes an intriguing turn. Malti Devi describes her journey with the help of Pakhi, and Choti Anu gives her the opportunity to speak. She discusses her poor beginnings and the tenacity with which she pursued her ambitious goals. Malti Devi had to make a critical decision because she was married to a man who neither supported nor understood her goals. She is adamant that a guy should follow his ambitions if he is enthusiastic about them, but that a woman should chose the love of her mother. Malti Devi made the decision to pursue her dreams after she had children, choosing them over the love of her mother. She even sent her own daughter to live in an orphanage while she traveled to America in search of her goals, leaving her husband and family behind.

Anuj acknowledges that society expectations did not support her decisions, but she stands by it. He emphasizes how working mothers don’t inevitably abandon their children by drawing comparisons to historical characters like Jhansi ki Rani. Anupama agrees with Anuj’s viewpoint and stresses the value of following one’s goals without ignoring one’s children. Anuj then makes an emotional appeal to Malti Devi to leave the orphanage and go back to her child, who is greatly missing her. Anupama and Adhik offer Malti Devi support and consolation among the chaos.

Anupama and Barkha were deeply moved by the episode’s exploration of the factors that led Malti Devi to decide to abandon her kid. The emotional impact of Kavya’s visit to Anupama is increased because questions regarding their mother-son relationship are a major issue. Choti Anu clings to Anu as she sobs uncontrollably and accepts her right to vent her pain.

Kinjal is worried because the following episode’s trailer alluded to Dimpy’s illness. Malti Devi accepts Babu ji’s offer of tea, but Baa becomes enraged to see her at their house. Anuj sets the stage for more dramatic occurrences by explaining the significance of the impending Ganesh Chaturthi, which will be Anupama’s first visit to his house.

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