Anupama 25th September 2023 Written Episode Shocking Update!

Anupama Written Episode Update for September 25th, 2023: Baa and Babu ji's Heated Discussion Regarding Malti Devi

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Anupama 25th September 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama 25th September 2023 Written Episode Update, as noted on

Anupama 25th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Dimpy becomes lightheaded, which worries Kinjal, who worries about her health. She asks Dimpy for reassurance and for her thoughts on Malti Devi’s protracted stay. Anupama apologises to Anuj for unintentionally worsening his injuries and vows to make things right. Malti Devi is approached by Babu ji and Kinjal, who start a chat with her. They give tea and encouragement, and despite their lack of familial ties, Kavya expresses her willingness to help Malti Devi. Malti Devi thanks them for their concern and comprehension. Malti Devi acknowledges that Anuj’s wrath is legitimate when Babu ji reminds her of it. Malti Devi is counselled to have patience by Kinjal, while Babu ji suggests she lean on her faith and turn her circumstances over to God.

Baa hears this conversation and appears to be upset. She asks Kavya why she is so agitated in the morning. Baa is shocked by Babu ji’s compassion for Malti Devi and accuses everyone of taking care of her. Kavya emphasises that remorse only grows when one commits mistakes, imploring Baa to take into account Malti Devi’s situation and demonstrate compassion. Baa agrees with her and moves in her direction to approach Malti Devi and offer her tea. Malti Devi is questioned about her intended departure, and she offers to book tickets for her. Malti Devi apologises and promises to leave shortly. Babu ji tells her that Malti Devi is their guest. Baa asks her for a precise departure time. Malti Devi is described as a bother by Baa, who also recalls her prior attempts to hurt Anupama, particularly through Samar and Dimpy. She chastises Malti Devi, saying that if she had been in Malti Devi’s position, she would have been overcome by guilt at seeing her son’s anger. Malti Devi is told by Baa to leave because she is completely shameless and cannot join their family because she was unable to win over her own kid.

Anupama 25th September 2023 Written Episode Update

Pakhi confides in Anupama and tells her about how Adhik’s behaviour has changed. As a way to improve their connection, Anupama counsels her to follow her intuition and warns against jumping into parenthood too quickly. She urges Pakhi to consider the burden of having a kid seriously and stresses the value of having a strong partnership before having children. When Pakhi says she’s ready to have children, Adhik pulls her away.

Anuj is grateful for Choti Anu’s empathy when she gives him a picture after Baa hurriedly summons Anupama. Baa’s choice to call Anupama is questioned by Babu ji. She justifies her decision by pointing up Malti Devi’s prior transgressions and urging them to harbour sympathy for her. Babu ji disagrees, stating that everyone can turn to God and ask for forgiveness. Malti Devi should do what form of penance, Baa says, pointing out that she never mentioned missing her son. Baa insists that she is Anupama’s mother-in-law, despite Babu ji’s comparisons to his own ejection from the home. Anupama is warned by Babu ji not to come till they have secured acceptable lodging for Malti Devi.

Anupama says in the car that Baa asked her to stay away from home so she could get ready for Ganapati puja. She is told by Anuj that he has already paid an advance and made lodgings for Malti Devi.

While Malti Devi is still sobbing, Kavya and Kinjal talk about their difficulties with her. When Dimpy becomes unsteady once more, Kinjal offers assistance. When Kavya notices her own ravenous appetite, Kinjal informs her that she might be expecting. The uniqueness of pregnancy and the responsibilities it involves are stressed by Kinjal. Anupama defends her decision, saying that she did so out of concern for Malti Devi’s welfare. Anuj expresses his displeasure with Anupama’s choice to send Malti Devi to the Shah household. Malti Devi must depart as soon as possible, according to Anuj, who wants her gone by the time Ganesh Chaturthi is over. Anupama asks for a supernatural resolution to the problem.

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