Katha Ankahee Episode Summary for September 20th, 2023!

by Manish
Katha Ankahee 20th September 2023 Written Update

On September 20, 2023, in this episode of Katha Ankahee, Katha is puzzled by something she hears.

Katha asks Tejji what she means by what she said. Tejji says, anxiously, that she’s going to remodel a room for Aarav and put his things in a storeroom for the time being.

Maya, in the meantime, notices Ehsan escorting Viaan upstairs and makes the decision to follow them covertly.

Ehsan tries to explain something to Viaan as they reach his room, but Viaan is perplexed by his confusing remarks. As soon as Maya enters the room, Viaan’s attention is diverted, and she excuses herself from the situation, leaving Ehsan angry.

Maya’s ferocious drive causes Ehsan to realise that he must find a means to escape her observant gaze while making sure Viaan is forewarned.

Katha, on the other hand, agrees with Tejji’s explanation and departs, allowing Tejji to exhale with relief.

Katha Ankahee 20th September

Will Viaan receive the alert from Ehsan in time?

Could Maya’s attention shift to Ehsan from Viaan?

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