Rakhi Sawant Shares Video of Conversation with Adil Khan: Shocking News Written Update!

by Manish
Rakhi Sawant Shares Video of Conversation with Adil Khan

Rakhi Sawant Shares Video of Conversation with Adil Khan , Rakhi Sawant offers assistance to his distressed ex-girlfriend Amidst Legal Battles

The protracted legal dispute between Rakhi Sawant and her ex-husband Adil Khan has attracted a lot of media and public interest. The estranged couple has traded accusations of harassment and abuse, and a recent discovery has brought a new level of complication to the continuing story. Recently, Rakhi shared a Nikkah video with Adil on social media, sparking a heated debate among users.

When Rakhi shared a new video on her Instagram page, the storyline suddenly changed. In this video, Adil can be heard conversing with his ex-girlfriend, who seems upset and uneasy as a result of her connection to him.

The ex-girlfriend worries throughout the conversation that Adil is trying to blame her family and cause problems in her life. She looks to Rakhi for comfort at these difficult times. Rakhi Sawant Shares Video of Conversation with Adil Khan , Rakhi refers to her as “sister” and tells her that she will protect her, promising that nothing bad will happen to her while she is around.

Rakhi Sawant Shares Video of Conversation with Adil Khan

Rakhi clarifies the ex-girlfriend’s situation in the caption that goes along with the post by claiming that Adil is threatening her since she told the truth. She also claims that Adil is out for revenge because she put him in jail for six months in Mysore and that the police are abusing her and pressing her to ruin her life. Rakhi emphasises that Adil’s threats are related to a rape case under Section 376 of the Indian Penal Code and shows grave concern for the safety of the Iranian girl. Rakhi requests that everyone take a close look at the audio recordings she has shared as proof of the incident.

Adil Khan and Rakhi Sawant recently appeared in front of the court for their hearings. Tanushree Dutta, who was with Adil, committed to back him wholeheartedly and promised to refute Rakhi’s accusations.

On September 21, Rakhi and her attorney Ali Kaashif Khan filed a request with the Andheri Magistrate Court asking for the cancellation of Adil’s bail and the beginning of a defamation lawsuit against him. On November 6, hearings for both cases are scheduled. In her interviews with the media, Rakhi stated that she had presented the entire case against Adil and was eagerly awaiting the outcome of her divorce.

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