Former WWE Superstar Cassie Lee Pregnant In 2023: Who is Cassie Lee?

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Former WWE Superstar Cassie Lee Pregnant

In the world of professional wrestling, news travels fast. Former WWE Superstar Cassie Lee, also known as Peyton Royce, recently shared some exciting news that set the wrestling community abuzz – she’s expecting her second child. This announcement comes after her departure from WWE in April 2021 and marks another milestone in her journey beyond the squared circle. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of Cassie Lee’s pregnancy and explore her wrestling career, early life, and notable achievements. Let’s get started!

Cassie Lee’s Pregnancy Announcement

Former WWE Superstar Cassie Lee, whose wrestling moniker was Peyton Royce, is no stranger to the spotlight. After a successful stint in WWE from 2015 to 2021, where she formed a highly acclaimed tag team with Billie Kay, her journey in the wrestling world continued outside the WWE ring. Cassie married AEW star Shawn Spears and welcomed their first child, a son, in January 2023.

Recently, Cassie Lee took to Instagram to share the delightful news of her second pregnancy. The wrestling community, including fellow wrestlers and fans alike, flooded her comments with congratulations and well wishes. It’s a heartwarming moment in her journey, showcasing her transition from a wrestling superstar to a loving mother.

Who is Cassie Lee?

Before we dive further into her pregnancy and wrestling journey, let’s get to know Cassie Lee, the person behind the persona. Born on November 10, 1992, Cassie Lee is currently 31 years old. This age suggests a stage in life where she may have accumulated valuable experiences and insights, both in her wrestling career and personal life.

Name Cassandra McIntosh
Born 10 November 1992
Birth Place Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Spouse Shawn Spears
Children 1

Cassie, whose real name is Cassandra McIntosh, hails from Australia. She began her wrestling journey in February 2009 at Pro Wrestling Women’s Alliance (PWWA), initially performing under the name KC Cassidy. Over the years, she made her mark in various wrestling promotions, achieving notable milestones along the way.

Cassie Lee’s Notable Achievements

Cassie Lee’s wrestling career is peppered with achievements that have solidified her status as a wrestling superstar. She won the Vera and Jenny Memorial Cup, a tournament that supports breast cancer awareness, showcasing her commitment to meaningful causes outside the ring.

However, her most significant moment in wrestling came during her time in WWE. Alongside Billie Kay, as the iconic duo known as The IIconics, Cassie Lee achieved the pinnacle of success by capturing the Women’s Tag Team titles at WrestleMania 35 in 2019. This victory was a historic moment and remains a highlight in her wrestling career.

Cassie Lee’s Early Life and Inspirations

Cassie Lee’s journey to wrestling stardom began with a unique blend of experiences and influences in her early life. She was born in Sydney, Australia, and later moved to Melbourne before eventually finding herself in Calgary, Canada. It was in Calgary that she honed her wrestling skills under the guidance of the renowned Lance Storm.

Before stepping into the world of wrestling, Cassie had a passion for dancing and even attended the same high school as her future tag team partner, Jessie McKay. However, it was her love for wrestling, kindled at the age of 9 and inspired by the legendary Eddie Guerrero, that set her on the path to becoming Peyton Royce.

Cassie Lee’s Career Beyond WWE

After her departure from WWE in April 2021, Cassie Lee continued to make waves in the wrestling world. She joined Impact Wrestling alongside her tag team partner, Jessie McKay, forming The IInspiration (previously known as The IIconics). Their debut at Bound for Glory in October 2021 was met with excitement, and they clinched the Impact Knockouts World Tag Team Championship by defeating Decay.

While their title reign was marked by ups and downs, Cassie’s talent and dedication shone through. In April 2023, Cassie and Jessie announced their request for release from Impact Wrestling, signaling a new chapter in Cassie’s wrestling journey. Fans eagerly anticipate her next ventures, knowing that wherever she goes, she brings a unique blend of charisma and skill to the ring.

Former WWE Superstar Cassie Lee Pregnant – FAQs

  1. Who is Cassie Lee? Cassie Lee, whose real name is Cassandra McIntosh, is a professional wrestler from Australia. She gained recognition while working for WWE as Peyton Royce and also had a period in Impact Wrestling as Cassie Lee. She started her wrestling career in 2009 and achieved notable accomplishments throughout her journey.
  2. What are some of Cassie Lee’s notable achievements in wrestling? Cassie Lee, known as Peyton Royce, has had a successful career in wrestling. She won the Vera and Jenny Memorial Cup, which supports breast cancer awareness, and became a PWA Women’s Champion. She also had significant moments in WWE, including winning the Women’s Tag Team titles at WrestleMania 35 in 2019 as part of a successful tag team with Billie Kay.
  3. When did Cassie Lee announce her second pregnancy? Former WWE Superstar Cassie Lee (Peyton Royce) recently announced that she is expecting her second baby. She shared the wonderful news on Instagram, revealing that she is going to have another baby boy.
  4. Who is Cassie Lee’s spouse? Cassie Lee, also known as Peyton Royce, is married to Canadian wrestler Ronnie Arneill, who is recognized by his ring names Shawn Spears and Tye Dillinger.
  5. How many children does Cassie Lee have? Cassie Lee and her husband Shawn Spears welcomed their first baby, a boy named Austin Jay Arneill, in January 2023. They recently announced that they are expecting their second baby boy.

Cassie Lee’s journey from the wrestling ring to motherhood is a testament to her versatility and resilience. As she embarks on this new chapter, fans eagerly await her future endeavors, both in and out of the wrestling world.

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