Is Katie Couric Daughter Ellie Pregnant? A Heartwarming Announcement!

by Manish
Is Katie Couric Daughter Ellie Pregnant

In a heartwarming announcement that took place during a Taylor Swift concert, Katie Couric shared the exciting news that her daughter, Ellie Monahan, is expecting a baby. The veteran journalist expressed her joy as Ellie and her sister, Carrie, creatively revealed the pregnancy using a beaded friendship bracelet. Couric’s delightful reaction and genuine happiness were evident as she decoded the bracelet, realizing it spelled “Granny to be.” This delightful surprise not only brings joy to the Couric family but also resonates with followers who appreciate the genuine and heartwarming moments shared by the veteran journalist.

The Joyful Revelation

The exciting news of Ellie Monahan’s pregnancy came as a delightful surprise during a special family moment. Couric, known for her candidness, shared the news with her followers through a video capturing the heartwarming moment at the Taylor Swift concert.

Ellie Monahan: A Brief Introduction

Ellie Monahan, at 32 years old, is the daughter of journalist and television personality Katie Couric. She tied the knot with her partner, Mark Dobrosky, during the Fourth of July weekend in 2021, in a beautiful wedding at Cedar Lakes Estate in Port Jervis, New York. The wedding was a memorable occasion filled with nostalgia, including an ’80s costume party and other festivities.

The Memorable Wedding

Ellie Monahan’s wedding weekend was filled with love and celebration. It started with an ’80s theme party and ended with a spectacular fireworks display. The celebration included delicious food, unforgettable music, and heartfelt speeches from family members. Katie Couric, Ellie’s mother, expressed her pride and joy at her daughter’s wedding and took a moment to honor Ellie’s late father, Jay Monahan, during the event.

The Anticipation of Grandparenthood

Now, with the news of Ellie’s pregnancy, Katie Couric enters a new chapter as she eagerly anticipates becoming a grandmother. Her excitement for this new chapter in Ellie’s life is palpable, and it reflects the close bond that the Couric family shares.

Katie Couric’s Candidness

Katie Couric is known not only for her remarkable career in journalism but also for her candid and approachable personality. She has always been open with her followers, sharing personal moments and milestones. This genuine and relatable quality has endeared her to her audience, making her pregnancy announcement even more special.


The announcement of Ellie Monahan’s pregnancy is a heartwarming moment for the Couric family and their followers. It signifies a new chapter filled with love, joy, and anticipation. Katie Couric’s candidness and genuine happiness in sharing this news reflect the strong bond she shares with her family and her audience.

Katie Couric Daughter Ellie is Pregnant – FAQs

  1. When did Katie Couric announce her daughter Ellie’s pregnancy? Katie Couric announced Ellie’s pregnancy during a Taylor Swift concert, sharing the heartwarming reveal with fans.
  2. Who is Ellie Monahan’s husband? Ellie Monahan’s husband is Mark Dobrosky, and they are expecting their first child.
  3. How did Ellie Monahan reveal her pregnancy to Katie Couric? Ellie used a beaded friendship bracelet during the Taylor Swift concert to share the news of her pregnancy with her mom, Katie Couric.
  4. What is Katie Couric’s reaction to Ellie’s pregnancy? Katie Couric expresses joy and excitement for this new chapter in Ellie’s life as she prepares to become a grandmother.
  5. How did fans and followers react to Katie Couric’s announcement? Fans and followers shared their congratulations and excitement for Katie Couric and her family in the comments and reactions to the announcement.

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