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by Manish
Look for the Gummy Bear Album Release Date and More


The world of entertainment is filled with iconic characters and memorable moments, but perhaps none are as whimsical and beloved as the Gummy Bear. In this article, we’ll dive into the delightful universe of the Gummy Bear Album, a musical journey that has captured the hearts of millions. We’ll explore the origins of the famous catchphrase “Look for the Gummy Bear Album” and the excitement it brings each year on November 13th.

The Birth of a Catchphrase

“Look for the Gummy Bear Album” is a phrase that resonates with anyone who has encountered the playful and animated character known as Gummibär. This catchphrase is intrinsically linked to the release of the Gummy Bear Album, officially titled “I Am Your Gummy Bear.” The journey began with a lighthearted video featuring the Gummy Bear himself, encouraging everyone to seek out the album in stores on November 13th. It’s a date that has become etched in the memories of fans, and the excitement surrounding it has only grown over the years.

A Viral Sensation

The original video featuring the Gummy Bear and the iconic announcement was the brainchild of animator Pete Dodd, who created it in 2007. Little did he know that this whimsical creation would take the internet by storm. Uploaded on October 9th, 2007, the video quickly gained traction on popular platforms like MySpace and YouTube. To date, it has amassed billions of views, becoming a beloved and nostalgic part of online culture. The Gummy Bear Album’s release date, November 13th, has transformed into a joyous event, with fans eagerly sharing in the excitement year after year.

Unveiling the Gummy Bear Album Release Date

The mantra, “Look for the Gummy Bear Album in Stores on November 13th,” holds a special place in the hearts of Gummy Bear enthusiasts. In the video, the exuberant Gummy Bear enthusiastically invites everyone to visit stores on November 13th because that’s the day the album becomes available. It’s a date etched in the annals of Gummy Bear history, marking the initial release of “I Am Your Gummy Bear” in 2007. Since then, November 13th has evolved into a cherished tradition, a day to celebrate the Gummy Bear Album, filled with shared joy and anticipation.

Meet Gummibär

Gummibär, affectionately known as the Gummy Bear, is a vibrant and cheerful character renowned for singing gummy bear-themed songs. This German Eurodance virtual musician made his debut with the release of “I Am Your Gummy Bear” in 2007, followed by “La La Love to Dance” in 2010. Interestingly, the character’s name, Gummibär, translates to “gummy bear” in German, perfectly capturing his essence. Among his numerous hits, “I’m a Gummy Bear” stands out, with its music video and Spanish version collectively garnering an astounding 3.2 billion and 1.2 billion views on YouTube. These staggering numbers highlight the widespread love for Gummibär’s catchy tunes and playful persona.

With his multilingual performances and high-energy songs, Gummibär has achieved virtual stardom, captivating audiences worldwide. His music videos are not only entertaining but have also become internet sensations, racking up billions of views. Gummibär’s infectious melodies and vibrant presence have solidified his status as a beloved figure, particularly among those who appreciate upbeat and cheerful music.


In the enchanting world of entertainment, few characters have left as indelible a mark as the Gummy Bear. With catchy tunes, colorful animations, and an ever-growing fanbase, the Gummy Bear Album continues to bring joy to audiences of all ages. So, mark your calendars for November 13th, join in the celebration, and revel in the whimsical world of the Gummy Bear.


  1. What is Gummy Bear?
    Gummy Bear is a lively and fun character known for singing catchy songs. It’s a virtual musician, especially famous for gummy bear-themed tunes.
  2. Who created Gummy Bear?
    Gummy Bear was created by an animator named Pete Dodd in Germany.
  3. Is Gummy Bear a real or virtual character?
    Gummy Bear is a virtual character, existing in the digital world, brought to life through animations and music.
  4. Why is November 13th significant for Gummy Bear fans?
    November 13th is the release date of the original Gummy Bear album, and fans celebrate it each year.
  5. What is “Look for the Gummy Bear Album Release Date”?
    It’s a catchy phrase connected to the release date of the Gummy Bear Album.

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