Will Thanksgiving be in Theaters? How Long Will Thanksgiving Grace Our Screens?

by Manish
Will Thanksgiving be in Theaters

This Thanksgiving, the real treat is at the movies! Join us in theaters as ‘Thanksgiving’ unfolds its tale, a cinematic celebration that promises laughter, scares, and a side of suspense.


“Thanksgiving” is a scary movie that came out in 2023. It’s about someone hurting others, and Eli Roth directed it. Jeff Rendell wrote the story, and both Roth and Rendell worked on the screenplay. Roger Birnbaum also helped produce the movie. The story comes from a fake trailer that Eli Roth made for a different movie in 2007 called Grindhouse. This is the third full-length movie made from one of these fake trailers, with others being “Machete” in 2010 and “Hobo with a Shotgun” in 2011. The movie stars Patrick Dempsey, Addison Rae, Milo Manheim, Jalen Thomas Brooks, Nell Verlaque, Rick Hoffman, and Gina Gershon. TriStar Pictures released it in the United States on November 17, 2023, and most critics liked it.

Will Thanksgiving be in Theaters?

Thanksgiving is almost here, and lots of people in the U.S. like to go to the movies after eating their Thanksgiving meal.

There are five new movies coming to theaters soon, and they have something for everyone. Some are great for kids, while others are more for adults. It’s a fun way to start the holiday season!

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Thanksgiving Release Date

“Thanksgiving” came out in the United States on November 17, 2023. TriStar Pictures released the movie.

Thanksgiving Cast

Actor Character
Patrick Dempsey Sheriff Eric Newlon
Nell Verlaque Jessica
Addison Rae Gabby
Jalen Thomas Brooks Bobby
Milo Manheim Ryan
Rick Hoffman Thomas Wright
Gina Gershon Amanda Collins
Tomaso Sanelli Evan
Gabriel Davenport Scuba
Jenna Warren Yulia
Karen Cliche Kathleen
Jeff Teravainen Deputy Bret Labelle
Jordan Poole Jacob
Joe Delfin McCarty
Ty Olsson Mitch Collins
Mika Amonsen Lonnie
Shailyn Griffin Amy
Tim Dillon Manny
Amanda Barker Lizzie
Chris Sandiford Doug
Derek McGrath Mayor Cantin
Lynne Griffin Grandma

Thanksgiving Plot

In 2022, during Thanksgiving in Plymouth, Massachusetts, people are getting ready for a big sale at the RightMart store. Jessica’s dad owns the store, and she lets her friends inside early. But a crowd outside rushes in, causing chaos, and some people die, including the store manager’s wife, Amanda.

A year later, RightMart is having another sale, and Jessica and her friends see a social media post with their names around a Thanksgiving table. Bobby, Jessica’s friend, comes back to work in Plymouth after getting hurt in the chaos. Meanwhile, a person dressed as John Carver starts attacking and killing people involved in the previous Black Friday incident.

Jessica helps the police by providing footage of the chaos. The Carver keeps hurting people, including Jessica’s friends and even her stepmom. The police try to catch the Carver by involving Jessica’s family and friends in a Thanksgiving parade, but it goes wrong, and the Carver kidnaps them.

The Carver does terrible things, like cooking Jessica’s stepmom alive. Jessica manages to escape and realizes that the town sheriff, Newlon, is the Carver. He reveals he was in a relationship with Amanda, who died in the chaos, and that’s why he became the Carver for revenge. Jessica livestreams his confession, and Bobby saves her from the Carver’s attack.

They try to escape, but the Carver catches them. Jessica shoots a parade balloon, causing an explosion that burns the Carver. The next morning, Bobby is taken away in an ambulance, and Jessica reunites with her friends. The police can’t find the Carver’s remains, but Jessica keeps having nightmares of him attacking her.

Thanksgiving Review

People had different opinions about the movie “Thanksgiving.” On Rotten Tomatoes, which collects reviews, 82% of the 102 critics liked the movie. They said it’s funny and has a lot of crazy and fun violence, making it a good movie for fans of grindhouse films. Metacritic, another review site, gave it a score of 62 out of 100, which means most critics liked it. Audiences who were asked by CinemaScore gave it a “B−,” and those asked by PostTrak said they liked it 73% of the time.

Owen Gleiberman from Variety said that “Thanksgiving” follows the rules of scary movies but has a more exciting and exaggerated feeling than old movies in this genre. Frank Scheck also gave a positive review, mentioning that while the movie sometimes tries too hard to become a cult favorite, it will likely be shown on TV and streaming services for many Thanksgivings. G. Allen Johnson from the San Francisco Chronicle didn’t like the movie much, giving it a score of one out of four. He felt that “Thanksgiving” could have been a great horror movie but ended up feeling like you’ve already seen it if you watched the trailer.

How Long Will Thanksgiving be in Theaters?

“Thanksgiving” had its first showing in Berlin, Germany on November 5, 2023, and it’s set to come out in North America on November 17, 2023, thanks to Lionsgate Films. Critics had different opinions about the movie. As people start going back to the movies after the actors’ strike, “Thanksgiving” from Lionsgate is expected to be a big hit, aiming for over $100 million in its global opening week.

Will be Thanksgiving in Theaters – FAQs

  1. How long will “Thanksgiving” be in theaters? The duration of a movie in theaters can vary. Check with local theaters or official movie websites for the latest information on the screening schedule.
  2. Is there a limited time for “Thanksgiving” in theaters? Movies typically have varying lengths of time in theaters, influenced by factors such as box office performance and demand. Keep an eye on official announcements for any limited-time releases.
  3. Will “Thanksgiving” be available for streaming after its theater run? Check with the movie’s distributor or official sources to see if there are plans for the film to be available on streaming platforms after its theatrical release.
  4. Are there any special screenings or events related to “Thanksgiving” in theaters? Stay informed about any special screenings, premieres, or events related to “Thanksgiving” by checking with local theaters or the movie’s official social media.
  5. Can I purchase tickets in advance for “Thanksgiving”? Many theaters offer online ticketing services. Visit their official websites or use popular ticketing platforms to secure tickets in advance.

Get ready for a thrilling Thanksgiving at the movies! Don’t miss the excitement and suspense that “Thanksgiving” brings to the big screen.

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