Who was Eliminated from Bigg Boss Telugu 7 This Week?

Who was the Bigg Boss Telugu 7 contestant eliminated this week?

by Manish
Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Eviction

Actress Shakeela faced eviction from Bigg Boss Telugu 7 within the first two weeks of airing due to an unexpected turn of events.

Elimination of Bigg Boss Telugu 7

The second elimination from Bigg Boss Telugu’s seventh season has generated a lot of hype among viewers. Yawar, Pallavi Prashanth, Shakeela, Shobha, Amardeep, Gautham, Tasty Teja, and Rathika were the other eight competitors up for eviction.

The 14th day of the show’s run saw Shakeela leave because she received the fewest votes. Actress Kiran Rathod previously went home on the seventh day of the competition.

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Who Was Removed This Week from Bigg Boss Telugu 7?

The adored actress Shakeela got fired from Bigg Boss Telugu 7 on the most recent episode. Following the completion of the reality show’s first two weeks of airtime, a surprise elimination took place. Shakeela was respected by her fellow competitors and was jokingly referred to as “Shaki Amma” by them, however she was eliminated from the competition since she received the fewest votes from the crowd.

Tasty Teja, Shivaji, Prince Yawar, Shobha Shetty, Rathika Rose, and Pallavi Prashanth are the surviving candidates who have succeeded in maintaining their seats within the house for the time being. Shakeela, who is well-known for her work in pornographic films, has a sizable fan base in the South.

Shakeela initially got off to a good start in her trip, but due to her advanced age, she found it difficult to fully participate in the daily activities provided by Bigg Boss. Shakeela was confident in escaping elimination, but her absence from the programme was ultimately caused by her very quiet appearance and low content contribution.

Contestants on Bigg Boss Telugu 7

S.No Housemate
1 Amardeep
2 Damini
3 Gautham
4 Prashanth
5 Prince
6 Priyanka
7 Rathika
8 Sandeep
9 Shobha
10 Sivaji
11 Subhashree
12 Teja
13 Shakeela
14 Kiran

Bigg Boss 7 in Telugu

The seventh season of the well-known Bigg Boss franchise is titled “Bigg Boss 7,” also known as “Bigg Boss 7: Ulta Pulta,” and it is an Indian reality television series in the Telugu language. Endemol Shine India is in charge of producing this season of the programme.

It debuted on September 3, 2023, and is currently available on Disney+ Hotstar and Star Maa. Fans’ excitement is increased by the return of Nagarjuna, a well-known host, for a fifth time.

“Bigg Boss 7” keeps with the Bigg Boss series’ well-established format of bringing together candidates from all industries and backgrounds to live in a small house that is completely closed off from the outside world. They are always being watched by cameras, and the spectators are entertained by their interactions, difficulties, and tasks. This season promises to continue the heritage of the popular reality show while adding its own special twists and drama.

Shakeela, who is she?

Shakeela is a well-known Indian personality who has significantly influenced both the entertainment and political industries. She made a name for herself in the industry and is best recognised for her roles in Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu films.

Shakeela was born into a Muslim household in Kodambakkam, Madras, India, and her journey began there. She made the decision to skip completing her education in favour of starting a career in the film industry, where she would subsequently achieve fame.

Shakeela was recognised for her contributions to cinema and had a lasting impression on the South Indian film industry throughout her career. Her films were widely popular, which allowed for their dubbing and release in several Indian languages. Her films also attracted viewers abroad because they were dubbed into languages like Sinhala, Chinese, and Nepalese.

Shakeela began portraying family-oriented parts in Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada films in 2003 as her acting career developed. She also wrote her autobiography in Malayalam, in which she discussed her upbringing, background, and meetings with famous people in politics, the film industry, and with her childhood friends.

Shakeela revealed her 250th movie, “Sheelavathi,” in January 2018, demonstrating her continuous presence in the business and her ongoing achievements as a performer.


1. Who is Shakeela? from Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Elimination?

Indian actress Shakeela is most known for her roles in Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu films. She became incredibly well-known thanks to her performance in the film “Kinnarathumbikal.”

2. Why was Shakeela’s early career marked by controversy?

Shakeela established a reputation for her contentious moments in her early films, which received a lot of media attention.

3. How did Shakeela later change directions in her career?

Shakeela began transitioning to family-focused character roles in Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada language films in 2003.

4. Did Shakeela publish a memoir?

Yes, she wrote her autobiography in Malayalam, which gave details about her family, upbringing, and relationships with well-known actors, politicians, and close friends from her youth.

5. Who was this week’s Bigg Boss Telugu 7 contestant eliminated?

This week, Shakeela was kicked off of Bigg Boss Telugu 7.

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