Who is Leaving Uzalo 2023? Is Nkunzi Leaving Uzalo 2023? The Legacy of “Uzalo”

by Manish
Who is Leaving Uzalo 2023

“Uzalo,” the beloved South African soap opera, is undergoing a significant change in its cast lineup in 2023. Actor Wiseman Mncube, known for his portrayal of Sbonelo, and Nkanyiso Mchunu, are bidding farewell to the show after the conclusion of season nine. This article will delve into the details of their departure, the show’s history, and whether Nkunzi, played by Masoja Msiza, is also leaving “Uzalo.”

The Legacy of “Uzalo”

“Uzalo” made its debut on February 9, 2015, captivating viewers from the start. Created by Duma Ndlovu and produced by Stained Glass Productions, the show ingeniously combines elements of soap opera and crime drama, making it a unique television experience.

Airing Schedule and Cast

Airing on SABC 1, “Uzalo” graces our screens from Monday to Friday, with each episode lasting 23-25 minutes in Zulu. The talented cast, featuring stars like Masoja Msiza and Gugu Gumede, has played a pivotal role in the show’s success. By March 2, 2023, “Uzalo” will have completed 9 seasons and 1,974 episodes, an impressive feat in the world of television.

Actor Character
Masoja “Solle” Msiza Nkunzebombu Mhlongo
Baby Cele Gabisile Mhlongo
Thembi Nyandeni Njinji Magwaza
Fanele Ntuli Nomaswazi Magwaza
Gugu Gumede Hlengiwe Mlambo
Noxolo Mathula Lillian “Lilly” Dongwe
Thuthuka Mthembu Nonkanyiso Xaba
Simphiwe Majozi Sbusiso Makathini
Nkanyiso Makhanya Nkululeko “Njeza” Xaba
Zama Magubane-Ngcobo MaDongwe
Ntombifuthi Dlamini Mam Madlala
Thabo Mnguni Khethukuthula “Pope” Mbatha
Cebo Mthembu Detective Nyawo
Sibusisiwe Jili Princess Nomkhosi
Linda Majola Mzamo

The Creative Minds Behind the Show

The executive producer, Gugulethu Zuma-Ncube, and producer, Mpfariseni King David Mukwevho, lead the production, bringing the captivating stories of “Uzalo” to life. Stained Glass Productions, co-owned by Kobedi “Pepsi” Pokane and Gugu Zuma-Ncube, plays a significant role in the show’s production.

“Uzalo” as a Cultural Phenomenon

“Uzalo” has earned the title of South Africa’s most-watched television show, resonating deeply with viewers. Its success can be attributed to engaging plotlines, character arcs, and overall entertainment value. The show’s storytelling, direction, and performances have made it an integral part of South African television.

Wiseman Mncube and Nkanyiso Mchunu’s Departure

Actor Wiseman Mncube, renowned for his portrayal of Sbonelo on “Uzalo,” is bidding adieu to the show. Mncube joined the cast in 2018, embodying a character who transitioned from a medical doctor to a character deeply involved in criminal activities. The actor has formally submitted his resignation, confirming his departure.

Official Announcement

Stained Glass Productions, the company behind “Uzalo,” has officially confirmed Wiseman Mncube’s departure. Joining him in this farewell is Nkanyiso Mchunu. King David Mukwevho, the series producer, expressed gratitude for the remarkable contributions of both actors. Their commitment, ability to breathe life into their characters, and the chemistry they brought to the screen are acknowledged with respect.

Epic Exit and End of an Era

Both Wiseman Mncube and Nkanyiso Mchunu are set to leave “Uzalo” at the conclusion of season nine. Mukwevho hinted at an epic exit for these departing actors. While saying goodbye is undoubtedly challenging, the production team is thankful for their invaluable contributions to the show’s success. This departure marks the end of an era for these characters, leaving fans eagerly anticipating their future endeavors in the world of entertainment.

Is Nkunzi Leaving “Uzalo” in 2023?

As of now, there is no concrete information confirming whether Nkunzi, portrayed by Masoja Msiza, is departing from “Uzalo” in 2023. The latest details only mention the departures of Wiseman Mncube (Sbonelo) and Nkanyiso Mchunu. Nkunzi’s status on the soap opera remains uncertain, leaving viewers in suspense. To find out if there are any changes to the character’s storyline or Masoja Msiza’s involvement in “Uzalo,” fans will need to stay tuned for updates.


In summary, “Uzalo” is bidding farewell to Wiseman Mncube and Nkanyiso Mchunu at the end of season nine, marking the end of an era for these beloved characters. As for Nkunzi, his fate on the show remains shrouded in mystery. “Uzalo” continues to be a cultural phenomenon in South Africa, captivating audiences with its compelling storytelling and dynamic characters.

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Who is Leaving Uzalo 2023: FAQs

1. When did “Uzalo” premiere? “Uzalo” premiered on February 9, 2015.

2. Who is Wiseman Mncube, and why is he leaving “Uzalo”? Wiseman Mncube portrayed Sbonelo in “Uzalo” and is leaving the show after submitting his resignation to the production.

3. Who else is leaving “Uzalo” in 2023? Nkanyiso Mchunu is also leaving “Uzalo” at the end of season nine, as confirmed by Stained Glass Productions.

4. Is Nkunzi (Masoja Msiza) leaving “Uzalo” in 2023? As of now, there is no confirmation about Nkunzi leaving “Uzalo”; updates are awaited.

5. What makes “Uzalo” popular? “Uzalo” is popular for its engaging plotlines, dynamic characters, and captivating storytelling, making it the most-watched television show in South Africa.

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