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Where is Ben Roberts Smith Now

Ben Roberts-Smith’s Ongoing Legal Battles and Current Status Ben Roberts-Smith, the Australian former soldier, is currently embroiled in a complex legal battle following the conclusion of a high-profile defamation case. In this article, we will explore where Ben Roberts-Smith stands today and delve into the details of his legal troubles.

Where is Ben Roberts-Smith Now?

Ben Roberts-Smith is currently navigating a complex legal battle following the conclusion of a high-profile defamation case. The civil defamation trial, initiated by Roberts-Smith in the Federal Court of Australia, concluded in June with a ruling that found him to have committed war crimes, including murder, during his service in Afghanistan. Despite the unfavorable verdict, Roberts-Smith has appealed the decision, and he is scheduled to return to court in February 2024.

The aftermath of the trial has seen significant developments, including the chairman of Seven West Media, Kerry Stokes, agreeing to cover the costs of Roberts-Smith’s failed defamation action. This move by Stokes has implications for the release of thousands of emails between Roberts-Smith, Stokes, and legal teams, as the media company seeks to establish the extent of control exerted by Seven in the litigation process.

Who is Ben Roberts-Smith?

Ben Roberts-Smith, born on November 1, 1978, is an Australian former soldier who gained recognition for his military service. A recipient of the Victoria Cross, Roberts-Smith’s reputation came under intense scrutiny when he launched a defamation case against Nine Entertainment over articles accusing him of war crimes, including multiple murders during his time with the Special Air Service (SAS) in Afghanistan.

The trial unfolded over a multi-year period, revealing intricate details about Roberts-Smith’s actions and conduct during his military service. The defamation trial, which concluded in June, resulted in a landmark ruling that supported Nine Entertainment’s claims of unlawful killings and bullying by Roberts-Smith.

Despite his denials and an ongoing appeal, the trial painted a complex picture of Roberts-Smith, bringing into question not only his military actions but also his response to criticism and his alleged attempts to intimidate detractors.

Ben Roberts-Smith Documentary

The saga of Ben Roberts-Smith’s defamation case has swiftly transitioned to the small screen with the release of the documentary titled “Ben Roberts-Smith Truth On Trial.” The documentary, available on the streaming service Stan (owned by Nine Entertainment), offers a 90-minute exploration of the landmark case.

Narrated by journalists Chris Masters and Nick McKenzie, who played a pivotal role in exposing Roberts-Smith’s alleged misdeeds, the documentary delves into the challenges faced by the investigative team and the broader implications of the case. “Truth On Trial” sheds light on Roberts-Smith’s reactions to criticism, his attempts to suppress the investigative efforts through intimidation, and the broader issue of a “warrior culture” within the SAS.

The documentary presents evidence, including recordings and details of a false police raid orchestrated by Roberts-Smith, providing viewers with a comprehensive look at the intricacies of the case. The documentary concludes with a note indicating that Roberts-Smith is appealing the initial verdict, emphasizing that the story is far from over.

Where is Ben Roberts-Smith Now? – FAQs

  1. Is Ben Roberts-Smith still in legal proceedings? Yes, Roberts-Smith is currently involved in an appeal against the defamation case’s ruling and is due back in court in February 2024.
  2. What allegations were made against Ben Roberts-Smith? Allegations included involvement in war crimes, such as unlawful killings and intimidating behavior while serving in Afghanistan.
  3. What is the documentary about Ben Roberts-Smith focused on? The documentary provides insights into the landmark defamation case, highlighting investigative efforts and the challenges faced by journalists covering the allegations against Roberts-Smith.
  4. What was the outcome of the defamation case against Nine Entertainment? The court ruled in favor of Nine Entertainment, establishing substantial truth in the allegations against Roberts-Smith.
  5. What’s the current status of Ben Roberts-Smith’s reputation? His reputation remains marred by the allegations made against him, despite his previous military accolades.

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