What Did Dean Do to Linda in Eastenders? The Return We’ve All Been Waiting For: Who’s Back in Eastenders?

by Manish
What Did Dean Do to Linda in Eastenders

In the captivating world of the British television soap opera “EastEnders,” Dean Wicks emerges as a character marked by a troubled past and a dramatic return, causing a whirlwind of emotions and tensions in the fictional London Borough of Walford. This article delves into the intriguing storyline surrounding Dean Wicks, his actions, and the impact on the lives of the show’s beloved characters.

The World of EastEnders

Before we embark on Dean Wicks’ tumultuous journey, let’s set the stage by exploring the captivating universe of “EastEnders.” This long-running soap opera, which has been on the air since 1985, unfolds in the heart of the fictional London Borough of Walford. The show intricately weaves together the lives of its diverse residents, immersing viewers in a world filled with everyday dramas, relationships, and conflicts, all set within the backdrop of a close-knit community.

“EastEnders” is not just your typical soap opera; it goes beyond entertainment by addressing important social issues such as domestic violence, racism, and mental health. The show’s extensive and ever-changing cast of characters ensures a constant flow of compelling storylines, featuring family dynamics, friendships, romances, and occasional moments of humor. It is known for its cliffhangers and dramatic twists, earning it a devoted following and making it one of the UK’s most beloved soap operas.

What Happened to Dean in Eastenders?

Dean Wicks, the character at the center of our story, started as a cheerful and good-natured individual. However, his life took a dark turn as he became embroiled in a revenge plot, attempting to frame someone for a serious crime. This led to legal troubles and a stint in prison, forever altering his character.

Obsession and Assault

Dean’s return to Walford marked the beginning of a complicated relationship with his family, particularly Linda Carter. In his misguided belief, he thought Linda had romantic feelings for him, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Linda’s rejection of his advances triggered a shocking event – Dean assaulted her. This act left Linda in a state of physical and emotional agony, a secret she kept hidden for a long time. The aftermath of this terrible act caused not only Linda but also many other characters and relationships to suffer.

Revenge and Chaos

The revelation of the assault caused a deep rift within the Carter family, as they grappled with the shocking news. Dean, instead of showing remorse, sought revenge against the Carters by creating more chaos, even going so far as attempting to set fire to the pub. Thankfully, he was stopped in his tracks, but the damage had already been done.

A Painful Departure

In the end, Dean had to leave Walford and seek refuge with his sister. His exit was a relief for many, as it brought an end to the torment he had unleashed on the community. However, the scars of his actions still haunted Linda and others, a constant reminder of the dark chapter in their lives.

Dean’s Return to Walford

Fast forward to the present, and Dean Wicks has made a shocking return to the fictional town of Walford after a seven-year absence. This time, he is portrayed by actor Matt Di Angelo, and his return is motivated by the need to be near a local hospital where his daughter, Jade, is receiving treatment for cystic fibrosis and awaiting a life-saving lung transplant. However, the wounds of his past actions, particularly the assault on Linda Carter, have not been forgotten.

As Dean protests his innocence, his reappearance sparks a wave of drama and conflicts among the show’s characters. The return of this once-villainous character promises to be a central storyline, full of suspense and revelations, that will captivate “EastEnders” fans.


Dean Wicks’ tumultuous journey in “EastEnders” is a testament to the show’s ability to craft intricate storylines that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The character’s transformation from a cheerful young man to a villain and now his dramatic return showcases the depth and complexity of the show’s storytelling.

“EastEnders” continues to be a force in British television, providing entertainment, tackling societal issues, and delivering compelling narratives that leave a lasting impact.

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1. What Happened to Dean in Eastenders?

Dean Wicks, after committing assault and causing turmoil, left Walford to live with his sister but has recently returned, intending to stay.

2. Who is Dean Wicks in EastEnders?

Dean Wicks is a character in the TV show “EastEnders” who became a major villain after assaulting Linda Carter.

3. Why did Dean Wicks return to Walford?

Dean Wicks returned to be close to the hospital where his daughter was receiving treatment and also became the Beales’ new business partner.

4. What did Dean Wicks do in EastEnders?

Dean Wicks committed assault and attempted to set fire to the pub, causing turmoil in Walford.

5. How did Dean’s return affect Linda Carter?

Dean’s return brought back painful memories for Linda Carter, who was his victim.

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