Squid Game the Challenge Player 198: Get Know Where is Husnain Player 198 Now?

by Manish
Squid Game the Challenge Player 198

The post-Squid Game silence shrouds Husnain Asif’s whereabouts, leaving fans curious about his life after the show’s conclusion.


Player 198, Husnain Asif, a notable TikTok personality, entered the intense competition of Squid Game: The Challenge alongside 455 other contestants vying for the grand prize of $4.5 million.

A Notorious Move

Despite leaving the game earlier than expected, Husnain made a lasting impression on viewers. His notorious move involving a ringing phone during the Dorm Test led to his elimination.

Explaining His Actions

Husnain clarified his actions, explaining that he picked up the phone twice, thinking it was an opportunity to eliminate someone and ensure his own safety. However, he realized he couldn’t betray his friends to avoid elimination, ultimately taking responsibility for his exit.

No Regrets

Despite this, he expressed no regrets, believing that being a target for elimination would have been more frustrating. Post-game, Husnain returned to his regular life, continuing his influence through TikTok, where he felt he left a lingering impact despite his early departure.

Where is Husnain Player 198 Now?

Current and detailed information about Husnain Asif’s present status or activities is unavailable or unclear at this time. There’s no available information about Husnain Asif’s post-Squid Game: The Challenge activities or whereabouts after the show’s November 2023 airing.

Post-Game Life

However, after his participation in the game, Husnain Asif returned to his regular life, continuing his influence through TikTok. He mentioned feeling that he made an impact on the show despite leaving early and explained his perspective on his elimination involving the phone during the Dorm Test.

Staying Informed

For the most recent information about Husnain Asif or any updates regarding his current endeavors, activities, or whereabouts after Squid Game: The Challenge, we would recommend checking his official social media accounts or any public statements he might have made post-show. Social media platforms often provide updates about the ongoing activities and projects of public figures like Husnain Asif.

About Squid Game: The Challenge

Squid Game: The Challenge is a British TV series inspired by the popular South Korean drama. It follows 456 players competing for a record-breaking prize of $4.56 million. The show, a Netflix original, was created by Studio Lambert and the Garden.

Release Date

The initial batch of episodes for “Squid Game: The Challenge” came out on November 22, 2023, and that included the first five episodes. The next set of episodes, from 6 to 9, is scheduled to be released on November 29. Finally, the last episode, the finale of the series, will hit the screens on December 6.

Squid Game The Challenge Overview

Genre Reality competition
Based on Squid Game by Hwang Dong-hyuk
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language English
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 5 (as of 22 November 2023)
Executive producers Nicola Brown, Tim Harcourt, John Hay, Toni Ireland, Anna Kidd, Stephen Lambert, Louise Peet, Nia Yemoh, Stephen Yemoh
Running time 41–57 minutes
Production companies Studio Lambert, The Garden
Network Netflix
Original release 22 November 2023 – present


In “Squid Game: The Challenge,” a whopping 456 players are aiming to win an enormous cash prize of $4.56 million, which is around £3.6 million. This is the biggest number of contestants ever in a game show and the largest cash prize too, beating the previous record held by Andrew Kravis who won $2.6 million in The Million Second Quiz.

In this show, these players face various challenging games that really push them to their limits. As they compete, each person has to figure out just how much they’re willing to do or sacrifice to claim that huge prize.


1. Where is Husnain Asif, Player 198 from Squid Game: The Challenge, currently?

As of now, specific details about Husnain Asif’s current whereabouts or activities post the show’s airing are unavailable.

2. What happened to Husnain Asif after his participation in Squid Game: The Challenge?

Details about Husnain Asif’s activities or whereabouts following his involvement in the show are not publicly known.

3. Is there any information on Husnain Asif’s life or career post-Squid Game: The Challenge?

Presently, there’s no available or clear information regarding Husnain Asif’s life or career after the show’s conclusion.

4. Has Husnain Asif made any public appearances or announcements post his time in Squid Game: The Challenge?

There’s no recent or known public appearance or announcement made by Husnain Asif after his participation in the show.

5. Are there updates on Husnain Asif’s social media or online presence since Squid Game: The Challenge?

Specific updates or activities related to Husnain Asif’s social media or online presence following the show’s conclusion are not within current knowledge.

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