Is Teddi Wright Married? Who is Teddi Wright Married to?

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Is Teddi Wright Married

In the world of reality TV and romantic twists, Teddi Wright has become a familiar name. The 27-year-old surgical unit nurse from Redlands, California, captured the hearts of viewers during her appearances on “The Bachelor” and “Bachelor in Paradise.” But one question has been on everyone’s mind: Is Teddi Wright married? Well, the answer is yes! In this article, we’ll delve into the details of her journey to the altar and explore more about her life, career, and relationship with Nicholas.

Teddi Wright: A Brief Introduction

Before we dive into her marriage, let’s get to know Teddi Wright a bit better. Born on October 16, 1996, Teddi is not just a reality TV star; she’s a beautiful, smart, and hopeless romantic individual who values deep connections. Teddi’s journey on reality TV began when she appeared on the 26th season of “The Bachelor,” where she made an impression but was eliminated in week 7. Later, she returned for the 8th season of “Bachelor in Paradise” but decided to quit in week 2.

In her personal life, Teddi announced her engagement to Nicholas Meyers on April 6, 2023. Her upbringing in a strict Christian household hasn’t deterred her from living life on her terms, and she’s not willing to settle for anything less than a genuine connection.

Some fun facts about Teddi include her love for pasta, a childhood fear of ladybugs, and her enjoyment of massages. She has always expressed her desire for a real and meaningful connection, emphasizing the importance of sharing her heart with someone who truly deserves it.

Full Name Teddi Meyers (née Wright)
Age 27 (as of 2023)
Birthdate October 16, 1996
Hometown Redlands, California
Occupation Surgical Unit Nurse
Education Health Science, Business Studies, Spanish
Television Shows The Bachelor (Season 26), Bachelor in Paradise (Season 8)
Wedding Date November 11, 2023
Spouse Nicholas
Net Worth (2023) USD 1.5 million

Teddi Wright Ties the Knot

The big question – Is Teddi Wright married? Yes, she is! Teddi Wright exchanged vows with her partner, Nicholas, in an intimate ceremony in Napa Valley, California. The wedding was a joyful celebration attended by 97 close friends and family members.

The couple’s wedding featured a classic black and white theme, with beautiful floral arrangements, candles, and a focus on creating an intimate atmosphere. Teddi looked stunning in a casual yet elegant gown by Grace Loves Lace, featuring a timeless high neckline in the front and a gorgeous low back. Peonies, her favorite flowers, added a touch of elegance to the ceremony, thanks to her florist, Edgar Martinez Ruacho.

Family played a central role in the wedding, with Teddi’s father-in-law officiating the ceremony, and both the bride and groom’s siblings taking on significant roles. The couple’s special first look, where they exchanged handwritten vows, was a heartfelt moment that will be cherished forever.

The reception was a delight, with a plated dinner featuring chicken and steak, followed by a dessert spread that included a vintage-style heart cake, a lemon cake, and a s’mores bar for guests to enjoy by a bonfire. Teddi expressed her sheer joy, describing the wedding as everything they had hoped for and more—a dream come true.

Teddi Wright’s Career and Net Worth

Teddi Wright is not just known for her appearances on reality TV; she’s also a dedicated nurse and a budding entrepreneur. She gained recognition for her appearance on “The Bachelor” in 2022, where she vied for the heart of 28-year-old Clayton Echard.

Originally from California, Teddi completed her high school education there and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in health science. In addition to her nursing career, she pursued studies in Business Studies and Spanish at The University of Missouri.

Beyond her nursing career, Teddi has aspirations to venture into entrepreneurship by starting her own business. Her engaging content on Instagram, where she shares glimpses of her lifestyle, bold and captivating photos, and short reel videos, has contributed to her amassing thousands of followers, reflecting her popularity among fans.

As of 2023, Teddi Wright boasts a net worth of approximately USD 1.5 million. Her income comes primarily from her nursing career, supplemented by television appearances, particularly on “The Bachelor.” Her substantial following on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube also contributes to her earnings.

Known for her preference for a luxurious lifestyle, Teddi’s financial success mirrors her achievements in both the healthcare and entertainment realms.

Teddi Wright and Nicholas: A Timeline of Love

Teddi and Nicholas’s love story is one for the books. Here’s a brief timeline of their relationship:

  • December 2022: Teddi and Nicholas began their relationship shortly after Teddi’s exit from “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 8.
  • January 2023: The couple made their official Instagram debut, sharing cozy moments in bed, a kiss in the kitchen, and expressions of affection.
  • April 2023: Nicholas proposed to Teddi with a stunning round diamond ring from Jean Dousset, featuring a personalized touch to match his eyes.
  • November 5, 2023: Teddi and Nicholas picked up their marriage license, teasing that their wedding day was approaching soon.

Their relationship timeline, well-documented on Instagram, showcases the progression of their love and the excitement leading up to their wedding day.


1. Is Teddi Wright married? Yes, Teddi Wright recently got married to Nicholas in an intimate ceremony in Napa Valley.

2. What is Teddi Wright’s career? Teddi Wright is a surgical unit nurse and a television personality, known for her appearance on “The Bachelor.”

3. What is Teddi Wright’s net worth? As of 2023, Teddi Wright’s net worth is estimated to be around USD 1.5 million.

4. When did Teddi announce her engagement? Teddi announced her engagement to Nicholas Meyers on April 6, 2023.

5. How did Teddi and Nicholas meet? The exact details of how Teddi and Nicholas first connected have not been shared publicly.

6. When did Teddi and Nicholas pick up their marriage license? Teddi and Nicholas picked up their marriage license on November 5, 2023, teasing that their wedding day was approaching soon.

In conclusion, Teddi Wright’s journey from reality TV to her nursing career, her budding entrepreneurship, and her beautiful wedding to Nicholas showcase her diverse interests and growing influence in the public eye. Her story is a testament to the pursuit of love, career, and happiness in the modern world.

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