Iron Maiden Presale Code 2023-2024: The Ultimate Guide to Snagging Iron Maiden Presale Tickets!

by Manish
Iron Maiden Presale Code 2023-2024

Iron Maiden is a legendary heavy metal band hailing from England, with a history that spans over four decades. Their music, iconic mascot “Eddie,” and thought-provoking lyrical themes have made them a revered name in the world of rock and metal music. If you’re a die-hard Iron Maiden fan, you’ll want to secure your spot at their 2023-2024 events in Chile and the USA/Canada through an exclusive presale code. In this article, we’ll dive into all the details you need to know to grab your tickets ahead of the general public.

Iron Maiden: The Pioneers of Heavy Metal

Iron Maiden’s journey began in 1975 in East London, with a lineup that has evolved over the years. The core members include bassist and songwriter Steve Harris, lead vocalist Bruce Dickinson, drummer Nicko McBrain, and guitarists Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, and Janick Gers. They are widely recognized as pioneers of the “new wave of British heavy metal” movement.

Their album “The Number of the Beast” is one of the most iconic heavy metal records, having sold nearly 20 million copies worldwide. In the 1990s, the return of Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith breathed new life into the band, leading to more successful albums and tours. Their recent albums, such as “The Final Frontier,” “The Book of Souls,” and “Senjutsu,” have reached number one in over 20 countries.

Iron Maiden Presale Code 2023-2024

If you’re eager to catch Iron Maiden live in 2023-2024, the Iron Maiden Fan Club (IMFC) offers its members the golden ticket – a unique presale code. With this code, you can secure your tickets before the general public, guaranteeing you an exclusive concert experience.




Jan 03 London Cart & Horses
Jan 04 London Cart & Horses
Jan 05 Milton Keynes Craufurd Arms
Jan 06 Bradford Nightrain
Jan 07 Liverpool Furnace
Jan 09 Aberdeen Lemon Tree
Jan 10 Edinburgh Liquid Rooms
Jan 12 Carlisle Brickyard
Jan 13 Colchester Arts Centre
Jan 14 Margate Ballroom
Jan 16 Merthyr Tydfil Redhouse Cymru
Jan 17 Frome Cheese & Grain
Jan 18 Bournemouth Old Fire Station
Jan 20 Isle Of Wight Strings Bar & Venue
Jan 21 Gravesend Leo’s Red Lion
Jan 22 Southend Chinnerys
Jan 23 Hastings Black Box
Jan 24 London Cart & Horses
Mar 02-07 Monsters of Rock Cruise 2024 Cruise Ship


Date and Time: Monday, October 30, at 12 pm local time.

Duration: The presale lasts for 24 hours.

Ticket Limit: IMFC members can purchase up to 6 tickets during the presale.


Date and Time: Tuesday, October 31, starting at 10 am local time.

Duration: The presale period extends for 24 hours.

Ticket Limit: Members are allowed to buy up to 6 tickets per show. Please note that there is no presale for the Aftershock festival, as those tickets are already available to the public.

To participate in the presale, IMFC members will need a special presale code. This code is a unique combination of letters and/or numbers that grants access to the presale tickets. Keep an eye on your IMFC notifications for your code, and enjoy the privilege of getting your Iron Maiden tickets early!

How to Get Iron Maiden Presale Tickets

To get your hands on Iron Maiden presale tickets for their 2024 Australia and New Zealand tour, follow these straightforward steps:

1. Register for the Band’s Official Fan Club:

– Visit the official website of Iron Maiden to register for their fan club.
– Registration will grant you access to the presale, allowing you to purchase tickets before the general public.

2. Keep an Eye on Presale Dates:

– Be aware that the presale for the tour will start on October 18, 2023.

3. Visit the Official Website:

– On the designated presale date, visit the official Iron Maiden website.

4. Purchase Your Tickets:

– Once on the website, you should be able to access the presale ticket options.
– Follow the instructions on the website to select your desired concert date and venue.
– Complete the Purchase: Be ready to provide payment information and choose your seats.

Meet the Members of Iron Maiden

Get to know the talented individuals who make up this iconic band:

Stephen Percy Harris

Stephen Percy Harris, born in 1956, is the founder of Iron Maiden and has been the only consistent member since 1975. He’s famous for his distinctive bass style and is widely recognized as one of the greatest heavy metal bassists in the world.

David Michael Murray

David Michael Murray, born in 1956, is an English guitarist who joined Iron Maiden early in its history. He’s known for his contributions to the band’s sound and has been a long-standing member.

Adrian Frederick Smith

Adrian Frederick Smith, born in 1957, is another talented guitarist in the band. He’s also a songwriter and leads side projects like Primal Rock Rebellion and Smith/Kotzen.

Paul Bruce Dickinson

Paul Bruce Dickinson, born in 1958, is the lead singer of Iron Maiden. He’s renowned for his powerful operatic voice and has a diverse range of talents outside of music, including being a pilot, author, and entrepreneur.

Janick Robert Gers

Janick Robert Gers, born in 1957, is one of Iron Maiden’s three guitarists. He joined to replace Adrian Smith but stayed when Smith returned. Gers is widely known for his guitar skills and has become a vital member of Iron Maiden.

5. Iron Maiden Presale Code 2023-2024 – FAQ

1. What is the Iron Maiden Fan Club (IMFC)?

– The IMFC is a fan club for Iron Maiden, providing exclusive benefits to its members, including early access to concert tickets.

2. How can I access Iron Maiden presale tickets?

– To access presale tickets, you need to be an IMFC member and obtain a unique presale code, which allows you to purchase tickets before the general public.

3. When and where are the 2023-2024 Iron Maiden tour dates?

– The tour includes dates in various UK locations, starting in January and continuing into March.

4. How many albums has Iron Maiden released?

– Iron Maiden has released 41 albums, including studio, live, EPs, and compilations.

5. Who is the lead vocalist of Iron Maiden, and what is his other notable profession?

– The lead vocalist is Paul Bruce Dickinson, who is also a commercial pilot, author, and entrepreneur in addition to his music career.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of the Iron Maiden experience. Join the IMFC, grab your presale code, and secure your tickets to witness this iconic band live in action

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