Heidi Firkus Dateline: Unraveling the Tragic Story of Heidi Firkus, Her Murder, and the Mystery Surrounding Nick Firkus!

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Heidi Firkus Dateline


The tale of Heidi Firkus, a tragic incident that unfolded in St. Paul, Minnesota in 2010, has garnered national attention and found its way onto the television show “Dateline.” Heidi, at the young age of 25, met a devastating end, and the circumstances surrounding her death became the focus of a compelling two-hour special on “Dateline” named “65 Seconds.”

A Night of Horror

On the night of the incident, Heidi made a harrowing 911 call, reporting an attempted break-in at her home, which ended abruptly with a loud noise. Following this call, her husband, Nick Firkus, also dialed 911, disclosing that both he and his wife had been shot.

A Twisted Tale

Initially, Nick narrated a tale of an unknown intruder breaking into their home, which had gone awry. However, as the investigation unfolded, suspicions grew, leading to a surprising twist.

A Decade of Silence

After maintaining his original story for over a decade, Nick Firkus found himself charged with second-degree murder in connection with Heidi Firkus’ untimely demise.

The Dateline Special

The “Dateline” special takes a deep dive into the case, meticulously examining the evidence, witness accounts, and the subsequent trial. It seeks to answer the pivotal question of what truly transpired on that fateful night, shedding light on the investigation that ultimately led to Nick Firkus’ arrest and subsequent conviction.

Who Was Heidi Firkus?

Heidi Firkus was a young woman who lived in St. Paul, Minnesota, with her husband, Nick Firkus. The couple had been married for four and a half years before Heidi’s tragic death in 2010. At the time of her passing, Heidi was just 25 years old.

Who Killed Heidi Firkus?

Heidi Firkus, a young woman living in suburban Minnesota, met a tragic end when an intruder broke into her home, resulting in her being shot and killed. The shock of her death turned to suspicion when her husband, Nick, disclosed that their home had been foreclosed on, a fact Heidi allegedly knew but had never shared with her family.

Why Nick Firkus Killed Heidi Firkus?

The mystery surrounding Heidi Firkus’ murder took a chilling turn when revelations about her husband, Nick Firkus, came to light. The shocking event of an intruder breaking into their suburban Minnesota home had left Heidi dead, and her husband wounded.

Where is Nick Firkus Now?

After his conviction for the murder of his first wife, Heidi Firkus, Nick Firkus’ whereabouts are no longer a mystery. Currently, he is serving his sentence in prison, specifically at the Rush City Correctional Facility. This marks the final chapter in a lengthy legal process that brought closure to a 13-year-old cold case.


The story of Heidi Firkus is a haunting and complex tale that has captivated the nation. The “Dateline” special provides a comprehensive look into the events surrounding her tragic passing, offering insights into a perplexing and chilling case that has left Heidi’s family searching for answers for over a decade.

Heidi Firkus Dateline – FAQs

1. Who was Heidi Firkus, and what happened to her?

– Heidi Firkus was tragically killed in her Minnesota home in April 2010. The case surrounding her death remained unsolved for over a decade.

2. How did Nick Firkus, Heidi’s husband, become a suspect in her murder?

– Nick Firkus aroused suspicion when he claimed an intruder was responsible for Heidi’s death, but evidence suggested a different story.

3. When and where can you watch the Dateline NBC episode on this case?

– You can tune in to “65 Seconds” on Dateline NBC, which airs on October 20, 2023, at 9 p.m. ET.

4. How long did it take to solve this cold case?

– Over a decade passed before Nick Firkus was arrested and convicted for Heidi’s murder, emphasizing the complexity of the case.

5. What evidence led to Nick Firkus’s arrest and conviction?

– Suspicion from Heidi’s second wife, Rachel, and investigation into the foreclosure revealed inconsistencies in Nick Firkus’s story, resulting in his arrest and life sentence.

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