Doona Episode 1 Ending Explained, Release Date, Cast, Plot, Review, Trailer!

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Doona Episode 1 Ending Explained

Doona Episode 1: Exploring the Enigmatic Beginnings and Beyond”

Are you ready to dive into the captivating story of Doona and Won-joon in “Doona” Episode 1? This South Korean TV series, released in 2023, is making waves, and we’re here to uncover all the intriguing details about it. From its release date to the cast, plot, and even where to watch it, we’ve got you covered. Let’s embark on this thrilling journey.

The Debut of “Doona

Let’s start with the basics. “Doona” is a South Korean TV show that made its debut in 2023. This gripping series is available for streaming on Netflix, and it graced our screens on October 20, 2023. The creative genius behind it is director Lee Jeong-hyo, and you’ll see the talented Bae Suzy and Yang Se-jong as the main actors. The Korean title of the show is “이두나!” which translates to “Doona!” in English. If you’re a fan of Korean dramas and are looking for something new to watch, this is definitely one to consider. Netflix is known for delivering quality content, and “Doona” is no exception.

A Glimpse into the Characters

In this series, Bae Suzy and Yang Se-jong take center stage as the main characters. They are pivotal to the storyline, and their on-screen chemistry is worth watching. If you enjoy Korean TV shows, their performances in “Doona” are something you won’t want to miss. Since this is a recent release, you can be among the first to experience the journey of these characters.

Explaining the Ending of Episode 1

At the conclusion of Episode 1, “Doona” takes a heartfelt turn. Doona expresses her gratitude for having met Won-joon. Despite their differing backgrounds and initial misunderstandings, their bond has grown stronger. The turning point in the story comes when Won-joon takes care of Doona after she faints in the snow and accompanies her to the hospital. This act of kindness leaves a lasting impression on Doona. As the narrative unfolds, Doona’s interest in forming a friendship with Won-joon becomes evident. Although initially, Won-joon had misconceptions about her intentions, they start spending more time together, sharing meals and laughter. Even after a rocky start, Doona and Won-joon agree to be each other’s emergency contacts. Doona believes their meeting isn’t just a chance encounter but a destined connection, marking the touching conclusion of the first episode.

Doona Episode 1 Cast



Bae Suzy Lee Doo-na
Yang Se-jong Lee Won-jun
Shin Ha-young Kim Jin-joo
Kim Do-wan Goo Jeong-hoon
Park Se-wan Choi I-ra
Kim Min-ho Seo Yun-taek
Kim Sun-young Doo-na’s mother

A Must-Watch on Netflix

If you’re curious about the release date of Episode 1, mark your calendar. It premiered on October 20, 2023, and is available exclusively on Netflix. The story commences with Doona dreaming of performing at a concert but takes unexpected turns as she encounters her new neighbor, Won-joon, who has relocated to Seoul for college. Initial misunderstandings and tensions gradually give way to a budding friendship. The characters come from diverse backgrounds, but their lives become intertwined as they spend more time together. The episode leaves you with Doona’s profound sense of gratitude for having crossed paths with Won-joon, despite their disparities.

The Intriguing Plot

In Episode 1 of “Doona,” Doo-na, a famous singer from the girl group Dream Sweet, surprises everyone by deciding to retire. She moves into a shared house in a college town, where she crosses paths with Won-jun, a regular college student with a compassionate heart. Won-jun has his own worries, especially concerning his sister and mother, who are both recently hospitalized. Despite initial awkward interactions and Doona’s initial assumption that Won-jun is a fan, their connection deepens when he helps her after she faints in the snow. Doo-na begins seeking Won-jun’s company, even though he is initially hesitant. The episode wraps up with their growing bond, with Doo-na firmly believing that their meeting is a part of her destiny, despite their differences. This first episode sets the stage for the evolving relationship between these two characters.

Episode 1 Review

The inaugural episode of “Doona” sets the stage for an enthralling journey. It introduces us to the main characters, Doona and Won-joon, and leaves us with numerous unanswered questions. Doona’s sudden retirement from the idol group Dream Sweet raises questions about her undisclosed issues. Won-joon, a regular college student, also has his struggles, especially regarding his family’s health. The mysteries surrounding these characters make the viewers eagerly anticipate the forthcoming episodes. The interactions between Doona and Won-joon, from initial misunderstandings to the development of a genuine friendship, add depth to the story. The show’s allure lies in the unknowns – why did Doona ignore her mother’s call? Who did she contact regarding a potential stalker? And why was she alone in the hospital? These enigmas keep us hooked and hungry for more episodes to uncover the past and motivations of these characters. In essence, Episode 1 provides a solid foundation, leaving us eager to delve deeper into the characters’ journeys and unravel the enigma that is “Doona.”

Where to Watch “Doona” Episode 1

You can catch Episode 1 of “Doona” on Netflix, the home of this exciting South Korean drama series. Whether you’re interested in Doona’s story as a retired idol singer or intrigued by Won-joon’s journey as a college student, you can follow their adventures and relationships on Netflix. The convenience of watching on various devices ensures that you can enjoy this captivating K-drama at your own pace and convenience.

Doona Episode 1 Ending Explained – FAQs

1. When was “Doona” Episode 1 released, and on which platform can I watch it?

“Doona” Episode 1 was released on October 20, 2023, and it’s available for streaming exclusively on Netflix.

2. What is the plot of “Doona” Episode 1?

Episode 1 introduces the characters Doo-na and Won-joon. Doo-na is a retired idol singer, and Won-joon is a struggling college student. Their initial interactions and misunderstandings lead to a growing friendship.

3. How was the first episode of “Doona” reviewed?

The first episode of “Doona” received a positive review, with praise for its intriguing start, character introductions, and the mysteries it presents. It left viewers eager to learn more about the characters’ pasts.

4. How did the first episode of “Doona” end?

The episode ended with Doona expressing gratitude for having met Won-joon, believing that their connection is a significant part of her destiny despite their differences.

5. What is the overall impression of “Doona” Episode 1?

Episode 1 of “Doona” has left viewers intrigued with its compelling character introductions, mysteries, and a promising start to the series. It sets the stage for exploring the characters’ pasts and their evolving relationships.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of “Doona” Episode 1, streaming exclusively on Netflix. Don’t miss out on this exciting journey of Doona and Won-joon as their stories unfold before your eyes.

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