Are Moriah and Johnny Bananas Still Together? The Split of Moriah and Johnny Bananas!

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Are Moriah and Johnny Bananas Still Together

In the dynamic world of reality television, relationships often become the center of attention. One such intriguing story revolves around the romance between Moriah Jadea and Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio. Their journey, marked by ups and downs, has captured the curiosity of viewers and fans. Are Moriah and Johnny Bananas still together? Let’s explore their story and delve into the life of Johnny Bananas.


John Amadeus Devenanzio

Date of Birth June 22, 1982
Age 41 Years
Place of Birth Fullerton, California
Other Names Johnny Bananas
Occupation Reality Television Personality

The Split of Moriah and Johnny Bananas

Moriah Jadea and Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio’s connection began during their time on “The Challenge: Ride or Dies.” However, their relationship remained somewhat under the radar during the show, receiving limited airtime in the edited episodes. Despite the chemistry displayed on-screen, their status remained a mystery.

At the reunion, which was filmed in December 2022 and aired in February 2023, it was revealed that they were still “talking.” But this revelation was accompanied by doubts about Johnny’s intentions, with suggestions that he might be using Moriah for clout or post-show opportunities.

In January 2023, Moriah expressed her desire to get to know Johnny better before taking things further. However, her response to a fan’s question on Instagram indicated that she was single and held no ill feelings toward anyone. As a result, the future of their relationship remains uncertain, and it appears that they may have gone their separate ways.

Meet Johnny Bananas

Johnny Bananas, whose real name is John Amadeus Devenanzio, is a renowned figure in the realm of reality television. He first appeared on the seventeenth season of “The Real World” in 2006, making a memorable entry into the world of reality TV. His charisma and competitive spirit quickly garnered a dedicated fan following.

But what truly solidified Johnny Bananas as a household name was his journey on “The Challenge.” He is a seven-time champion on this high-intensity reality show, showcasing his exceptional skills in the grueling physical and mental competitions that the program features.

In addition to his success on “The Challenge,” Johnny Bananas ventured into hosting and became the face of “1st Look” on NBC in 2018. This demonstrated his versatility in the entertainment industry and solidified his status as a multifaceted television personality.

With a reputation for his sharp wit, strategic gameplay, and a strong competitive drive, Johnny Bananas is undoubtedly an enduring figure in the world of reality TV. His presence on television has solidified his place as one of the most iconic and beloved personalities in the genre.

A Glimpse into Moriah’s Journey

Moriah Jadea is no stranger to the world of reality television, where she gained recognition primarily through her appearances on “The Challenge” series. Although we have limited information about her background, she’s known for her participation in “The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion” in 2023 and has been associated with “The Challenge” series since 1998.

Her presence on these shows portrays her as a competitive and adventurous individual, ready to face the physical and mental challenges that these reality competitions offer. While we might not have an extensive background on Moriah, her journey on these shows has likely endeared her to fans of the reality TV genre.

The Impressive Career of Johnny Bananas

Johnny Bananas has carved out a prolific career as a reality television personality, primarily through his appearances on “The Challenge.” His debut on “The Real World” in 2006 marked the beginning of a memorable journey in reality TV.

What makes Johnny Bananas stand out is his incredible track record on “The Challenge.” He boasts an impressive seven-season win tally and has accumulated a substantial $1,184,720 in prize money, making him one of the top earners in the show’s history.

In addition to his numerous victories, he holds the record for the most seasons participated in, having competed in a remarkable twenty-one seasons as of 2022. Johnny Bananas has also ventured into spin-offs of “The Challenge,” including “Champs vs. Pros,” “Champs vs. Stars,” and “World Championship.” His enduring presence and competitive spirit have solidified his status as a beloved and iconic figure in the realm of reality television.

Johnny Bananas’ Age and Impact

As of 2023, Johnny Devenanzio, better known as Johnny Bananas, is 41 years old. He was born on June 22, 1982, in Fullerton, California. Despite the passing of time, Johnny Bananas continues to be a notable and influential figure in the reality TV genre. His age and experience bring a unique perspective to the show, and his enduring success is a testament to his dedication and adaptability in the ever-evolving world of competitive reality television.

Johnny Bananas’ Height and Versatility

Johnny Bananas stands at a height of 1.77 meters, approximately 5 feet 10 inches. While height can play a role in some physical competitions on “The Challenge,” Johnny Bananas has demonstrated that success in the show is not solely determined by physical attributes. His strategic thinking, competitive spirit, and charisma have helped him secure seven victories and become one of the most celebrated and infamous contestants on the series. This showcases his abilities and adaptability in a variety of challenges, whether they involve physical prowess or mental acumen.

Johnny Bananas’ Nationality

Johnny Bananas, whose real name is John Amadeus Devenanzio, is of American nationality. Hailing from the United States, he has made a significant mark in the entertainment industry through his appearances on popular shows like “The Challenge” and “The Real World.” His achievements and contributions to the reality TV genre have made him a recognizable and beloved personality among American audiences.


The story of Moriah and Johnny Bananas keeps us guessing about their relationship status, and the uncertainties surrounding their future make it even more intriguing. Meanwhile, Johnny Bananas continues to be a dominant force in the world of reality television, with his charisma and competitive spirit endearing him to fans across the globe.

For the latest updates on this dynamic duo and more exciting reality TV news, stay tuned. The world of entertainment never fails to surprise us with its twists and turns.


1. Are Moriah Jadea and Johnny Bananas still together?

No, they have officially ended their relationship.

2. How many seasons of “The Challenge” has Johnny Bananas won?

Johnny Bananas has won seven seasons of “The Challenge.”

3. What is Johnny Bananas’ nationality?

Johnny Bananas is of American nationality.

4. What is Johnny Bananas’ age in 2023?

In 2023, Johnny Bananas is 41 years old.

5. How tall is Johnny Bananas?

Johnny Bananas stands at a height of approximately 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters).

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