CMA Awards 2023 Full Winners List, Who Got Nominated For The 2023 CMA Awards?

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CMA Awards 2023 Full Winners List

Introduction to “Oshi No Ko”

“Oshi No Ko,” a captivating manga series by Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyari, has taken the world by storm. Following the reincarnated twins Aqua and Ruby, the story weaves through the complex fabric of the Japanese entertainment industry, exploring themes of revenge, identity, and fame.

Overview of Chapter 132

Chapter 132 is set to unveil critical aspects of the storyline. As the manga nears its thrilling conclusion, fans eagerly anticipate revelations about the characters’ past and the intricate web of events that have led to the present.

Countdown to Release

The excitement builds as the countdown to the release of Chapter 132 ticks down. Fans worldwide are marking their calendars for November 21, 2023, ready to dive into the latest chapter of this enthralling saga.

Importance of Raw Scans

Raw scans, a crucial element for manga enthusiasts, offer an early glimpse into the chapters. However, it’s vital to approach these with respect for the creators, avoiding unethical practices that could harm the manga industry.

Anticipation for Release Date

As the release date approaches, speculation and theories abound. What secrets will unfold in Chapter 132? How will the characters’ journeys evolve? These questions fuel the fervor among the manga’s fanbase.

Reading Platforms for Chapter 132

To immerse in the latest chapter, fans can turn to Manga Plus, the official platform for “Oshi No Ko.” The release times vary globally, ensuring accessibility for an international audience.


“Oshi No Ko” Chapter 132 promises to be a pivotal moment in the series. With its blend of drama, mystery, and character development, the chapter is poised to captivate readers and add another layer to this compelling narrative.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 132 Spoilers – FAQs

1. What is “Oshi No Ko” about?

A gripping tale of reincarnation, revenge, and the complexities of the pop industry.

2. When is Chapter 132 releasing?

November 21, 2023, on Manga Plus.

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