Are Juan and Robyn Still Together? The Truth Behind Juan and Robyn’s Relationship Status Revealed!

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Are Juan and Robyn Still Together

Juan and Robyn Dixon are still together, but their relationship has faced rumors and challenges. They remarried in 2022 after a previous divorce, and Robyn has defended Juan against rumors of interactions with other women.


The love story of Juan and Robyn Dixon has seen its fair share of ups and downs, but their journey continues. Are Juan and Robyn still together, you may wonder? Let’s delve into their remarkable story and find out.

Name Juan Dixon
Born October 9, 1978
Age 45
Birthplace Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.
Listed Height 6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
Listed Weight 165 lb (75 kg)
Playing Career 2002–2011
Position Point Guard / Shooting Guard
Jersey Numbers 3, 8, 12
Coaching Career 2016–present

The Challenge of Their Relationship

Juan and Robyn Dixon’s relationship has been no walk in the park. The couple, featured on the reality TV show “The Real Housewives of Potomac,” has faced its fair share of challenges and rumors. These difficulties have put their relationship under scrutiny.

Remarriage in 2022

Despite the challenges, Juan and Robyn decided to give their love another chance. In 2022, they had a second wedding, marking a fresh start in their journey together.

Rumors about Juan’s Interactions

Rumors about Juan’s interactions with other women have swirled around, casting a shadow on their relationship. Robyn has come to his defense, stating that he was merely helping a woman who had lost her wallet. However, their friends on the reality TV show have expressed doubts and concerns about the couple’s future.

Who is Juan Dixon?

Juan Dixon’s early life was marked by adversity. Born to parents who struggled with addiction, both of whom passed away from AIDS-related illnesses when Juan was just 17, he faced immense challenges. He was raised by his grandparents in Baltimore. His family had ties to politics, with his aunt, Sheila Dixon, serving as the mayor of Baltimore.

In a surprising twist, Juan discovered in 2016 that his biological father was not the man he had believed to be his dad. Reconnecting with his biological father, Bruce Flanigan, added another layer to his life story, demonstrating his resilience and determination.

Basketball Career

Juan Dixon’s basketball career started to take shape when he caught the attention of the University of Maryland’s head coach, Gary Williams, at an AAU tournament in Georgia. He joined the University of Maryland Terrapins and made significant contributions to the team. Dixon achieved numerous milestones during his college career, becoming Maryland’s all-time leading scorer, a three-time First-team All-ACC selection, and a consensus first-team All-American.

In the 2002 NBA Draft, he was selected by the Washington Wizards and went on to play in the NBA for several years. After his NBA career, he played for teams in Europe. Later, Juan Dixon transitioned into coaching, working for both the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) and Coppin State University. His basketball journey is a testament to his dedication to the sport and his ability to overcome personal challenges.

Net Worth

Juan Dixon’s net worth is estimated to be around $6 million. His income primarily comes from his career as a professional basketball player and, to some extent, his coaching career. His appearances on reality television, including the Bravo reality series “The Real Housewives of Potomac,” have also contributed to his overall net worth.

Who is Robyn Dixon?

Robyn Dixon is an American actress born on March 31, 1979, in Maryland, USA. She is known for her roles in films such as “Wolf Creek 2” and “Never Fall in Love.”

Marriage and Career

Robyn graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in business marketing. She and Juan Dixon met while in high school, and their love story blossomed from there. They became high school sweethearts, attended college together, and eventually got married. However, their marriage faced challenges, particularly due to Juan’s career as a professional basketball player.

After a period of separation and divorce, Juan and Robyn rekindled their romance and married for the second time in 2022. Robyn is not only a dedicated full-time mother to their two sons, Corey and Carter, but she also manages her fashion accessory business called “Embellished” and hosts a podcast called “Reasonably Shady.”

She actively engages in philanthropic work, focusing on causes that benefit women, children, and families, and serves as a board member of the Holistic Life Foundation. Her multifaceted career and personal journey make her a prominent figure in the reality television world.

Are Juan and Robyn Still Together? – FAQs

1. Are Juan and Robyn still together?

Yes, Juan and Robyn Dixon are still together, having remarried in 2022 after a previous divorce.

2. Who is Juan Dixon?

Juan Dixon is a former professional basketball player known for leading the University of Maryland to an NCAA championship in 2002.

3. What is Juan Dixon’s net worth?

Juan Dixon’s net worth is estimated to be around $6 million, primarily from his basketball career and reality TV appearances.

4. Who is Robyn Dixon?

Robyn Dixon is an actress, entrepreneur, and podcast host, managing her business “Embellished” and hosting the podcast “Reasonably Shady.” She is also actively involved in philanthropic work.

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