Why is Estupinan Not Playing? What Happened to Estupinan?

by Manish
Why is Estupinan Not Playing


Pervis Estupiñán, a professional footballer from Ecuador, is currently absent from the field due to a muscle injury. This article delves into why he’s not playing, the nature of his injury, and his impact on Brighton & Hove Albion.

Full Name Pervis Josué Estupiñán Tenorio
Date of Birth January 21, 1998
Place of Birth Esmeraldas, Ecuador
Height 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)
Position Left-back
Current Team Brighton & Hove Albion
Jersey Number 30

Who is Pervis Estupinan?

Born on January 21, 1998, in Esmeraldas, Ecuador, Pervis Estupiñán has made a name for himself as a left-back in top European leagues. Currently playing for Brighton & Hove Albion, he’s known for his dynamic playing style and significant contributions to the team.

What Happened to Estupinan?

During a match against Aston Villa in September, Estupiñán sustained a muscle injury. Attempting a comeback against Ajax, he was forced to leave the field after just 12 minutes, indicating a serious concern about his injury.

Estupinan’s Recovery and Current Status

Efforts for Estupiñán’s recovery have been ongoing, but the specifics of his condition remain largely undisclosed. The team and fans are eagerly awaiting updates on his health and return to the field.

How Long is Estupinan Out For?

The timeline for Estupiñán’s return is uncertain. Brighton’s manager, De Zerbi, has expressed hope that the injury is not overly serious, but no definitive return date has been announced.

Pervis Estupinan International Career

Estupiñán’s international career began in 2019, with his debut against Argentina. His selection for the 2022 FIFA World Cup squad was a highlight, marking him as a key player in Ecuador’s national team.

Pervis Estupinan Net Worth

With a net worth estimated at around $5 million, Estupiñán’s financial success mirrors his football career. His income from Brighton & Hove Albion, along with endorsements, reflects his market value and influence in the sport.

Estupinan’s Significance to the Team

Estupiñán’s role in Brighton & Hove Albion cannot be overstated. His absence is felt both on the field and among the fans, highlighting his importance to the team’s dynamics.


Pervis Estupiñán’s injury has been a significant setback for both the player and his team. As he recovers, the anticipation for his return grows, with hopes high for his future contributions to the sport.

Why is Estupinan Not Playing – FAQs

1. Who is Pervis Estupiñán?

A professional footballer from Ecuador, playing as a left-back for Brighton & Hove Albion.

2. Why is Estupiñán not playing?

Due to a muscle injury sustained in a match against Aston Villa, worsened after a brief comeback against Ajax.

3. What happened to Estupiñán?

He is dealing with a muscle injury, which has sidelined him from recent matches.

4. How long is Estupiñán out for?

The duration of his absence is uncertain, with the team awaiting more information.

5. What is Pervis Estupiñán’s international career highlight?

His selection for Ecuador’s squad in the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

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