Why did Amy Allen Leave The Dead Files? Where is Amy Allen on Dead Files?

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Why did Amy Allen Leave The Dead Files

How did Amy end up on The Dead Files? Find out the reason Amy Allen left the American supernatural television programme The Dead Files.

The Dead Records

Popular American paranormal TV programme “The Dead Files” debuted on the Travel Channel on September 23, 2011. The investigations of physical medium Amy Allan and retired NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi as they investigate places thought to be haunted in an effort to find proof of paranormal activity are followed in the series.

Amy and Steve collaborate with their clients again during the show’s “reveal” part to discuss their findings after working separately to prevent interfering with one another’s research.

The fifteenth season of the programme is scheduled to debut on June 1 of 2023, it was confirmed on April 21, 2023. On the other hand, it was also made known that Amy Allan will be leaving the show following the June 29 episode. Cindy Kaza will take her place as the next medium on the show and work alongside Steve to look into paranormal incidents with their customers.

How Did Amy From The Dead Files Fare?

Famed physical medium Amy Allan said goodbye to the long-running supernatural television programme “The Dead Files” after an astonishing 14 seasons. Fans were shocked by the news of her departure in April 2023 and felt fond memories of the dynamic she provided to the programme.

When “The Dead Files” debuted on the Travel Channel on September 23, 2011, Amy Allan’s experience on the show began. Amy investigated and gathered proof of paranormal activity in allegedly haunted sites with retired NYPD homicide investigator Steve DiSchiavi. Her special gifts as a physical medium enabled her to interact with ghosts and obtain knowledge from the afterlife.

Amy was a key character on the show for 14 seasons, enthralling viewers with her keen observations, amazing clairvoyant talents, and persistent commitment to finding the truth. Each study gained depth and intrigue as a result of her contacts with customers and the spirits she encountered.

Amy Allan’s departure from “The Dead Files” was officially announced in April 2023, leaving viewers and fans uncertain about the show’s future course. Many people had gotten accustomed to Amy’s presence and the bond she built with her partner, Steve DiSchiavi, thus the news was received with mixed feelings.

On June 29, 2023, Amy’s final episode of “The Dead Files” aired, bringing an end to an era for the programme. The cast, crew, and devoted viewers who had followed her spooky escapades over the years will surely feel her departure’s gap.

Even though Amy Allan’s departure’s particular reasons were not made public, it is normal for television stars to start new businesses or work on side projects after spending a lot of time on a popular show. Fans were grateful for her contributions to “The Dead Files” and her extraordinary skills as a physical medium, and they welcomed her choice to leave the show.

The programme revealed that Cindy Kaza, a medium, would be joining Steve DiSchiavi as Amy’s replacement as she waved farewell to “The Dead Files,” which Amy had been a part of. Fans were intrigued and eagerly awaiting the upcoming episode of the series as well as the new dynamics that Cindy Kaza would bring to the investigations as a result of this new team member.

The departure of Amy Allan from “The Dead Files” signalled the end of an era because her presence and special skills had come to be associated with the programme. She left a long legacy for both fans and viewers with her contributions to the field of paranormal research and her influence on the show.

The Dead Files: Why Did Amy Allen Leave Them?

Although Amy Allan’s departure from The Dead Files has not been formally explained, there are a number of theories that could help explain her choice. She might want to look into new chances outside of the programme as one explanation. Amy has indicated that she would like to write a book on her experiences on The Dead Files, and she may possibly be interested in working on other paranormal-related projects.

Her displeasure with the show’s direction may also be a contributing reason. The Dead Files has adopted a more sensationalised style in recent seasons, emphasising theatrical reenactments and jump scares. It’s possible that this deviated from Amy’s initial plan for the programme, which was to present a fair and enlightening examination of the paranormal.

Regardless of the precise reasons for her leaving, Amy Allan’s departure leaves The Dead Files significantly worse off. She was a well-liked and respected host who was respected for her knowledge and expertise in the paranormal investigative industry. Amy’s replacement, Cindy Kaza, is a skilled artist in her own right, but it will definitely be difficult to fill Amy’s shoes.

Amy expressed gratitude for her 14 seasons on The Dead Files in a statement provided by the Travel Channel, calling it an amazing experience that taught her priceless lessons. She also shared her enthusiasm for the future and want to introduce her work to a new audience.

The Dead Files co-host Steve DiSchiavi expressed his sorrow about Amy’s leaving while also acknowledging and supporting her choice. He thanked her for her great cooperation and diligence and wished her all the success in her future endeavours.

Amy Allan’s exit from The Dead Files will definitely leave a vacuum that will be felt by fans and the show’s devoted viewership as the paranormal investigations continue with a new dynamic. We shall love and remember her influence on the show and her contributions to the study of the paranormal.

The Dead Files where to watch?

A fascinating paranormal television programme called The Dead Files investigates haunted places. The programme takes a distinctive and engrossing method to investigating the paranormal, guided by the combined experience of physical medium Amy Allan and retired NYPD homicide investigator Steve DiSchiavi.

Each episode features a partnership between Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi as they travel with their clients to purportedly haunted locations. Their goal is to find proof of paranormal activity and to present that proof. The Dead Files stand out due to the independence of their investigations. Amy and Steve investigate the matter independently, ensuring that their conclusions are objective and unaffected by one another.

Viewers are treated to the intriguing travels of Amy and Steve as they explore a variety of settings throughout the series, from homes and companies to historical places and public spaces. Amy connects with the spirit world via her psychic skills, revealing information about the haunted location. In the meantime, Steve use his expertise as a detective to gather historical information, investigate earlier occasions, and speak with witnesses in order to throw light on the murky riddles surrounding each location.

he Dead Files Cast

Cast Member


Steve DiSchiavi Investigator
Matthew Anderson Cinematographer
Cindy Kaza Psychic Medium
Amy Allan Psychic Medium

FAQs: What Happened To Amy Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Happened To Amy On The Dead Files?

After 14 seasons, famous physical medium Amy Allan quit the programme. The beloved paranormal series saw the end of an era when her departure was revealed in April 2023.

2. What led Amy Allen to resign from The Dead Files?

The precise explanations for Amy Allan’s departure remain a secret. Her willingness to pursue new chances and apparent discontent with the show’s direction are, nevertheless, potential explanations.

3. On The Dead Files, who will take Amy Allan’s place?

The Dead Files has revealed Cindy Kaza as their new medium. She will work with Steve DiSchiavi to look into paranormal cases with their customers.

4. In what locations can I view The Dead Files?

On the Travel Channel, you may watch The Dead Files. Additionally, it may be viewed streaming on a number of platforms, and new customers might be eligible for a free trial.

5. What is The Dead Files’ premise?

In The Dead Files, physical medium Amy Allan and former NYPD homicide investigator Steve DiSchiavi investigate purportedly haunted locales in search of paranormal activity proof. They each do their own research and compare it when it comes time for the “reveal” segment.

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