Who Played Tia In Uncle Buck? What Really Happened To Tia In Uncle Buck?

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Who Played Tia In Uncle Buck

If you’re a fan of classic comedies, you’ve probably come across the 1989 film “Uncle Buck.” This heartwarming and humorous movie tells the story of a unique babysitter named Uncle Buck, played by John Candy, who steps in to take care of his brother’s kids when their parents are away. In this article, we’ll delve into the character of Tia, played by Jean Louisa Kelly, and explore what happened to her in “Uncle Buck.”

The Plot of “Uncle Buck”

“Uncle Buck” revolves around the Russell family, consisting of Bob and Cindy and their three children – Tia, Miles, and Maizy. The family faces a challenging situation when Cindy’s father falls ill, causing tension in their lives. With their parents unable to find a suitable babysitter, Bob’s carefree and unconventional brother, Uncle Buck, steps in to help.

Uncle Buck is not your typical babysitter. His eccentricity and unusual methods initially make the children, especially Tia, skeptical of him. However, as the movie unfolds, Uncle Buck’s wild and comical approach to taking care of the kids, which includes making giant pancakes and dealing with an unruly clown, endears him to the family.

Tia’s Rebellious Moments

Tia, a 15-year-old teenager, is the eldest of the Russell siblings and plays a significant role in the movie’s plot. She’s not thrilled about her family’s recent move to a new place, and she blames her mother, Cindy, for the upheaval. Tia feels neglected by her parents, which leads her to rebel against their authority.

One of the pivotal moments in the film is when Tia decides to sneak out to a party with her boyfriend, Bug, against her family’s wishes. Uncle Buck, the quirky and protective babysitter, had warned Tia about Bug’s influence, but she didn’t heed his advice. This decision lands Tia in a precarious situation at the party.

Uncle Buck’s Rescue

Things take a turn for the worse at the party, and Tia finds herself in a difficult spot. Fortunately, Uncle Buck, despite his unconventional methods, cares deeply for the Russell children. He goes to great lengths to track down Tia at the party and ensure her safety.

Tia’s encounter with Uncle Buck during this challenging moment proves to be a turning point. She realizes that Uncle Buck had been right about Bug, and the two reconcile. This event strengthens their bond, highlighting the film’s underlying theme of the importance of family support during tumultuous teenage years.

Uncle Buck Cast



John Candy Buck Russell
Jean Louisa Kelly Tia Russell
Laurie Metcalf Marcy Dahlgren-Frost
Jay Underwood Bug
Amy Madigan Chanice Kobolowski
Macaulay Culkin Miles Russell
Gaby Hoffmann Maizy Russell
Elaine Bromka Cindy Russell
Garrett M. Brown Bob Russell
Suzanne Shepherd Anita Hoargarth
Mike Starr Pooter the Clown
Brian Tarantina E. Roger Coswell
William Windom Voice of Mr. Hatfield

Jean Louisa Kelly as Tia

In “Uncle Buck,” the character Tia Russell is brought to life by Jean Louisa Kelly. Jean Louisa Kelly is an American actress and singer who made her film debut with this role alongside the legendary John Candy, who portrayed Uncle Buck.

Jean Louisa Kelly’s portrayal of Tia adds depth to the film’s storyline, particularly in exploring Tia’s strained relationship with her parents. Her performance brings both humor and heartfelt moments to this classic 1989 American comedy.


“Uncle Buck” is a delightful blend of laughter, chaos, and love, making it a special film for those who appreciate family adventures and heartwarming comedies. Tia’s journey from rebellion to reconciliation with Uncle Buck serves as a central theme, highlighting the importance of family bonds, even in the midst of teenage struggles.

So, the next time you watch “Uncle Buck,” remember the role of Tia, played by Jean Louisa Kelly, and how her character’s growth contributes to the movie’s enduring charm.


1. What happened to Tia in “Uncle Buck”?

Tia rebels and sneaks out to a party, facing challenges. Uncle Buck intervenes, helping her and strengthening their bond, emphasizing the theme of family support during teenage struggles.

2. Who played Tia in “Uncle Buck”?

Jean Louisa Kelly played the character Tia Russell in “Uncle Buck.”

3. When was “Uncle Buck” released?

“Uncle Buck” was released on August 16, 1989.

4. What is the storyline of “Uncle Buck”?

“Uncle Buck” follows the humorous and heartwarming adventures of Uncle Buck, played by John Candy, as he babysits his brother’s kids, including the rebellious Tia, creating chaotic yet loving moments.

5. Where can you watch “Uncle Buck”?

“Uncle Buck” is available on Amazon Prime Video in the United States. Rent and purchase options are offered on various platforms like Apple TV, Google Play Movies, YouTube, Vudu, DIRECTV, and Amazon Video.

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