Who is Jade Green in EastEnders? Is Jade Green Dean Wicks’ Daughter in EastEnders? All You Need to Know!

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Who is Jade Green in EastEnders

In the world of the British television show “EastEnders,” the character Jade Green is introduced as Dean Wicks’ daughter. Her presence in the show adds depth and drama, bringing to the forefront the complexities of their relationship. Let’s dive into the details and uncover what makes Jade Green such an intriguing character.

EastEnders: A Snapshot

First, let’s set the stage. “EastEnders” is a long-running British TV show that has been captivating audiences since 1985. It unfolds in a fictitious neighborhood called Walford, located in East London. The show revolves around the lives of its residents and the challenges they face. Family is at the core of the storyline, and several major families, including the Beales, Brannings, Mitchells, Slaters, and Watts, play integral roles. The show is filmed at the BBC Elstree Centre and recently underwent significant set renovations in 2022.

“EastEnders” is known for tackling tough subjects like violence and abuse, which can be polarizing among viewers. However, it has also received acclaim for addressing real-life issues and educating the public on important matters.

Jade Green’s Identity

Jade Green, as mentioned earlier, is a character in “EastEnders.” Her storyline primarily revolves around her parentage. In the show, she is depicted as the daughter of two other characters, Shabnam Masood and Dean Wicks, both of whom also play crucial roles in the “EastEnders” narrative.

This family dynamic introduces a wealth of intriguing and unexpected events. It intricately weaves together the relationships and interactions among these characters, making the storyline in “EastEnders” all the more intricate and engaging. Jade’s presence injects a sense of thrill and surprise into the show, and viewers get to witness how her existence transforms the lives of her parents and the other characters in the series.

Dean Wicks: The Father Figure

Dean Wicks, also known as Deano, is a fictional character portrayed by actor Matt Di Angelo in “EastEnders.” He has been a longstanding presence on the show, continually piquing viewers’ interest. Dean’s character has been entwined in numerous storylines and relationships, contributing to the show’s excitement and complexity.

Over time, Dean’s character has evolved and grown, and his interactions with other characters and his own personal experiences have played a significant role in the ongoing narrative of “EastEnders.” Dean Wicks stands as an essential and enduring character in the world of the show.


1. What is “EastEnders,” and how long has it been on TV?

“EastEnders” is a British TV show that has been airing since 1985.

2. What is the focus of Jade Green’s story in EastEnders?

Jade Green’s story mainly revolves around her parentage and family.

3. Who are Jade Green’s parents in EastEnders?

Jade Green’s parents in EastEnders are Shabnam Masood and Dean Wicks.

4. Where is “EastEnders” filmed, and was there any recent change to the set?

“EastEnders” is filmed at the BBC Elstree Centre, and in 2022, they built a new set for the show.

5. Who is Jade Green in EastEnders?

Jade Green in EastEnders is Dean Wicks’ daughter.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the intricate world of “EastEnders” and discover the captivating stories and relationships that make this show a beloved classic. Jade Green and Dean Wicks bring their own unique flavor to the drama, and their interactions are a central element of the ongoing storyline. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the evolution of their relationship and the emotional bonds that tie them together. So, grab your remote and tune in to the next episode of “EastEnders” to experience the excitement and intensity of this beloved British TV series.

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