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Where is Tom Green Now

Discover Tom Green’s current life as he resides on a tranquil Canadian farm, exploring his career as a comedian, actor, and rapper, and his return to a more natural and family-oriented existence.

Where is Tom Green Now?

Currently, Tom Green calls a farm in Ontario, Canada, his home. He made the move back to Canada to be nearer to his family and relish a more serene and natural way of life, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Green offers glimpses of his life on the farm through videos, featuring his faithful companion Charlie, a mule, a donkey, and a flock of chickens.

He expresses his contentment with his present circumstances, finding happiness in the serenity of farm life, close proximity to his parents and brother. Despite bidding farewell to the chaotic city life, he remains creative and continues to pursue his passions while embracing the serene Canadian countryside.

Who is Tom Green?

Tom Green, born as Michael Thomas Green in Pembroke, Ontario, Canada, is a multi-talented Canadian-American figure encompassing roles as a comedian, actor, filmmaker, podcaster, and rapper. He gained recognition for creating and hosting “The Tom Green Show,” which was broadcast in Canada and on MTV from 1994 to 2000. His show was renowned for its daring humor, outrageous pranks, and his manic persona, influencing subsequent shows like “Jackass” and “The Eric Andre Show.”

Tom Green has also left his mark on Hollywood with roles in movies such as “Road Trip,” “Charlie’s Angels,” “Stealing Harvard,” and the cult classic “Freddy Got Fingered,” which he directed, co-wrote, and starred in. In 2001, he had a brief marriage to actress Drew Barrymore.

Throughout his career, he hosted various talk shows, including “The New Tom Green Show” and “Tom Green’s House Tonight.” He engaged in stand-up comedy and hosted “Tom Green Live” from 2013 to 2014 on AXS TV. Green is celebrated for his distinctive and often unconventional sense of humor.

Full Name Michael Thomas Green
Date of Birth July 30, 1971
Place of Birth Pembroke, Ontario, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Professions Actor, Comedian, Rapper, Writer, Talk Show Host, Podcaster, Media Personality
Notable Works “The Tom Green Show,” “Freddy Got Fingered,” “Road Trip,” “Charlie’s Angels”
Net Worth $5 million (approx.)
Current Location Ontario, Canada

Tom Green’s Early Life

Tom Green was born on July 30, 1971, in Pembroke, Ontario, Canada. He is the older of two sons born to Mary Jane, a communications consultant, and Richard Green, a computer systems analyst and retired army captain. His formative years were spent in places like Petawawa and Gloucester, which is now part of Ottawa. He attended schools such as Henry Munro Middle School, Colonel By Secondary School, and Cairine Wilson Secondary School.

Tom Green pursued television broadcasting at Algonquin College, graduating in 1994. His upbringing was characterized by a supportive family and an education in television broadcasting that paved the way for his career in comedy and entertainment.

Tom Green Career

Tom Green’s career is marked by its diversity. He commenced his journey as a stand-up comedian at the age of 15, performing in local clubs. While in college, he hosted a radio show at the University of Ottawa and later co-hosted “The Midnight Caller Show.” In the early 1990s, he briefly dabbled in rap with a group known as Organized Rhyme.

Green’s major breakthrough came with “The Tom Green Show,” a public-access television program that later found its way to MTV. The show was famous for its audacious humor and pranks, which earned him a substantial following. He also ventured into Hollywood, taking on roles in films like “Road Trip,” “Charlie’s Angels,” and “Freddy Got Fingered.”

His career took an unexpected turn when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2000, prompting him to create “The Tom Green Cancer Special” to document his journey. He continued to make waves as a host, reality show contestant, and talk-show host. Green’s career has undergone shifts between film, television, web shows, and stand-up comedy, solidifying his position as a versatile entertainer with a unique and often daring style.

Tom Green Discography




1992 Huh!? Stiffenin’ Against the Wall (with Organized Rhyme)
1998 Not the Green Tom Show (as MC Face)
2005 Prepare for Impact
2008 Basement Jams
2019 The Tom Green Show




Music Videos

1992 Organized Rhyme “Check the O.R.”
1992 Organized Rhyme “Luv 1”
1999 Tom Green “Lonely Swedish (The Bum Bum Song)”
2005 Tom Green “Teachers Suck”
2011 Organized Rhyme “Check The O.R. Redux”
2016 Tom Green “Do the Donald”
2019 Tom Green “I Wanna be Friends with Drake”

Tom Green Age

In 2023, Tom Green is 52 years old. He was born on July 30, 1971, in Pembroke, Ontario, Canada. Tom Green is a multi-talented Canadian-American comedian, actor, filmmaker, podcaster, and rapper.

Throughout his career, he has been known for his innovative and often unconventional comedic style, which includes stand-up comedy, hosting his own television shows, appearing in films, and even pursuing a career in music. Over the years, he has gained recognition for his contributions to the entertainment industry and continues to be active in various forms of media, showcasing his versatility and creativity.

Tom Green’s Net Worth

Tom Green, a Canadian comedian, actor, rapper, and more, has accumulated a net worth of $5 million. He is renowned for his MTV show, “The Tom Green Show,” which ran from 1994 to 2000, as well as its revival, “The New Tom Green Show.”

Tom has also made his mark in movies, with notable roles in films like “Freddy Got Fingered” (2001), “Road Trip” (2000), and “Charlie’s Angels” (2000). His diverse talents and successful career in the entertainment industry have contributed to his financial success, resulting in a net worth of $5 million.

Where is Tom Green Now – FAQs

1. Where does Tom Green currently live?

Tom Green currently resides on a farm in Ontario, Canada, to be closer to his family and nature.

2. What is Tom Green’s most famous show?

Tom Green’s most famous show is “The Tom Green Show,” which aired on MTV from 1994 to 2000.

3. What is Tom Green’s net worth?

Tom Green’s net worth is approximately $5 million.

4. What are Tom Green’s notable film roles?

Tom Green has appeared in films like “Freddy Got Fingered” (2001), “Road Trip” (2000), and “Charlie’s Angels” (2000).

5. How did Tom Green gain fame on MTV?

Tom Green gained fame on MTV through his “The Tom Green Show,” known for shock comedy and pranks.

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