Where is Bob Huggins Now? What Really Happened to Bob Huggins?

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Where is Bob Huggins Now


Bob Huggins, a renowned college basketball coach, made headlines in 2023 when he announced his retirement from coaching following a DUI incident. This article delves into his current whereabouts, the circumstances surrounding his resignation, and his post-retirement life.

Where is Bob Huggins Now?

Following the unexpected DUI incident in Pittsburgh, Bob Huggins resigned from his position as the head coach of the WVU men’s basketball program. However, it’s worth noting that his resignation wasn’t entirely voluntary. WVU demanded it without conducting a thorough investigation or considering his rehabilitation efforts.

Since his departure from the university, Huggins has maintained a low profile. His public appearance was limited to The Basketball Tournament in Wheeling. But what’s the latest? According to close friend Frank Martin, Huggins is doing remarkably well. He’s embraced a healthier lifestyle by abstaining from alcohol, shedding some weight, and finding himself in a positive mental and physical state.

Bob Huggins’ Resignation from WVU

Bob Huggins’ resignation from West Virginia University came as a shock to many. After his DUI incident, he initially announced his resignation, but later, through his attorney, disputed it. This move left many wondering about the exact circumstances surrounding his departure.

Bob Huggins’ Current Well-being

Frank Martin, a dear friend of Bob Huggins, recently provided an update on the coach’s well-being. While Huggins hasn’t divulged all the details of the incident, Martin emphasized that it’s a more complex situation than portrayed in the media. Despite the unfortunate ending at West Virginia, Huggins remains a positive influence on the game of basketball and those who admire him.

Who is Bob Huggins?

Bob Huggins, often affectionately referred to as “Huggy Bear,” is an American college basketball coach born on September 21, 1953. With an impressive coaching career spanning various universities, including Walsh, Akron, Cincinnati, Kansas State, and West Virginia, he achieved induction into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2022.

Bob Huggins’ Coaching Achievements

Huggins’ coaching career is nothing short of remarkable. He’s the sixth men’s college basketball coach to reach 900 or more career victories. Huggins boasts an impressive record of 24 NCAA tournament appearances, including nine Sweet Sixteen appearances, four Elite Eight appearances, and two Final Four appearances. Despite some early-round NCAA Tournament exits, he averaged 23 wins per season as of March 2021 and is the second coach to win 300 games at two schools.

What Happened to Bob Huggins?

Bob Huggins faced adversity when he was arrested for a DUI in Pittsburgh, which ultimately led to his resignation from West Virginia University. The university’s handling of the situation raised questions, as Huggins claimed they demanded his resignation without thoroughly investigating the incident or considering rehabilitation efforts.

Is Bob Huggins Still Coaching?

As of now, Bob Huggins is not actively coaching. His retirement in 2023 marked the end of his coaching career. Since then, he has chosen to maintain a low profile and has not taken up another coaching role. His only notable public appearance has been at The Basketball Tournament.


In conclusion, Bob Huggins, a legendary college basketball coach, has retired from coaching after a DUI incident that led to his resignation from West Virginia University. While the exact details of the incident remain undisclosed, Huggins’ close friend, Frank Martin, has provided assurance that he is in good spirits and making positive lifestyle changes.


1. Why is Bob Huggins no longer coaching? Bob Huggins retired from coaching in 2023 following a DUI incident. He announced his resignation from West Virginia University but later disputed it through his lawyer.

2. How many wins did Bob Huggins average per season in his coaching career? As of March 2021, Bob Huggins averaged 23 wins per season over the course of his coaching career.

3. Why did Bob Huggins resign from West Virginia? Bob Huggins announced his resignation and retirement from West Virginia in 2023 following a drunk driving arrest. However, he later denied officially resigning and sought reinstatement through a letter from his lawyer.

4. Is Bob Huggins currently coaching? No, Bob Huggins is not currently coaching. After his retirement in 2023, he has maintained a low profile and has not taken up another coaching role.

5. What is Bob Huggins’ nickname? Bob Huggins is nicknamed “Huggy Bear.”

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