Where in the World is Jason Benetti? Uncovering His Next Big Move After the White Sox?

by Manish
Is Jason Benetti Leaving the White Sox

Is Jason Benetti Leaving The White Sox?

Yes, Jason Benetti is parting ways with the Chicago White Sox, a team he passionately supported and narrated for eight years. His journey with the White Sox, beginning in 2016, marked a significant chapter in his life. He expressed profound gratitude for the opportunities and support he received from the organization.

Why is Jason Benetti Leaving The White Sox?

Jason Benetti’s departure is driven by his new role as the Detroit Tigers’ television play-by-play announcer. While his heart was with the White Sox, he embraced this change, signifying a major step in his illustrious career. Despite the shift, his gratitude towards the White Sox remains unaltered.

Who is Jason Benetti?

An inspiration in the world of sports broadcasting, Jason Benetti is the new voice of the Detroit Tigers. His career spans significant roles, including his time as the Chicago White Sox’s primary play-by-play announcer and contributions to other major networks and sports.

Jason Benetti Age

Born on September 9, 1983, Jason Benetti, now 40, has a story of resilience. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a toddler, he faced challenges head-on. His journey through surgeries and therapy is a testament to his determination.

Jason Benetti Career

Benetti’s career started in college sports broadcasting, quickly expanding to major networks. His role with the White Sox in 2016 was a dream come true. His recent transition to Fox Sports marks a new chapter in his expansive career.

Where is Jason Benetti?

Currently, Jason Benetti brings his signature broadcasting style to the Detroit Tigers. His move from the White Sox to the Tigers not only signifies a career shift but also the continuation of his legacy in sports broadcasting.


Jason Benetti’s journey from a passionate White Sox fan to a renowned sports broadcaster is a narrative of resilience and growth. As he embarks on his new role with the Detroit Tigers, his story remains an inspiration.

Is Jason Benetti Leaving The White Sox? – FAQs

1. Is Jason Benetti Leaving The White Sox?

Yes, after eight years, he is moving to the Detroit Tigers.

2. Where is Jason Benetti currently working?

He is the television play-by-play announcer for the Detroit Tigers.

3. Who is Jason Benetti?

An American sportscaster, known for his work in various sports broadcasting roles.

4. Which sports teams has Jason Benetti worked for?

He has worked for the Chicago White Sox, Chicago Bulls, and now the Detroit Tigers.

5. How did Jason Benetti’s career expand into the NFL?

In 2022, he covered NFL games for Fox, including the Arizona Cardinals vs. Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers vs. New Orleans Saints games.

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