What Really Happened to Dallas Goedert? How Long is Dallas Goedert Out?

by Manish
How Long is Dallas Goedert Out

In the world of professional football, injuries are an unfortunate reality that can significantly impact a team’s performance. One such injury that has Philadelphia Eagles fans on edge is the one suffered by star tight end Dallas Goedert. In this article, we will delve into the details of what happened to Dallas Goedert, how long he is expected to be out, and when we can expect to see him back in action.

The Injury and Strategic Planning

Dallas Goedert’s absence from the Eagles’ lineup was keenly felt as he was ruled out for a game due to a forearm fracture. This injury occurred on November 5, casting a shadow of uncertainty over his immediate future on the field. However, the Eagles, known for their strategic approach to injuries, didn’t rush to place Goedert on the injured reserve list.

Optimism for a Speedy Return

The Eagles utilized their bye week strategically, carefully managing Goedert’s injury. Their hope? To see him back in action for the highly anticipated rematch against the Dallas Cowboys scheduled for December 10. Head coach Nick Sirianni, renowned for his cautious handling of injuries, expressed optimism about Goedert’s potential return.

Sirianni’s confidence in a quicker recovery stems from the medical staff’s assessments and treatment plans. It appears that the Eagles are determined to get their star tight end back on the field as soon as possible.

Other Key Players Returning

While Goedert’s injury is a concern, the Eagles have other key players making their way back into the lineup. Cam Jurgens, who had been absent for five games, is set to return as the right guard. Additionally, the veteran slot cornerback Bradley Roby, who missed three games, is also expected to make his comeback. Tight end Grant Calcaterra is another player set to return, further bolstering the Eagles’ lineup.

A Strategic Approach to Injuries

The Eagles’ approach to managing injuries goes beyond individual players. Safety Justin Evans, who has been ruled out for a fifth consecutive game, is another example of their careful planning. In his absence, the starting safety position has been filled by Kevin Byard. This showcases the team’s commitment to strategic player availability management.

In conclusion, Dallas Goedert’s injury is a setback for the Philadelphia Eagles, but there is optimism for his return in the near future. The team’s strategic approach to managing injuries and the return of other key players bode well for their upcoming matchups. Fans eagerly await Goedert’s comeback, hoping to see him back on the field against the Dallas Cowboys on December 10.


1. Why is Dallas Goedert ruled out for the Eagles’ upcoming game?

Dallas Goedert is sidelined due to a right forearm fracture sustained on November 5.

2. How did the Eagles use the bye week strategically in relation to Goedert’s injury?

The Eagles kept Goedert off the injured reserve list, hoping for a return in the December 10 rematch against the Dallas Cowboys.

3. What is Coach Nick Sirianni’s approach to Goedert’s injury, and what does he express about a potential return?

Sirianni, known for caution, expresses optimism about Goedert’s return, emphasizing the medical staff’s confidence in a quicker recovery.

4. Who else is making a comeback for the Eagles, and in what positions, ahead of the game against the Kansas City Chiefs?

Cam Jurgens returns as right guard, Bradley Roby is set to return as the veteran slot cornerback, and Grant Calcaterra is back as a tight end.

5. How is the Eagles handling the absence of safety Justin Evans, and who has filled the starting safety position?

Justin Evans is ruled out for a fifth consecutive game, with Kevin Byard stepping in as the starting safety.

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