What Happened to DJ Chicken? Is DJ Chicken Dead or Alive? Alive and Kicking!

by Manish
Is DJ Chicken Dead or Alive

In this update, we dive into DJ Chicken’s recent controversy involving his ex-girlfriend, confirming that he’s alive and provide insights into DJ Chicken’s daughter.

Is DJ Chicken Dead or Alive?

DJ Chicken, the stage name for Ademola Abiodun, is very much alive and thriving. There’s been no hint of any incidents or accidents that would suggest otherwise. As a beloved figure in Nigeria’s music scene, DJ Chicken continues to actively pursue his career and engage with the public. Fans can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that he’s alive and well.



Name Ademola Abiodun
Stage Name DJ Chicken
Profession DJ, Musician, Social Media Influencer
Date of Birth November 26, 1975
Place of Birth Orlando, Florida, America
Nationality Nigerian
Net Worth $50,000

What Happened to DJ Chicken?

May 2023 saw DJ Chicken in the midst of controversy when his ex-girlfriend, Mary Oyin, publicly accused him of sharing a compromising photo on Instagram. This incident quickly escalated into a legal battle between the two parties. As of now, there haven’t been any significant updates on this matter, leaving it as an ongoing issue that has captured the public’s attention. The legal proceedings are expected to shed more light on the situation in the future.

Who is DJ Chicken?

Ademola Abiodun, recognized by his stage name DJ Chicken, is a prominent Nigerian figure in the music and entertainment industry. He dons multiple hats as a DJ, musician, social media influencer, and record producer. What truly sets DJ Chicken apart is his unique mixtape style, where he incorporates a distinctive language known as Kukuruku. Through this innovative approach, he has gained recognition and cultivated a dedicated fan base.

His discography includes well-received projects such as the Welcome Back Mixtape, New Era EP1 Mix 2022, Aare Ika Awaiting Star Mix, and the ongoing Kukuruku Mix series, which showcases his musical creativity. DJ Chicken has solidified his presence in the Nigerian music scene by collaborating with other top musicians, making him a notable and influential figure in the industry.

DJ Chicken’s Personal Life

DJ Chicken’s personal life became headline news in May 2023 when his former girlfriend, Mary Oyin, accused him of sharing compromising photos on social media. This led to legal actions and brought their private matters into the public eye. Despite this controversy, DJ Chicken has maintained a level of privacy regarding his dating life, leaving his current relationship status largely undisclosed. Fans and the public continue to speculate about his romantic life and whether he is currently single or involved in a new relationship.

DJ Chicken’s Daughter

Reports have emerged suggesting that DJ Chicken may have abandoned his daughter, as indicated by a woman who identified herself as the child’s maternal grandmother. However, details about DJ Chicken’s relationship with his daughter are scarce, leaving the situation a topic of discussion and concern within the public. The circumstances surrounding his connection with his daughter and any ongoing developments remain largely undisclosed.

DJ Chicken’s Age and Nationality

Born on November 26, 1975, DJ Chicken is currently 47 years old in 2023. His early years were spent in Orlando, Florida, before his family later moved to Dallas, Texas, during his teenage years. His birthdate places him under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, known for traits such as optimism, a love for freedom, honesty, fairness, intelligence, and a great sense of humor.

While DJ Chicken may have been born in America, it’s important to recognize that he is predominantly recognized as a Nigerian artist. He has made a significant impact on the Nigerian music scene and has gained fame and popularity within the country. His work and contributions have firmly established him as a Nigerian figure in the music and entertainment world.

DJ Chicken’s Net Worth and Recent Luxury Purchase

DJ Chicken, the talented Nigerian DJ, musician, and social media influencer, boasts an estimated net worth of $50,000. This figure reflects the fruits of his dedication and hard work within the music industry. Despite facing ups and downs in his career, he has managed to carve a niche for himself and steadily build his financial success. His diverse talents and unique style have undoubtedly contributed to his net worth, and his loyal fan base continues to support him on his journey to greater prosperity.

DJ Chicken recently made a grand entrance into the realm of luxury vehicles by acquiring a brand-new Mercedes Benz. While the information about his lavish purchase is available on social media, the exact cost of his Mercedes Benz remains undisclosed. It’s not uncommon for public figures to keep the financial details of their purchases private. Nevertheless, this acquisition is a notable milestone in DJ Chicken’s life, signaling his growing success and the fruits of his career in the music and entertainment industry.

DJ Chicken’s Thriving Career

DJ Chicken’s career is marked by versatility and innovation in the Nigerian entertainment industry. He has successfully carved a niche for himself as a DJ, musician, and social media influencer. One of his notable career highlights is the creation of popular mixtapes, with the Kukuruku Mix series being a standout example. This series incorporates a unique language called Kukuruku, setting him apart and endearing him to a dedicated fan base.

DJ Chicken’s ability to collaborate with other renowned Nigerian musicians has further solidified his position in the industry. Despite facing controversies, his unwavering commitment to his craft and his distinctive style have earned him recognition and a devoted following. DJ Chicken’s career continues to thrive with each project and collaboration, making him a prominent and influential figure in Nigerian music and entertainment.

What Happened to DJ Chicken? – FAQs

1. Who is DJ Chicken?

– Ademola Abiodun, known by his stage name DJ Chicken, is a prominent Nigerian figure in the music and entertainment industry.

2. Is DJ Chicken still alive?

– Yes, DJ Chicken, whose real name is Ademola Abiodun, is alive and in good health as of now.

3. What is DJ Chicken’s career in the entertainment industry?

– DJ Chicken is a versatile figure with a career as a DJ, musician, and social media influencer, known for his unique mixtape style.

4. What is DJ Chicken’s estimated net worth?

– DJ Chicken’s estimated net worth is $50,000, reflecting his dedication and work in the music industry.

5. What controversy did DJ Chicken face in May 2023?

– DJ Chicken was embroiled in controversy when his ex-girlfriend accused him of sharing a compromising photo on Instagram.

In conclusion, DJ Chicken remains a vibrant and influential figure in the Nigerian music scene. Despite recent controversies, his career continues to thrive, and he remains an active participant in the industry. The details surrounding his personal life, including his relationship with his daughter, continue to spark discussion and interest among the public.

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