What Happened to Angel Reese LSU? Why Did Angel Reese Leave LSU? Who is Angel Reese?

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What Happened to Angel Reese LSU

Angel Reese, the talented basketball player for LSU, recently faced a temporary departure from the team. During her absence, the reasons for her departure were described as “locker room issues,” and Coach Kim Mulkey chose not to disclose specific details. However, Reese, known for her exceptional skills on the court, made a notable return after a four-game hiatus, expressing the importance of prioritizing her mental health and addressing rumors that circulated during her absence.

Who is Angel Reese?

Angel Reese, born on May 6, 2002, is a talented American college basketball player known for her remarkable skills on the court. Currently playing for the LSU Tigers in the Southeastern Conference (SEC), she earned the nickname “Bayou Barbie” for her outstanding performances. Reese initially attended Saint Frances Academy in Baltimore, Maryland, where she gained recognition and was honored with McDonald’s All-American accolades in 2020, securing the second spot in her class by ESPN.

Her journey continued at the University of Maryland, where she made history as the highest-ranked recruit in the program. Despite facing challenges, including a fractured right foot during her freshman season, Reese’s skills and determination have made her a standout figure in college women’s basketball. As a versatile player, she has left a lasting impact, contributing to LSU’s success and becoming an influential player in the world of collegiate sports.

Why Did Angel Reese Leave LSU?

Angel Reese left LSU temporarily due to unspecified “locker room issues,” according to Coach Kim Mulkey. The exact nature of these issues was not disclosed, but Reese emphasized the importance of mental health during her absence and expressed a commitment to ensuring her well-being before rejoining the team. The departure was framed as a personal decision to address concerns within the team dynamics, with a focus on maintaining a positive and harmonious atmosphere within the locker room.

A Resilient Return

Despite the challenges, she rejoined her teammates with enthusiasm, emphasizing her commitment to moving forward and contributing to the team’s success. During the period when Reese was away from the LSU Tigers, the team continued to perform well, winning all four games in her absence.

Coach Mulkey expressed pride in Reese’s return, commending her for how she handled herself and emphasizing the positive atmosphere that emerged on the court. Reese’s impact extends beyond her athletic abilities, showcasing resilience and a focus on overall well-being, making her an influential figure in the world of college women’s basketball.


1. Why did Angel Reese leave the LSU basketball team temporarily?

Angel Reese temporarily left the LSU basketball team due to “locker room issues,” as mentioned by Coach Kim Mulkey. The specific details of these issues were not disclosed.

2. How long was Angel Reese away from the LSU team?

Angel Reese was away from the LSU team for a four-game hiatus before making a notable return.

3. What did Coach Kim Mulkey say about Angel Reese’s departure?

Coach Kim Mulkey chose not to disclose specific details about Angel Reese’s departure but expressed pride in her return and commended how she handled the situation.

4. Why did Angel Reese emphasize mental health during her absence?

Angel Reese emphasized the importance of mental health during her absence, highlighting her commitment to well-being and ensuring she was in a good state before rejoining the team.

5. How did the LSU team perform during Angel Reese’s absence?

The LSU team continued to perform well, winning all four games during Angel Reese’s temporary departure.

In conclusion, Angel Reese’s temporary departure from the LSU basketball team due to “locker room issues” showcased her dedication to her mental health and well-being. Her resilient return and commitment to team success highlight her as not only a talented athlete but also a role model for prioritizing personal health in the competitive world of college sports.

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