The Block’s Most Shocking Moment: A Deep Dive into the Leah and Ash Tragedy!

by Manish
What Happened to Ash on the Block

Ash on The Block faced a tough situation during the final week of the competition, he and his partner Leah received heartbreaking news that their family dog, Ollie, had passed away. This was a devastating blow for them. They hoped for support and empathy from their fellow contestants, but it seems they didn’t receive much understanding. Ash and Leah had been feeling isolated from the other teams since they questioned the finances of another couple, Kyle and Leslie.

The Unfortunate Turn of Events

Heart-Wrenching Loss: Ash and Leah received the tragic news of their beloved family dog, Ollie’s passing during the final week of “The Block.” This unexpected loss left them shattered, and they longed for support during this challenging time.
– Isolation and Misunderstanding: Despite their hopes for empathy, Ash and Leah felt isolated from their fellow contestants. The tensions arose due to financial questions they raised about another couple, Kyle and Leslie.
– Shift in Dynamics: The dynamics of the show took a dramatic turn after this incident. Instead of offering emotional support, the other contestants seemed more focused on winning the competition. This left Ash and Leah feeling betrayed and alone.

About Ash

Ash Milton is a contestant on the TV show “The Block.” He hails from Brisbane, Queensland, and forms a married couple with Leah. The couple shares a beautiful family with three children: Austin (8 years old), Marnie (4 years old), and Hugh (2 years old). Ash’s professional background lies in the construction industry, making him a seasoned builder with experience in sales.

Ash is not only a dedicated builder but also a loving family man who cherishes his children. He’s known for his easygoing and friendly nature, often described as a “bloke’s bloke.” On the show, Ash takes charge of the building and demolition work while Leah focuses on styling, shopping, and budget management. Together, they are celebrated for their supportive and unified partnership on “The Block.”

The Block Contestants





Kyle & Leslie Cottone 36 & 34 Perth, WA Firefighter & Education Assistant
Leah & Ash Milton 31 & 38 Brisbane, QLD First Aid Trainer & Builder
Kristy & Brett Beames 34 Adelaide, SA Project Manager & Safety Advisor
Steph & Gian Ottavio 27 Sydney, NSW Architect & Start-Up Worker
Eliza & Liberty Paschke 37 & 34 Melbourne, VIC Personal Assistant & Producer

About Leah

Leah is Ash’s partner on the television show “The Block” in 2023. Just like Ash, she comes from Brisbane, Queensland. Leah, a 31-year-old first-aid trainer, is passionate about building and design.

Her design style is characterized as bold and unique, with a strong emphasis on creating a modern art deco atmosphere in the house. Leah is known for her open and honest nature, never hesitating to express her opinions. Interestingly, Leah and Ash’s love story began on Tinder in 2015, and since then, they have built a beautiful family with three children.

“The Block” Overview

“The Block” is a renowned Australian reality TV series that commenced its nineteenth season on August 6, 2023, and airs on the Nine Network. The show is hosted by Scott Cam and Shelley Craft and features experienced site foremen Keith Schleiger and Dan Reilly. Judges Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer return from the previous season, and Marty Fox joins as a guest judge in place of Neale Whitaker.

An interesting addition to the show is the former Season 18 contestant, Tom Calleja, who takes on the role of the main Hipages plumber and also judges each room for the “Best on Block” competition. The show revolves around contestants renovating properties and competing against each other to create the best living spaces and win valuable prizes.

Leah and Ash’s Tragedy on “The Block”

Leah and Ash, participants in the TV show “The Block,” experienced a heartbreaking tragedy. In a recent episode, they learned that their beloved family dog, Ollie, had passed away. While Leah hoped that this sad news would bring the competing teams closer together, it had the opposite effect. She felt very alone as her fellow contestants did not offer the support she expected.


1. What was the tragedy that Ash and Leah experienced on “The Block?”

– Ash and Leah’s family dog, Ollie, passed away during the final week of the competition, which was a heartbreaking moment for them.

2. Did the other contestants on “The Block” offer support to Ash and Leah after their loss?

– No, Ash and Leah felt isolated and unsupported by the other contestants, despite hoping for empathy during their difficult time.

3. What is the premise of “The Block” TV series?

– “The Block” is an Australian reality TV show where contestants renovate properties and compete to create the best living spaces to win prizes.

4. Who is Ash on “The Block,” and what is his role in the competition?

– Ash is a builder and part of a married couple with Leah. He takes charge of building and demolition work on the show.

5. Why did Ash and Leah feel betrayed by the other teams on the show?

– The betrayal stemmed from the purchase of a gnome by Steph and Gian, which was kept secret from Ash and Leah, making them feel deceived and unsupported.

In conclusion, Ash and Leah’s journey on “The Block” took an unexpected and emotional turn when they faced the loss of their family pet. Despite their hopes for support, they felt isolated and betrayed by their fellow contestants, highlighting the challenging dynamics of reality TV competitions. The Block remains a popular show that continues to captivate viewers with its unique blend of renovation and competition, and the resilience of its contestants in the face of adversity.

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