Rick Ness Face Surgery: Did Rick Ness Get a Nose Job?

by Manish
Rick Ness Face Surgery


In the 14th season of “Gold Rush,” fans couldn’t help but notice a significant change in Rick Ness’s facial appearance. Rumors began to swirl, with many speculating about the possibility of him undergoing plastic surgery, including a nose job or facelift. Alternatively, some wondered if an illness or injury might have caused these apparent changes. In this article, we’ll delve into the truth behind Rick Ness’s rumored face surgery, exploring the speculations, potential procedures, and the impact of past injuries on his looks.

The Mystery Surrounding Rick Ness’s Face Surgery

As of now, there is no official confirmation or concrete evidence to substantiate claims that Rick Ness has undergone any cosmetic procedures or medical treatments to explain the alterations in his facial features. It is plausible that these changes are the result of natural aging, fluctuations in weight, or lifestyle adjustments.

The Impact of Past Injuries

It’s essential to consider that Rick Ness has faced substantial physical challenges during his mining endeavors. In the 10th season, he endured a severe accident that resulted in a broken jaw and the loss of multiple teeth. To address these injuries, he underwent corrective surgery and relied on a metal brace for his jaw, in addition to receiving dental implants for tooth replacement.

Due to the injuries sustained, it is conceivable that lingering effects such as scarring, swelling, or asymmetry may have gradually become more noticeable over time, potentially contributing to the observed changes in his facial appearance. While his physical appearance may have evolved over the years, his unwavering spirit and genuine personality have remained unaltered, earning him a special place in the hearts of fans.

Who is Rick Ness?

Rick Ness is a renowned gold miner and a well-known television personality, prominently recognized for his appearances on the hit series “Gold Rush” since its third season. Initially introduced as a part of Parker Schnabel’s crew, he subsequently ascended to the role of foreman under Schnabel’s leadership. However, in the show’s ninth season, he made the pivotal decision to venture out independently, establishing his own mining operation with the invaluable support of his trusted friends and family.

Ness has garnered significant admiration and a dedicated fan base for his amiable and engaging demeanor, making him one of the most beloved and charismatic stars of “Gold Rush.” Throughout his tenure on the show, he has consistently showcased not only his proficiency in the art of gold mining but also his unwavering passion for the craft. Undeterred by challenges, he has exhibited remarkable resilience and fearlessness in the face of various adversities, earning further acclaim from his audience.

Name Rick Ness
Gender Male
Date of Birth March 5, 1981
Occupation Gold Miner, TV Personality
Notable Works Featured on “Gold Rush” TV series
Twin Brother Randy Ness
Height 1.80 m (5’11”)
Weight 78 kg (172 lbs)
Net Worth $3 Million

Rick Ness’s Family Background

Born in 1981, Rick Ness is the beloved son of his father, affectionately known as Big Rick, and his mother, Judy Marie Bedard. While his father, Big Rick, holds a significant place in his life, Rick tragically lost his mother to cancer in 2018. Despite this profound loss, Rick continues to cherish memories of his mother, honoring her legacy in his heart and endeavors. Additionally, Rick shares a special bond with his twin brother, Randy Ness, although they do not share a physical resemblance, being fraternal rather than identical twins.

Rick Ness’s family background reflects the deep connections and significant influences that have shaped his life. His father, Big Rick, remains an enduring source of support and inspiration, with Rick frequently expressing his fondness for him on various social media platforms. Although the absence of his mother, Judy Marie Bedard, has undoubtedly left a poignant mark, Rick’s enduring memories of her continue to influence his journey, underscoring the importance of family and resilience in the face of adversity.

Furthermore, the presence of his fraternal twin brother, Randy Ness, adds another dimension to Rick’s family dynamics, emphasizing the unique bonds and individual paths within their shared history.

Rick Ness’s Career

Rick Ness initially embarked on his career as a musician before gaining widespread recognition as a prominent figure on the reality TV series “Gold Rush.” Despite encountering numerous personal and professional obstacles, he made the resolute decision to return to the show, steadfastly pursuing his passion for gold mining. Demonstrating a strong resolve to confront his past missteps, Ness expressed his determination to forge ahead, emphasizing his refusal to succumb to external judgments or the impact of his altered appearance.

However, the forthcoming season of “Gold Rush” may present Rick Ness with a fresh set of challenges. Anticipated difficulties include navigating through severe weather conditions, managing potential equipment malfunctions, handling financial constraints, and navigating the competitive landscape posed by fellow miners. Additionally, he may grapple with the emotional and psychological strains arising from prolonged periods of separation from his home and family, further underscoring the demanding nature of his career.

Rick Ness’s Relationship Status

At present, Rick Ness remains unmarried, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to his professional endeavors, effectively prioritizing his career above personal relationships. While no records indicate past matrimony, speculations have arisen regarding his involvement with Leese Marie, although the exact nature of their relationship, including its current status or historical context, remains shrouded in ambiguity.

Rick Ness has consciously dedicated himself to his career, suggesting a singular focus on his professional aspirations over marital commitments. Amidst rumors of a prior association with Leese Marie, also recognized as LeeseM Arie, details surrounding their alleged relationship, whether ongoing or concluded, have not been conclusively confirmed or publicly disclosed, contributing to the enigmatic nature of Rick Ness’s personal life.

Rick Ness’s Net Worth

Rick Ness’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. He primarily earns his income through his participation in the reality television show “Gold Rush,” where he showcases his gold mining expertise and experiences. Additionally, his involvement in various mining operations, including his independent ventures featured on the show, contributes significantly to his financial earnings. Furthermore, Rick’s public appearances, brand endorsements, and merchandise sales related to his television career and mining activities serve as additional sources of income for him.

Rick Ness’s Age

Currently aged 42 as of 2023, Rick Ness has amassed substantial achievements throughout his career, showcasing his proficiency and dedication in the field of gold mining. With his notable contributions to the reality television series “Gold Rush,” he has garnered significant acclaim and recognition for his expertise and resilience in the face of challenges. As he continues to make strides in his professional endeavors, his age serves as a testament to his wealth of experience and accomplishments within the industry.

Rick Ness’s Physical Attributes

Standing at a height of 1.80 meters and weighing 78 kilograms, Rick Ness possesses a balanced physique that complements his demanding profession as a gold miner. His physical attributes reflect a combination of strength and agility, enabling him to navigate the rigorous challenges often encountered in the mining industry. Maintaining an optimal weight relative to his height, he demonstrates a commitment to physical well-being, underscoring the importance of robust health in his chosen field.

The Truth About Rick Ness’s Face Surgery

Rick Ness’s altered facial appearance in season 14 of “Gold Rush” prompted speculation of possible plastic surgery or illness, yet no official confirmation exists. Alternatively, his face might reflect the enduring impact of

a severe mining accident during season 10, resulting in a broken jaw, missing teeth, and subsequent surgeries, leading to potential scarring and asymmetry over time.

Did Rick Ness Get a Nose Job?

There is no definitive evidence supporting claims of Rick Ness undergoing a nose job or any cosmetic surgery. Speculations regarding changes in his facial appearance in season 14 of “Gold Rush” suggest potential natural aging, weight fluctuations, or consequences from a past mining accident resulting in scarring and asymmetry, rather than any deliberate surgical alterations.

Rick Ness Face Surgery – FAQs

1. Did Rick Ness undergo facial surgery?

– There is no official confirmation of Rick Ness undergoing any facial surgery. Changes in his appearance could be attributed to natural factors or previous injuries.

2. What happened to Rick Ness’s face?

– Rick Ness’s facial changes were speculated to be related to possible surgery or previous mining injuries. However, exact details remain undisclosed.

3. Has Rick Ness addressed rumors about his facial changes?

– Rick Ness has not publicly addressed specific rumors about his facial appearance or any related surgical procedures.

4. Was Rick Ness’s appearance affected by a nose job?

– There is no concrete evidence supporting claims of Rick Ness undergoing a nose job or any other cosmetic procedures.

5. Are there official statements about Rick Ness’s facial alterations?

– Official statements regarding Rick Ness’s facial changes or any surgical interventions have not been released, leaving room for speculation and unconfirmed information.


The mystery surrounding Rick Ness’s facial changes continues to captivate fans. While rumors persist, the truth remains elusive, and Rick Ness himself has chosen to focus on his career rather than addressing speculations about his appearance. As he embarks on new mining adventures, his resilience and dedication continue to inspire his devoted fan base.

In this article, we’ve explored the intriguing topic of Rick Ness’s rumored face surgery and the various speculations surrounding it. While the truth remains uncertain, one thing is clear – Rick Ness’s unwavering determination and passion for gold mining have made him a beloved figure in the world of reality television. If you’re eager for more updates on Rick Ness and other exciting news, be sure to stay informed with NewsDekha’s current news articles. We’re here to keep you in the know.

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