Ollie Watkins Injury Update: What Really Happened to Ollie Watkins?

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Ollie Watkins Injury Update

In the world of English football, Ollie Watkins has been making headlines recently, but not necessarily for the reasons his fans had hoped. The Aston Villa striker is currently facing uncertainty due to an injury picked up during training, creating a cloud of doubt surrounding his availability for the upcoming game against Bournemouth. In this article, we will delve into the Ollie Watkins injury update, explore who Ollie Watkins is, discuss his career, and take a glimpse into his early life. Let’s get started!

Ollie Watkins Injury Update

Ollie Watkins’ injury occurred just before the Europa Conference League match against Legia Warsaw, causing him to miss that critical fixture. The severity of his injury has left Aston Villa’s manager, Unai Emery, with a tough decision to make. Emery has stated that Watkins currently has a 50-50 chance of playing in the next game. This uncertainty poses a significant challenge for Fantasy Premier League managers who may have Watkins in their squads, as they are left wondering whether to keep him or transfer him out.

Who is Ollie Watkins?

Ollie Watkins is an English professional footballer who serves as a forward for Aston Villa in the Premier League and is also a part of the England national team. His football journey began at Exeter City, where he started garnering recognition and accolades for his outstanding performances. In 2017, he made a move to Brentford, where he achieved significant success, notably as the top-scorer in the 2019–20 Championship season. Watkins made a high-profile transfer to Aston Villa in 2020 for a club-record fee.

One of the standout features of Ollie Watkins’ career is his versatility. He has the ability to play as a striker or a winger, making him a valuable asset to any team. Internationally, Watkins made his debut for England in March 2021 and has already made an impact by scoring goals for his national team. With an impressive goal-scoring record and accolades such as the EFL Championship Player of the Year, Watkins has firmly established himself as a prominent figure in English football.

Full Name Oliver George Arthur Watkins
Nickname Ollie Watkins
Date of Birth 30 December 1995
Place of Birth Torquay, England
Height 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
Position Forward
Current Team Aston Villa
Number 11

Ollie Watkins Age

As of now, Ollie Watkins is 27 years old. Born on December 30, 1995, in Torquay, England, he has come a long way from his early days in Exeter City’s youth system. Standing at a height of 5 feet 11 inches, Watkins’ journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Despite his relatively young age, he has already earned nine caps and scored three goals for the England national team, showcasing his talent on the international stage.

Ollie Watkins’s Early Life

Ollie Watkins’ early life was centered around his deep passion for football. Growing up in Newton Abbot, near Torquay, he attended South Dartmoor Community College in Ashburton. Watkins, a devoted Arsenal fan, began his football journey in earnest at Exeter City’s academy. His determination and talent eventually led to him signing a professional contract with the club in 2014.

The breakthrough moment in his career came during the 2015–16 season with Exeter City, where he displayed his goal-scoring prowess and earned accolades like the Football League Young Player of the Month. Watkins’ dedication and unwavering commitment paved the way for his successful career, marked by his transition to Brentford in 2017 and his subsequent rise as a key player for Aston Villa in the Premier League.

Ollie Watkins Career

Ollie Watkins’ football career has been characterized by remarkable achievements and contributions. Starting at Exeter City’s academy, he steadily progressed through the ranks and made his professional debut for the club. His standout performances at Exeter City earned him a move to Brentford in 2017, where he quickly established himself as a key player, ultimately finishing as the top-scorer in the 2019–20 Championship season.

In 2020, Watkins made a high-profile switch to Aston Villa in the Premier League. He made an instant impact, notably by scoring a perfect hat-trick against Liverpool. Watkins is renowned for his versatility as a forward and his consistent ability to find the back of the net.

On the international stage, Watkins made his debut for the England national team in 2021, adding an extra layer of accomplishment to his already illustrious career. With honors such as the EFL Championship Player of the Year, Watkins has earned respect and recognition as a leading figure in English football.

Ollie Watkins Family

Ollie Watkins hails from a close-knit family, with his parents being Delsi-May and Steven Watkins. Born in Torbay, England, Ollie grew up in an environment that fostered his love for football. His family’s unwavering support has been instrumental in his football journey, from his early days in local youth teams to becoming a prominent English football player. The bond with his family remains an integral part of Ollie Watkins’ personal and professional life.


The Ollie Watkins injury update has left football enthusiasts and Fantasy Premier League managers alike on edge, eagerly awaiting news of his availability for the upcoming game against Bournemouth. Regardless of the outcome, Ollie Watkins’ career has been nothing short of impressive. From his humble beginnings at Exeter City to his rise as a Premier League star and an international player for England, Watkins has shown that talent, dedication, and family support can pave the way to success in the world of football.

Ollie Watkins Injury Update-FAQs

  1. What is the latest update on Ollie Watkins’ injury? Ollie Watkins, Aston Villa’s striker, faces uncertainty due to a training injury, making him doubtful for the next game against Bournemouth. The decision to play him depends on assessing the risk involved in fielding him, with a 50-50 chance stated by manager Unai Emery.
  2. Who is Ollie Watkins, and what are his achievements in football? Ollie Watkins is an English forward for Aston Villa and the national team. Starting at Exeter City, he moved to Brentford in 2017 and then to Aston Villa in 2020. Known for versatility, he’s won awards, including EFL Championship Player of the Year.
  3. How old is Ollie Watkins, and what’s his football journey? Ollie Watkins, 27, born on December 30, 1995, began in Exeter City’s youth system, transitioned to Brentford, and joined Aston Villa in 2020. With nine caps and three goals for England, he’s made a mark internationally.
  4. Can you share insights into Ollie Watkins’ early life and football beginnings? Ollie Watkins, born in Torquay, England, grew up with a passion for football, starting at Exeter City’s academy. Overcoming setbacks, he signed professionally in 2014, achieving success and recognition.
  5. How significant is Ollie Watkins’ family in his football journey? Ollie Watkins comes from a supportive family, with parents Delsi-May and Steven Watkins. Their encouragement has been crucial from his youth at Exeter City to becoming a prominent English football player, emphasizing the integral role of family in his life.

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