Is The Twin Flames Cult Still Active? What Really Happened to the Twin Flames Cult?

by Manish
Is The Twin Flames Cult Still Active

The Twin Flames cult, officially known as Twin Flames Universe, has been a subject of controversy and scrutiny, with accusations of abuse, exploitation, and manipulation. In this article, we will delve into the current status of the Twin Flames cult and explore the controversies surrounding its activities. Let’s uncover the truth behind this enigmatic group.

Is The Twin Flames Cult Still Active?

Yes, the Twin Flames cult appears to still be active despite facing accusations of abuse and exploitation. The Netflix documentary series sheds light on testimonies from former members who claim manipulation, crossing of boundaries, and even coercive practices related to gender transitioning.

The teachings of Twin Flames Universe include concepts such as mirror work, healing childhood wounds, forgiveness, and unconditional love. Followers believe that the union with their twin flame brings about personal growth and spiritual transformation. However, the documentary series suggests that the group has been involved in questionable practices, including pushing some women into gender transitioning if they couldn’t find a partner, based on the concept of being either “Divine Masculine” or “Divine Feminine.”

Defending Their Mission

Despite the accusations, the founders of Twin Flames Universe defend their group and mission on their website. They emphasize their commitment to diversity and inclusivity, claiming that those who enter their community are treated with love, acceptance, and support. The founders also state that their organization is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of experts, including PhD researchers and educators, dedicated to ethical conduct and the welfare of their community.

The statement acknowledges that their methods may not align with everyone’s beliefs and needs, and they respect the freedom of individuals to explore other options. The founders express sadness at the alleged distortion of their true aims, methods, and curriculums, asserting that community members are free to engage with their resources as they see fit. They commit to confronting the allegations in an open and accountable manner and welcome constructive feedback.

Calls for Legal Protection

However, the director of a documentary series on Twin Flames Universe for Prime Video, Marina Zenovich, suggests that taking down a group like this is challenging due to secretive practices. She raises the issue of the lack of legal protection for cult survivors and calls for lawmakers to write bills that protect people involved in cults.

Who is This Twin Flames Cult?

Twin Flames Cult is a collective of unaccredited video courses, a church, and affiliated businesses based in the United States, founded by Jeff and Shaleia Divine. The group’s practices are rooted in elements of New Age spiritualism concerning soulmates, a concept that gained popularity in the 2000s. However, Twin Flames Universe has faced criticism, being labeled as a “self-help and wellness cult” by experts like Janja Lalich.

The group has garnered attention, particularly in 2023, through documentaries such as “Desperately Seeking Soulmate: Escaping Twin Flames Universe” and “Escaping Twin Flames.” These documentaries shed light on the group’s activities and the experiences of former members who describe it as a cult. Cult experts, including Janja Lalich, have raised concerns about Twin Flames Universe, categorizing it as a self-help and wellness cult. The term “cult” is often used to describe groups that exhibit manipulative and controlling behaviors, particularly in the realms of belief systems, leadership dynamics, and personal autonomy.

Meaning of Twin Flames

The contemporary concept of twin flames gained popularity in 1999 through the book “Soul Mates and Twin Flames: The Spiritual Dimension of Love and Relationships” by American spiritualist Elizabeth Clare Prophet, as reported by Vox. This concept has roots in a blend of Hindu, Buddhist, and evangelical Christian beliefs. According to Prophet, twin flames are two individuals who share a permanent divine connection, a connection believed to be necessary for both to achieve enlightenment or salvation.

The term “twin flames” goes beyond the more common idea of soulmates. While soulmates are often considered compatible companions, twin flames are believed to share a more profound and spiritually significant connection. Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s interpretation combines elements from various religious traditions to assert that the union of twin flames is essential for the spiritual journey of both individuals.

In this conceptualization, the connection between twin flames is considered permanent, suggesting a spiritual bond that transcends individual lifetimes. The purpose of this connection is believed to be a shared journey towards higher consciousness and spiritual evolution. After Prophet’s popularization of the term, it found its way into New Age spiritualism forums, where more esoteric interpretations of the concept emerged. In these forums, individuals discuss and explore the idea of twin flames in the context of their own spiritual experiences and beliefs.

It’s important to note that the concept of twin flames, while embraced by some within the New Age spiritual community, is not universally accepted or recognized within mainstream religious or spiritual traditions. Interpretations and beliefs about twin flames can vary widely, and the concept has evolved and diversified since its introduction in 1999.

Teachings of Twin Flames Cult

The teachings of Twin Flames Universe revolve around the concept that every individual has a “twin flame,” a profound variation of a soulmate. According to reports, the group assigns these twin flames, encouraging members to pursue romantic relationships with their assigned partners. However, this practice has led to controversies, including instances where members faced restraining orders and criminal charges for alleged stalking.

One prominent exercise within the group is the “mirror exercise,” where members are encouraged to engage in introspection by attributing personal issues to themselves. Janja Lalich, a cult expert, describes this exercise as seemingly aimed at helping individuals but asserts that its actual purpose is to dismantle one’s sense of self.

Despite claiming to be supportive of the LGBTQ+ community, Twin Flames Universe has faced criticism regarding its rhetoric. Cassius Adair, a professor at The New School, raised concerns about the group’s emphasis on individuals wanting to get closer to their “supposed to be” gender identity. Adair expresses discomfort with the idea that there should be a predetermined notion of what gender individuals are supposed to be, emphasizing the importance of allowing people to discern their gender identity on their own terms.

The group introduces the concepts of “Divine Masculine” and “Divine Feminine,” asserting that every partnership consists of one partner embodying masculine traits and the other embodying feminine traits. Critics, including former members, have accused the group of engaging in a form of conversion therapy. The criticism suggests that Twin Flames Universe exerts social pressure on its members to conform to the “divine” assigned gender identity, leading to concerns about the impact on individuals’ autonomy and personal identity.

Founders of Twin Flames Cult

Jeff Divine, formerly known as Jeffrey Ayan and Ender Ayanethos, is one of the founders of Twin Flames Universe. He grew up in Lapeer, Michigan, within a Catholic family. During his childhood, he reportedly focused on learning about Warren Buffett. In high school, Jeff was involved in the swim team and theater club. After graduating from Western Michigan University’s business school in 2010, he took a notable turn in his life by selling all his belongings and relocating to a subsistence farm in California.

In 2012, he moved to Hawaii, changed his name on social media to Ender Ayanethos (a reference to Ender’s Game), and initiated the blog EndersAdventures. Jeff built a shack in Hilo, Hawaii, which he rented out on Airbnb. His path eventually led him to Megan Plante.

Megan Plante, now known as Shaleia Divine, was born and raised in Canada within a Catholic family. Before her connection with Jeff, she pursued studies in photography, practiced reiki, and identified as a psychic. She worked at a Thai restaurant during this period. In 2012, she met Jeff Ayan online, and the two began dating. Following this, Megan changed her name to Shaleia on the advice of her ‘spiritual teacher,’ Altonah Lampe.

The union of Jeff and Shaleia marked a significant chapter in the formation of Twin Flames Universe. They met in person for the first time in 2014 and recorded their initial video together. The couple eventually married in 2016 and welcomed a daughter into the world in April 2023.

Together, Jeff and Shaleia Divine became influential figures in the Twin Flames Universe community, disseminating teachings and concepts related to twin flames, personal growth, and spiritual development. The information provided offers insight into the personal backgrounds of the founders and the journey that led them to establish Twin Flames Universe.

What Happened to Twin Flames Cult?

The Twin Flames Universe, despite accusations of abuse and exploitation, remains active. Former members, as highlighted in a Netflix documentary and Prime Video series, testified to manipulation and boundary-crossing. The group’s teachings include “mirror work” and support for LGBTQ+ members, but criticism arises over alleged coercion into gender transitioning.

The founders, Jeff and Shaleia Divine, defend the group, emphasizing diversity and love, disputing allegations of inappropriate control, and expressing commitment to open discussion. The director of a Prime Video documentary suggests the need for legal protection for cult survivors, emphasizing the challenge of exposing secretive practices. The fate of the Twin Flames Universe remains uncertain amid ongoing controversies and legal considerations.

Is The Twin Flames Cult Still Active – FAQs

1. Is the Twin Flames Cult still active?

Yes, the Twin Flames Cult, officially known as Twin Flames Universe, remains active despite facing accusations of abuse and exploitation.

2. What are the key teachings of the Twin Flames Cult?

The group teaches concepts such as “mirror work” for self-reflection, healing childhood wounds, forgiveness, and unconditional love. It revolves around the belief in assigned “twin flames” and claims to support LGBTQ+ members, but has faced criticism for alleged coercive practices.

3. Have there been legal issues associated with the Twin Flames Cult?

Yes, according to reports and documentaries, former members have testified about instances of legal issues, including restraining orders and criminal charges, stemming from alleged stalking and boundary-crossing encouraged by the group.

4. How has the Twin Flames Cult responded to allegations?

The founders, Jeff and Shaleia Divine, have defended the group on their website, asserting that allegations distort their true aims and methods. They emphasize the autonomy of community members and express a commitment to addressing criticisms in an open and accountable manner.

5. What is the current status of the Twin Flames Cult amid controversies?

The Twin Flames Cult’s status is marked by ongoing controversies, as highlighted in documentaries like those on Netflix and Prime Video. The group continues to operate, but the public reception is contentious, with calls for legal protection for those involved in cults amid concerns about secretive practices.

In conclusion, the Twin Flames Cult, also known as Twin Flames Universe, remains active despite allegations and controversies. The group’s teachings and practices have come under scrutiny, and the debate surrounding its activities continues. The founders defend their mission, while critics raise concerns about the well-being of its members. The fate of the Twin Flames Universe remains uncertain, with ongoing discussions about legal protection for cult survivors.

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