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Is Pastor Jerome Fernando Arrested

In recent headlines, the arrest of Pastor Jerome Fernando in Sri Lanka has sparked significant controversy and discussion. Who is Pastor Jerome Fernando, and why was he arrested? In this article, we will delve into the details surrounding his arrest, the allegations against him, and the impact of this incident on the community

Is Pastor Jerome Fernando Arrested?

Yes, Pastor Jerome Fernando has indeed been arrested by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Sri Lanka. This arrest stems from a controversial sermon where he allegedly made derogatory statements about Lord Buddha and other religions. Despite a Court of Appeal order preventing his immediate arrest upon return to the country, Pastor Fernando was taken into custody after providing a statement to the CID on December 1, 2023.

Who is Pastor Jerome Fernando?

Pastor Jerome Fernando is a prominent religious figure in Sri Lanka who has recently gained attention due to a controversial sermon. Known as a self-styled ‘prophet,’ Pastor Fernando leads the Glorious Church and commands a large following of worshipers. His activities came under scrutiny when a video of one of his sermons went viral on social media, alleging that he made derogatory statements about Lord Buddha and other religious figures.

Why Was Pastor Jerome Fernando Arrested?

Pastor Jerome Fernando was arrested by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Sri Lanka primarily due to allegations surrounding a controversial sermon. The arrest is linked to a video of one of his sermons that went viral, containing purported derogatory statements about Lord Buddha, Islam, and Hinduism.

The video sparked outrage among the followers of Buddhism, prompting a police complaint against the pastor. The accusations led to an investigation by the CID, with charges focusing on offenses related to insulting other religions, specifically Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam. Pastor Fernando had been under the CID’s scrutiny for making contentious remarks during a large gathering on April 30, 2023, and his arrest followed his compliance with a court order to provide a statement to the CID within 48 hours of his return to Sri Lanka.

The Controversial Sermon: What Led to the Arrest?

The controversy had initially sparked outrage when a video of the sermon went viral on social media, leading to a police complaint. Legal proceedings are underway, and Pastor Fernando has been ordered to be remanded until December 13, facing charges related to insulting religions and potential financial investigations.

Legal Proceedings and Court Orders

Legal proceedings surrounding Pastor Fernando’s arrest have become a focal point of attention. The Court of Appeal had initially ordered that he should not be immediately arrested upon his return to the country. However, his subsequent statement to the CID led to his arrest, raising questions about the legal aspects of the case.

Pastor Fernando’s Departure and Return

Pastor Fernando had left Sri Lanka in May, flying to Singapore just two days before the Colombo Fort Magistrate’s Court imposed a travel ban on him. The ban was related to ongoing investigations into the alleged offensive remarks. His return to Sri Lanka and subsequent arrest intensified the controversy.

Accusations and Investigations

The accusations against Pastor Fernando revolve around his alleged derogatory remarks about Lord Buddha and other religious figures. The CID is conducting investigations into the content of the controversial sermon and any potential financial irregularities associated with his activities.

Pastor Fernando’s Religious Role

Pastor Fernando’s role as a religious leader in Sri Lanka has been a subject of debate. While he has a significant following, the controversy surrounding his sermon has raised questions about the responsibility and impact of religious leaders in society.

Impact on Interfaith Relations

This incident has had a notable impact on interfaith relations in Sri Lanka. The alleged derogatory remarks about multiple religions have triggered tensions and discussions about tolerance and respect among different religious communities.

Public Reactions and Protests

The arrest of Pastor Fernando has not gone unnoticed by the public. It has led to both support and protest from various quarters, reflecting the divided opinions on the matter.

International Attention

The incident has garnered international attention, with human rights organizations and religious groups abroad monitoring the case closely. The arrest has sparked discussions about religious freedom and freedom of speech on a global scale.

The Role of Social Media

Social media played a pivotal role in bringing the controversial sermon to public attention. The rapid spread of the video and subsequent discussions on social platforms have shaped the narrative surrounding Pastor Fernando’s arrest.

Freedom of Speech vs. Religious Sensitivities

The case raises complex questions about the balance between freedom of speech and the need to respect religious sensitivities. It prompts discussions about the limits of expression, especially in a multi-religious society.

Supporters and Detractors

The arrest has polarized opinions, with some supporting Pastor Fernando’s right to free speech and others condemning his alleged derogatory remarks. This divide highlights the broader societal debate over the incident.

Conclusion: The Ongoing Saga

In conclusion, Pastor Jerome Fernando’s arrest in Sri Lanka over controversial remarks has ignited a heated debate on multiple fronts. It has raised questions about freedom of speech, religious sensitivities, and the role of religious leaders in society. As legal proceedings continue, the case remains a topic of global interest and scrutiny.


  1. Why was Pastor Jerome Fernando arrested?
    He was arrested over derogatory statements made in a controversial sermon, particularly about Lord Buddha and other religions.
  2. What led to the controversy surrounding Pastor Fernando?
    A viral video of one of his sermons containing offensive remarks triggered outrage on social media and resulted in a police complaint.
  3. Did Pastor Fernando comply with legal directives upon his return?
    Yes, he provided a statement to the CID within 48 hours of his return, as directed by the Court of Appeal.
  4. Is there a financial aspect to the investigations?
    Yes, there are indications that the CID is probing large sums of money deposited into Pastor Fernando’s accounts from overseas.
  5. Where can I get more updates on this case?
    For the latest updates on Pastor Jerome Fernando’s case, please visit NewsDekha.

In this article, we have provided a comprehensive overview of the Pastor Jerome Fernando arrest case, touching on its various aspects and implications. The situation remains fluid, and further developments will continue to shape the narrative surrounding this incident.

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