Is Maryanne Rodgers Missing? What Really Happened to Maryanne Rodgers?

by Manish
Is Maryanne Rodgers Missing


The story of Maryanne Rodgers, a 23-year-old paramedic, took a heartbreaking turn when she was reported missing during a visit to Las Vegas. This article delves into the perplexing case of Maryanne’s disappearance and the subsequent discovery of her lifeless body in a remote desert area near Henderson, Nevada.

The Vanishing Act

Maryanne Rodgers, hailing from Washington state, embarked on a trip to Las Vegas with her friends. However, her journey took an unexpected and tragic twist when she went missing. The last confirmed sighting of Maryanne occurred on December 6, and her friends reported her disappearance the very next day. The timeline of events raised numerous questions and concerns.

Meeting with Sakari Harnden

One critical detail that emerged during the investigation was Maryanne’s intention to meet Sakari Harnden on December 5. While the nature of their meeting remains uncertain, it added a layer of complexity to her mysterious disappearance.

A Tragic End

As the days passed, law enforcement grew increasingly suspicious of foul play in Maryanne’s case. Their efforts led them to a desolate desert area in Henderson, Nevada, where they discovered her lifeless remains. This grim discovery marked a turning point in the investigation.

The Suspects

The search for answers in Maryanne’s case did not end with the discovery of her body. Instead, it led to the arrest of two individuals: Chance Comanche and Sakari Harnden. Chance Comanche, a former NBA G League player, and Sakari Harnden faced charges related to Maryanne’s kidnapping and subsequent disappearance. The details surrounding their involvement in this tragic event continue to be scrutinized.

Community Shock and Grief

Maryanne Rodgers’ disappearance and the subsequent discovery of her remains left her community in a state of shock and grief. Her friends, family, and colleagues were devastated by the loss of a vibrant and compassionate young woman. The circumstances surrounding her untimely death left everyone searching for answers and justice.

Advocacy for Justice

The Dock Ellis Foundation, an organization dedicated to advocating for the families of missing and murdered people of color, expressed its deepest sympathy for Maryanne’s family. They also pledged to work tirelessly to ensure justice is served in this case. The tragedy has brought to light the importance of personal safety and the need for trust and vigilance in one’s relationships.


The disappearance and tragic death of Maryanne Rodgers have left a community in shock, mourning the loss of a dedicated paramedic with a bright future. As the investigation unfolds, many questions remain unanswered, but the determination to seek justice for Maryanne remains unwavering.


  1. Is Maryanne Rodgers still missing?
    No, Maryanne Rodgers has been found, but tragically, she has been confirmed dead.
  2. What was Maryanne Rodgers’ profession?
    Maryanne Rodgers was a 23-year-old paramedic from Washington state.
  3. When was the last time anyone saw Maryanne Rodgers?
    The last known sighting of Maryanne Rodgers was on December 6.
  4. When was Maryanne Rodgers reported missing?
    Maryanne Rodgers was reported missing on December 7, the day after her last known sighting.
  5. Who did Maryanne Rodgers have plans to meet before her disappearance?
    Maryanne Rodgers had plans to meet Sakari Harnden on December 5.

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