Is Belinda Bencic Pregnant and Who’s the Baby Daddy?

by Manish
Is Belinda Bencic Pregnant

In the world of professional tennis, Belinda Bencic is a name that has earned its place in the spotlight. The Olympic tennis champion has not only made waves with her extraordinary skills on the court but has also recently made headlines for a different reason – she’s expecting her first child. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of Belinda Bencic’s pregnancy and introduce you to the father of her baby. Let’s uncover the story of this remarkable athlete’s journey into motherhood.

The Exciting Announcement

Belinda Bencic, the Swiss tennis sensation, has confirmed that she is pregnant and is set to become a mother in 2024. This momentous announcement was made via her official Instagram account, where she shared her excitement and joy with her followers and tennis fans around the world. This revelation has left many wondering about her plans for the future regarding her professional tennis career.

The Father of Her Child

The man standing beside Belinda Bencic on this incredible journey is none other than Martin Hromkovič. While he may not be a household name in the world of tennis, Martin Hromkovič is a vital part of Bencic’s life. He serves as her strength and conditioning coach, and their relationship has been going strong for quite some time now.

Belinda Bencic and Martin Hromkovic Relationship

Belinda Bencic and Martin Hromkovič’s story began in November 2018 when they officially became a couple. Their relationship, characterized by love and mutual support, has been the envy of many. They are open about their journey and frequently share glimpses of their life together on social media.

Martin Hromkovič not only wears the hat of a boyfriend but also plays a crucial role in Bencic’s professional life. As her fitness coach, he contributes significantly to her physical and mental strength, helping her maintain her competitive edge on the tennis court.

One of the most remarkable aspects of their relationship is their ability to balance their personal and professional lives. Bencic acknowledges Hromkovič as her coach when they are on the court, emphasizing the importance of maintaining that professional dynamic. Similarly, Hromkovič can separate his work life from their personal time, ensuring a healthy work-life balance.

Supporting Each Other’s Careers

Belinda Bencic and Martin Hromkovič aren’t just a loving couple; they are each other’s biggest cheerleaders. Bencic credits Hromkovič with helping her become a better tennis player, and she considers him her number one fan. Hromkovič, in turn, expresses immense pride in Bencic’s achievements and finds joy in watching her excel in her matches.

Welcoming Their First Child

In November 2023, Belinda Bencic and Martin Hromkovič made a heartwarming announcement – they are expecting their first child. The excitement and anticipation of becoming parents have brought them even closer, and they look forward to embracing this new chapter in their lives with open arms.


Belinda Bencic’s pregnancy journey is a testament to her resilience and the strong bond she shares with Martin Hromkovič. As we eagerly await the arrival of their child in the spring of 2024, it’s clear that their love and mutual support will be the foundation for this exciting new phase in their lives.


1. Is Belinda Bencic pregnant?

Yes, Belinda Bencic announced her pregnancy on her Instagram account.

2. Who is the father of Belinda Bencic’s baby?

The father of her baby is her boyfriend, Martin Hromkovič.

3. When is Belinda Bencic’s baby due?

Her baby is expected in the spring of 2024.

4. Will Belinda Bencic return to tennis after giving birth?

Yes, she intends to come back to the sport as soon as she is physically able after the birth of her child.

5. What are Belinda Bencic’s recent tennis achievements?

Bencic won the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021 and is currently ranked 14th in the world.

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