How to Download Music From YouTube: Desktop and Mobile Methods!

by Manish
How To Download Music From YouTube

Learn how to download music from YouTube legally and easily, get your favorite songs offline with simple steps, and start enjoying your favorite tunes today.

YouTube – The Giant of Video Content

YouTube stands as an American online video-sharing and social media platform headquartered in San Bruno, California. This platform came into existence on February 14, 2005, thanks to the efforts of Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim.

**Google** is the proud owner of this platform, which happens to be the second most frequently visited website globally, just behind Google Search. Surpassing 2.5 billion monthly users, YouTube witnesses its user base collectively enjoying over one billion hours of video content each day. As of May 2019, a staggering 500 hours of content per minute were being uploaded to the platform.

YouTube permits users to upload, view, rate, share, curate playlists, report, offer comments on videos, and subscribe to fellow users’ channels. Its content spectrum is diverse, encompassing music videos, films, television series, educational content, video game streams, and vlogs (short for video blogs).

The influence of YouTube on popular culture has been profound. It has served as a springboard for the careers of numerous musicians, actors, and comedians. Additionally, it has functioned as a platform for social activism and political discourse.

YouTube serves as a formidable tool for both communication and entertainment, fundamentally altering the way we consume video content and providing a global stage for individuals to disseminate their narratives and ideas, all conveyed in the English language.

How to Download Music From YouTube Legally?

You should know that downloading audio from YouTube might not always be allowed. According to YouTube’s Terms of Service, you can’t download audio unless YouTube specifically allows it or you have written permission from YouTube or the owner of the rights.

However, if you want to download and listen to songs and playlists without ads, you can use the **YouTube Music app** on your Android or iOS device. But this service comes at a cost – $9.99 a month for YouTube Music Premium or $11.99 a month for YouTube Premium. You can’t do this on the YouTube Music website or with the free version.

YouTube has a vast library of music, including tracks uploaded by users, royalty-free content, and songs with Creative Commons licenses. You can download audio from these videos without breaking any rules, which means you can use them in your own creative projects. Just remember, YouTube’s Audio Library states that you should always use their download links, not third-party software.

If you’re looking to download music you uploaded to YouTube in the past, that’s okay too, as long as you no longer have the original file. You won’t be violating any terms or laws in that case.

How to Download Music From YouTube on Desktop?

To download music from YouTube, you have many options, but some websites can be unreliable and risky due to ads and malware.

We suggest using a free desktop program called **4K YouTube to MP3** for a safer and more convenient choice. This program makes it easy to extract audio from YouTube videos with just one click. Here’s how to do it step by step:

1. To get started, go to the 4K Download website. At the top of the page, you’ll find a “Download” option for “4K YouTube to MP3.” Click it. Then, select the program version you need – for Windows (32-bit or 64-bit), macOS, or Ubuntu – and click the “Download” button.

2. After downloading 4K YouTube to MP3, run the installer. This will start a Setup Wizard that helps you install the program on your computer. During the installation, make sure to check the box that says “Launch 4K YouTube to MP3.” Finally, click the “Finish” button to complete the process.

3. When you open the program, you might see a “Not Activated” message. You only need to worry about this if you want premium features and are willing to pay $15 for a license. But if you’re okay with the free version, it allows you to download up to 30 audio tracks per day, though one at a time, which should work for most people. If you want unlimited downloads and the ability to download three tracks at once, you can click on the “Tools” menu, then select “Manage License,” and finally, click “Get License.”

4. First, locate a copyright-free video on YouTube and get its URL. You can do this in two ways: either copy the link from your browser’s address bar or click the “Share” button beneath the video and select “Copy” next to the URL.

5. To download, click the “Paste Link” button located in the top-left corner of the 4K YouTube to MP3 window. This will automatically convert the video to MP3 and begin downloading right away. Once the download is finished, you’ll receive a desktop notification.

6. You have another option too. You can search for videos on YouTube right within 4K YouTube to MP3. Simply click the search button in the bottom-right corner of the window, then select “YouTube.” This will open up YouTube within the program. Look for a copyright-free video, and then click the “Download” button to save it as an MP3.

7. After your MP3 is converted, you can easily listen to it in 4K YouTube to MP3. Just double-click the track in the downloads list. If you want to access the downloaded file for use in another program or move it to a different location, click on “Show in folder.”

8. By default, 4K YouTube to MP3 converts YouTube video audio into MP3 format at what it thinks is the “best quality.” If you want to adjust the quality and format, go to the “Preferences” section. You can find it by clicking on the “Tools” menu or by selecting “Preferences” from the Control Panel icon in the top-right corner of the program.

How to Download Music From YouTube on Mobile?

Using mobile apps to download YouTube audio can be tricky, often requiring unsafe actions like jailbreaking or allowing downloads from “unknown sources.”

A better and safer option is a website called **YouTube to MP3 Converter.** It’s accessible on Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. You don’t need to register, there are no daily download limits, and it’s entirely free. Here’s how to use it:

1. If you have a video that’s copyright-free and you want to turn it into an MP3, begin by opening it in the YouTube mobile app on your Android or iOS device. Next, tap the Share button located beneath the video, and choose “Copy link.”

2. To start, open your mobile browser and go to the YouTube to MP3 Downloader website. Once you’re on their homepage, tap on the search box. Then, choose “Paste” and simply tap the “Convert” button to proceed.

3. After the conversion finishes, you can tap the “Download” button. This will save the audio file on your device. You can then open and play it using your default media player.

How to Download Music From YouTube – FAQs

1. Is it legal to download music from YouTube?

– It depends on the content. If the music is copyright-free or available under a Creative Commons license, it’s generally legal. However, downloading copyrighted music without permission is against YouTube’s terms and can infringe copyright laws.

2. What’s the safest method to download music from YouTube?

– Using reputable software or websites designed for downloading YouTube content, like 4K YouTube to MP3 or YouTube to MP3 Converter, is generally safer than third-party apps or methods.

3. Are there any download limits when using YouTube to MP3 converters?

– It varies. Some converters may impose daily limits on the number of downloads, while others, like YouTube to MP3 Converter, often don’t have such restrictions.

4. Can I download music from YouTube on my mobile device?

– Yes, you can. There are websites and apps, like YouTube to MP3 Converter, that work on both Android and iOS, making it possible to download music on your mobile device.

5. How can I ensure the best audio quality when downloading music from YouTube?

– You can often adjust the audio quality settings in the preferences of the converter software to select the best quality for your needs, like high (320kbps), medium (256kbps), or low (128kbps).

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