Drew Allar Injury Update: What Really Happened to Drew Allar?

by Manish
Drew Allar Injury Update

In the world of college football, injuries are an unfortunate but common occurrence. Fans, coaches, and players hold their breath when a key player goes down, hoping for a swift recovery. One such incident recently unfolded during a game between the Penn State Nittany Lions and Rutgers. Drew Allar, the talented quarterback of Penn State, sustained an injury that left fans concerned. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of Drew Allar’s injury update, shedding light on what happened and what it means for the team’s future.

A Sudden Exit

During the game against Rutgers, Drew Allar’s journey took an unexpected turn in the third quarter. It all happened after a powerful hit to his right shoulder that forced him to leave the field. Coach James Franklin, however, maintained an optimistic outlook, not categorizing the injury as “significant.”

Allar, visibly in discomfort, stayed on the sideline for the remainder of the game. This was a significant moment as it marked the first time he failed to finish a game in his starting role due to injury. Franklin, in the immediate aftermath of the incident, faced the challenge of predicting the severity of the injury but lauded Allar’s leadership from the sideline.

Who is Drew Allar?

Before we delve deeper into the injury, let’s get to know Drew Allar a bit better. Born on March 8, 2004, in Medina, Ohio, he stands at an imposing 6 feet 5 inches and weighs 243 pounds. Allar’s journey to becoming the starting quarterback for the Penn State Nittany Lions is a story of dedication and talent.

He attended Medina High School, where he started as the quarterback during his sophomore year. Even then, he displayed exceptional skills, passing for impressive yards and touchdowns. His junior season saw remarkable progress with 2,962 passing yards and 26 touchdowns. In his senior year, Allar’s performance reached its pinnacle with 4,444 passing yards, 48 touchdowns, and the prestigious title of Ohio Mr. Football.

Throughout high school, he completed 630 of 1,149 pass attempts for 9,103 yards and 98 touchdowns, setting high expectations for his college career.

Full Name Drew Patrick Allar
Born March 8, 2004
Age 19
Birthplace Medina, Ohio, U.S.
Height 6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)
Weight 243 lb (110 kg)
College Penn State (2022–present)
High School Medina High School (Medina, Ohio)
Position Quarterback
Class Sophomore
Notable Award Mr. Football Award (Ohio) – 2021

The College Journey

Drew Allar’s college journey began in January 2022 when he joined the Penn State Nittany Lions as an early enrollee. In his freshman season, he played in nine games, completing 35 of 60 pass attempts for 344 yards and four touchdowns, along with rushing for 52 yards and one touchdown.

However, it was in the 2023 season that Allar truly came into the spotlight. He assumed the role of the starting quarterback and made history in his debut start against West Virginia by becoming the first Penn State quarterback since 2003 to throw for over 300 yards. This marked a pivotal moment in his college career, not only for his on-field prowess but also for his involvement in the evolving landscape of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deals.

Drew Allar’s Net Worth

Speaking of NIL deals, Drew Allar’s net worth has seen a significant boost thanks to his involvement in this realm. Reports suggest that his annual NIL deal is a substantial $823,000, placing him among the top earners in college football. But Allar’s impact goes beyond financial gains; he has collaborated with various brands like Urban Outfitters, Kiwiclo, and Bose, showcasing his marketability.

What’s even more commendable is his commitment to community impact. Collaborations with Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes and the Mission Tiger initiative resulted in a $30,000 donation to Pennsylvania middle schools. This demonstrates Allar’s dedication to making a positive difference.

Drew Allar’s Age

At just 19 years old as of the current date (born on March 8, 2004), Drew Allar’s age is a testament to his early success in collegiate football. Despite his youth, he has already earned accolades for his skills, achievements, and involvement in the NIL space. As he continues to shape his career, his age becomes a notable aspect of his journey, highlighting his potential for future growth in the world of sports.

The Injury

Now, back to the injury that has fans concerned. During the third quarter of the game against Rutgers, Drew Allar sustained an injury that prompted his early exit. The incident occurred as Allar executed a quarterback scramble, gaining a first down and lowering his shoulder against Rutgers’ defensive back, Flip Nixon. Unfortunately, despite his efforts to avoid injuries throughout the season, he was hit from behind just as he was about to get down.

Allar left the field visibly affected, and backup quarterback Beau Pribula took over for the remainder of the game. The specific nature of Allar’s injury remains undisclosed, but it involved his right shoulder area.

As Penn State faces a short week to prepare for the regular-season finale against Michigan State, uncertainty hangs in the air regarding Allar’s availability for the upcoming match at Ford Field in Detroit. Coach Franklin, while not providing detailed medical information, expressed cautious optimism, stating, “I don’t see this being significant, but we’ll see.”

Drew Allar Injury Update – FAQs

  1. What happened to Drew Allar during the Rutgers game? Drew Allar sustained an injury during the game against Rutgers, leading to his early exit in the third quarter.
  2. How did the injury occur? Allar suffered the injury while executing a quarterback scramble, gaining a first down and lowering his shoulder against Rutgers’ defensive back, Flip Nixon.
  3. Is this the first time Allar left a game due to injury? Yes, this marked the first game in Allar’s starting role where he didn’t finish due to injury.
  4. When did Drew Allar join Penn State? Allar joined the Penn State Nittany Lions as an early enrollee in January 2022.
  5. How old is Drew Allar? Drew Allar is 19 years old.

In conclusion, Drew Allar’s injury is a significant moment in his college football journey, raising questions about his availability for future games. Fans will undoubtedly keep a close eye on his recovery, hoping to see him back on the field soon.

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