Did Jimmy Savile Have Siblings? Exploring the Brothers and Sisters of Jimmy Savile!

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Did Jimmy Savile Have Siblings

Jimmy Savile, a name that still resonates in British media history, was a complex figure known for his eccentric personality and charitable efforts. However, beyond his public image lies a story of family and upbringing that shaped the man he became. In this article, we will delve into the life of Jimmy Savile, focusing on his relationships with his siblings, their identities, and what became of them.

Jimmy Savile’s Early Family Life

Born on October 31, 1926, in Leeds, England, Jimmy Savile was the youngest among seven siblings in a Roman Catholic family. His parents, Vincent Joseph Marie Savile and Agnes Monica Kelly, faced financial difficulties during the Great Depression, creating a challenging environment for the Savile household.

Birth Name Sir James Wilson Vincent Savile
Born October 31, 1926
Place of Birth Burley, Leeds, England
Died October 29, 2011 (aged 84)
Place of Death Roundhay, Leeds, England
Resting Place Woodlands Cemetery, Scarborough
Occupations DJ, Television and Radio Personality, Philanthropist
Notable Shows “Top of the Pops,” “Jim’ll Fix It”
Famous For Hosting popular BBC shows, Charitable work, Fundraising efforts
Siblings John Savile, Marjory Savile, Christina Savile, Vincent Savile, Joan Savile, Mary Savile
Parents Agnes Monica Savile, Vincent Joseph Marie Savile
Burial Date November 9, 2011
Burial Place Woodlands Cemetery, United Kingdom

Vincent and John: The Brothers

Jimmy Savile’s two elder brothers were Vincent and John. Growing up together, they shared the trials and tribulations of their family’s financial struggles and the hardships of the era.

Mary, Marjory, Joan, and Christina: The Sisters

Jimmy Savile had four sisters named Mary, Marjory, Joan, and Christina. These sisters, along with their brothers, created a bustling household where familial bonds were formed.

The Impact of Sibling Relationships

Jimmy Savile’s relationships with his siblings played a significant role in shaping his understanding of family dynamics, relationships, and interpersonal connections. The challenges they faced together during their upbringing likely contributed to his resilience and determination later in life.

The Duchess: Jimmy Savile’s Unusual Relationship with His Mother

A notable aspect of Jimmy Savile’s family life was his unique and close relationship with his mother, Agnes Savile, whom he affectionately called “The Duchess.” Despite a lack of affection during his childhood, Savile spent his adult life trying to win his mother’s acceptance and approval. Their relationship was marked by shared moments and experiences, including attending church together, holidays, and even a visit to Buckingham Palace when Savile received his OBE in 1971.

However, beneath the surface of this affectionate relationship, there were hints of suspicion regarding Savile’s behavior. His mother expressed concerns about his success and the potential for him to get into trouble with the law. This dynamic between Savile and his mother remained a significant aspect of his life, influencing his actions and relationships throughout his adulthood.

The Legacy of Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Savile, whose full name was Sir James Wilson Vincent Savile, gained fame as an English DJ and television and radio personality. He hosted popular BBC shows like “Top of the Pops” and “Jim’ll Fix It.” His eccentric appearance, characterized by tracksuits, gold jewelry, and a cigar, made him a recognizable figure.

Beyond his entertainment career, Savile was renowned for his extensive charitable work and fundraising efforts, raising millions of pounds for various causes and hospitals, including Stoke Mandeville Hospital and Broadmoor Hospital.

However, Savile’s legacy is marred by serious allegations of sexual abuse. After his death in 2011, hundreds of accusations of sexual abuse came to light, leading to investigations and inquiries. It was revealed that he had abused vulnerable individuals, including children and patients in hospitals, over several decades. These revelations drastically changed public perception of Savile, overshadowing his previous positive image.


In conclusion, Jimmy Savile’s life was shaped by his family, particularly his siblings and his unique relationship with his mother, “The Duchess.” While he achieved fame and success in the entertainment industry and made significant contributions to charitable causes, his legacy is forever tarnished by the disturbing allegations of sexual abuse that emerged after his death.


1. Did Jimmy Savile Have Siblings?

Yes, Jimmy Savile had six siblings.

2. Are Jimmy Savile’s Siblings Still Alive?

No, all of Jimmy Savile’s siblings have passed away.

3. Who Was Jimmy Savile?

Jimmy Savile was a famous English DJ and television personality.

4. When Was Jimmy Savile Born?

Jimmy Savile was born on October 31, 1926.

5. What Were the Allegations Against Jimmy Savile?

After his death in 2011, numerous allegations of sexual abuse came to light, tarnishing his reputation and legacy.

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