Derek Hough Wife Health Update: What Really Happened to Derek Houghs Wife?

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What Happened to Derek Houghs Wife

In this article, we’ll delve into the recent health crisis that struck Derek Hough’s wife, Hayley Erbert. We’ll uncover the details of her emergency surgery, the condition she faced, and the latest updates on her health. So, let’s begin.

The Unexpected Health Emergency

It was during Derek Hough’s mesmerizing performance in “A Symphony of Dance” that a health emergency unfolded. Hayley Erbert, his wife, suddenly became disoriented and had to be rushed to the hospital. The diagnosis was shocking—a cranial hematoma, a condition resulting from a burst blood vessel in the brain. This led to bleeding within her skull, necessitating an emergency craniectomy, a surgical procedure involving the removal of a portion of the skull to address the blood pooling around the brain.

A Critical Surgery

The surgery played a pivotal role in stabilizing Hayley’s condition. Derek Hough, the former “Dancing with the Stars” pro, took to Instagram to share the news and express his heartfelt gratitude to the first responders and medical personnel who swiftly came to Hayley’s aid. Thankfully, Hayley Erbert, also a former “Dancing with the Stars” pro, is now in stable condition. The couple, who had tied the knot in August 2023 after dating since 2015, received an outpouring of support from their fans and well-wishers.

Understanding Cranial Hematoma

A cranial hematoma occurs when a blood vessel in the brain ruptures, leading to blood pooling within the skull. The symptoms can range from a worsening headache, sleepiness, dizziness, confusion, vomiting, slurred speech, to paralysis on one side of the body. Bleeding within the skull is a life-threatening emergency that demands immediate medical attention. The craniectomy procedure, which involves removing part of the skull, is performed to alleviate the pressure inside the brain.

Who is Derek Hough?

Before we delve further into Hayley’s health journey, let’s take a moment to get to know Derek Hough better. Born on May 17, 1985, in Salt Lake City, Utah, Derek is a multi-talented American artist known for his prowess in Latin and ballroom dancing, choreography, acting, and singing. His illustrious career dates back to 2001, but he gained widespread recognition as a professional dancer on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” from 2007 to 2016.

Derek made history by winning the dance competition a record-breaking six times with various celebrity partners. His talents extend beyond the dance floor, with appearances in the West End premiere of “Footloose: The Musical” and the 2015 New York Spring Spectacular. He has also ventured into film and television, starring in productions like “Make Your Move” and having a recurring role in the ABC musical-drama “Nashville.” Additionally, in 2016, he played Corny Collins in NBC’s live musical TV production of “Hairspray Live!” Derek’s involvement in the world of dance extended to judging on NBC’s “World of Dance” from 2017 to 2020.

Beyond his professional life, Derek Hough grew up in Sandy, Utah, as the fourth of five children in a Latter-day Saint family. His parents, themselves accomplished dancers, provided extensive training to Derek and his sister Julianne, nurturing their talents in various forms of dance. Moreover, Derek Hough is not only a skilled dancer but also a musician, proficient in playing instruments like the piano, guitar, drums, and bass.

Name Derek Bruce Hough
Date of Birth May 17, 1985
Place of Birth Salt Lake City, Utah
Occupation Dancer, Choreographer, Actor, Singer
Notable Awards 6-time Winner, “Dancing with the Stars”
Education Trained in dance in London under Corky and Shirley Ballas
Musical Skills Plays piano, guitar, drums, and bass

Derek Hough’s Remarkable Career

Derek Hough’s career in competitive dancing kicked off with significant victories, including the WDSF World Latin Championship in 2002 and the Blackpool U-21 Latin title in 2003 alongside his partner Aneta Piotrowska. His dance prowess earned him accolades such as the LA Outstanding Dancer of the Year and New York Dance Alliance Outstanding Dance awards.

Notably, Derek made history on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” clinching the competition a remarkable six times with different celebrity partners. His exceptional choreography skills led to two Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Choreography in 2013 and 2015. Beyond the dance floor, Derek expanded his career into acting, theater, and music.

He played roles in productions like “Footloose: The Musical” in London’s West End and made his Broadway debut in “Burn the Floor.” Derek also showcased his acting talent in movies like “Make Your Move” and TV series such as “Nashville.” In addition to his creative endeavors, Hough ventured into hosting, writing, and philanthropy.

He co-authored the book “Taking the Lead: Lessons from a Life in Motion,” which entered the New York Times Best Seller list. Derek also hosted NBC specials like “Return to Downton Abbey: A Grand Event.” In 2020, he became a judge on “Dancing with the Stars” and signed a significant deal with ABC Entertainment. Derek Hough’s multifaceted career continues to thrive, reflecting his passion and dedication to the arts.

Meet Derek Hough’s Wife

Now that we’ve gained insights into Derek Hough’s remarkable career, let’s shift our focus back to his wife, Hayley Erbert. Hailing from Topeka, Kansas, Hayley discovered her passion for dance at the tender age of three. She received training in various dance styles, excelling particularly in contemporary dance, earning numerous national titles and awards along the way.

Hayley gained early recognition when she competed on Season 10 of “So You Think You Can Dance,” where she reached the Top 3 Females while still in high school. Her dance journey extended to performances in major award shows and films, sharing the stage with celebrities like Pitbull, Carrie Underwood, and Paula Abdul. She became a part of Julianne and Derek Hough’s tours, “Move Live on Tour,” and later joined “Dancing with the Stars” as a troupe dancer for six seasons. Hayley Erbert also contributed to three “Dancing with the Stars: Live!” North American tours, showcasing her immense talent and becoming an integral part of the dance community.

A Glimpse into Hayley Erbert’s Life

Hayley Erbert, the talented dancer from Topeka, Kansas, is now 28 years old. She embarked on her dance journey at the age of three, mastering various styles with a focus on contemporary dance. Hayley gained recognition when she reached the Top 3 Females in Season 10 of “So You Think You Can Dance.”

Apart from her achievements in national dance competitions, she has been a troupe dancer in six seasons of “Dancing with the Stars” and has participated in multiple tours with Julianne and Derek Hough. Notably, Hayley Erbert’s recent celebration includes her marriage to Derek Hough on August 26, 2023.

Unveiling the Health Crisis

Returning to the pressing issue at hand, what exactly was the illness that struck Hayley Erbert? As mentioned earlier, she faced a health crisis during Derek Hough’s dance performance, leading to an emergency hospital visit. The diagnosis was a cranial hematoma, where a blood vessel in the brain bursts, resulting in blood pooling around the brain. To address this critical situation, Hayley underwent a craniectomy surgery, which successfully alleviated the pressure caused by the blood pooling.

A Positive Health Update

The good news is that Derek Hough’s wife, Hayley Erbert, is now in stable condition following the emergency surgery. Derek expressed his gratitude to the first responders and medical personnel for their swift and efficient response. The couple, both former “Dancing with the Stars” pros, who had recently celebrated their marriage in August 2023, can now look forward to a brighter and healthier future together.

Frequently Asked Questions

To address any remaining queries, here are some frequently asked questions about this incident:

1. What happened to Derek Hough’s wife, Hayley Erbert?
Hayley experienced a health emergency during Derek’s dance performance, leading to a rushed hospital visit and the diagnosis of a cranial hematoma.

2. What is a cranial hematoma?
A cranial hematoma occurs when a blood vessel in the brain bursts, causing blood to pool in the skull. It requires emergency attention and, in some cases, a craniectomy surgery.

3. How is Hayley Erbert now?
After the emergency craniectomy, Hayley is in stable condition, and Derek expressed gratitude for the care received from first responders and medical personnel.

4. What are the symptoms of a cranial hematoma?
Symptoms may include headaches, dizziness, confusion, vomiting, slurred speech, and paralysis on one side of the body.

5. What is a craniectomy procedure?
A craniectomy involves removing part of the skull to alleviate pressure in the brain, as explained by Cedars-Sinai.

In conclusion, Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert have faced a challenging health crisis together, but thanks to prompt medical attention and the support of their loved ones, they are on the path to recovery. We wish them both a speedy and complete recuperation.

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