Who Is Kenneth Chesebro Wife: What Happened To Emily Stevens?

by Sushil Pandit

Kenneth Chesebro is a well-known American lawyer who gained interest due to his arrest of 2023 by the State of Georgia in connection with the Trump fake electors scheme, which was a plan to alter to influence the U.S. presidential election results. He testified before Congress in the U.S. House of Representatives regarding his involvement in the scheme that sparked attention to his private life.


Who is Kenneth Chesebro Wife

In this article, we’ll look at his former wife, Emily Stevens, as in addition to his present marriage situation. Kenneth Chesebro and Emily Stevens were married on the 14th of April 1994, in Bermuda with Laurence Tribe in attendance. Their home, as described through Air Mail, was a modest residence that was located just right across the street from Harvard College. Emily Stevens, the former wife of Kenneth Chesebro, is a medical doctor by profession. She later took up a legal degree and sometimes helped her husband write legal briefs. While the precise circumstances of their first meeting are unknown, it was certainly an unforgettable encounter.

The couple had a blissful marriage for more than two years. Their marriage ended in 2014 with the motives of their divorce being kept private. It is not known if Kenneth Chesebro and Emily Stevens were married or had children is undetermined. After the divorce Chesebro reported to have made major modifications to his life.


In the beginning, he stayed in an apartment located at the Ritz-Carlton Residences that offered an enviable view over Boston Common. Then, he moved to a new home in Boston’s trendy Seaport district. Then, he moved in New York and acquired a penthouse apartment in 223 Central Park South, an highly sought-after Manhattan address. In the year he turned 60, Kenneth Chesebro entered into an affair with a younger woman with whom he took several travels around the world which included a long excursion across Paris as well as London for her birthday celebrations. According to a friend of the family the couple has recently tied the knot. But, Chesebro, through his legal representative, has refused to discuss his marital status or any other matter.

Kenneth Chesebro was born around 1961 and was raised in a tiny Wisconsin town. His early years were marked by a love of music and an interest in the law. He was influenced by his father who was a music instructor, and his mother who is a speech therapist. In his early years of formation in his home town his parents surrounded him with love and encouragement. His education was a key factor in shaping his career as well as life. Chesebro excelled in academics and received an award to go to Northwestern University, where he obtained an academic degree in political science. He later enrolled at Harvard Law School, where Chesebro formed a close friendship along with Elena Kagan, who later became a Supreme Court Justice. Both Chesebro as well as Kagan worked as research assistants for professor Laurence Tribe, a highly influential constitutional law scholar. Although it’s not known if Kenneth Chesebro has siblings, his early years were marked by the support and encouragement from his parents, surely helping him to achieve his goals as a lawyer.

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