Who Are Charles Augustus And Henry Benjamin Robison: Charlie Robison Son And Daughter

by Sushil Pandit

Charlie Robison, a celebrated Texas country musician and singer was born on the 1st of September 1st 1964. Tragically, he died aged 59, on the 10th of September 2023. The sad announcement of his death was announced with his spouse, Kristen Robison, on social media. She announced that he had passed away from cardiac arrest and other complications while in the hospital of San Antonio.

Who Are Charles Augustus And Henry Benjamin Robison

Henry Benjamin Robison, more often referred to “Henry,” is one of the three children born to former Texas country music legend Charlie Robison, and his ex-wife, Emily Erwin. Henry is born on the 14th of April and, just as his elder sister Gus and sister Julianna Tex and Julianna Tex, he was raised by an extended family that was deeply involved in the world of music.


Charlie Robison’s contribution in his country music career is important His passing signifies the end of a time for his faithful fans and his loving family. Charles Augustus, affectionately known as “Gus,” is one of the three children born to former Texas country music singer and songwriter Charlie Robison and his former wife, Emily Erwin. Emily Erwin is a distinguished singer in the famous country group The Chicks (formerly known as The Dixie Chicks). Gus arrived in the world on the 11th of November in 2002, an extended family that is deeply involved in the music business.

His early life was undoubtedly formed by the extensive music tradition from his father and mother. As the son of two famous musicians, Gus was completely immersed in country music from an young age. The father of his son, Charlie Robison, held an important place within his position in the Texas the country scene and the mother of his, Emily Erwin, achieved huge success as a member in The Chicks. The unique background of his parents has instilled in Gus an immense appreciation for music and exposed him an array of musical influences.


Although his parents divorced in 2008 Gus was able to continue sharing his experiences and time with his mother and father, making sure that he had the love and support of both families of his parents. As Gus was entering his teens in the years that followed, his personal life began to become more private, and he was able to stay out of the attention of others. It’s unclear whether Gus decided to pursue an interest in music as did his parents or pursued another path entirely. Whatever the choice made by Gus Robison, he carries with him the legacy left by his parents who were incredibly talented as well as the musical traditions that are the foundation of Texas the country genre. Although his life is kept by the media, he surely holds a special place the heart of his family as well as all who appreciate their father’s music, legacy and the songs of Charlie.

The legacy of music from the Robison family certainly had an impact in Henry’s personal life. Although specific information about his life’s pursuits and professional decisions are not public It is clear that he had the chance to gain knowledge and inspiration from the musical adventures of his parents. Henry probably experienced the distinct blend of inspiration as well as passion and dedication which is typical of families who are involved in the music industry. It doesn’t matter if he followed the musical footsteps of his parents’ tracks or chose to follow an entirely different route, he is sure to carry with him the musical tradition and influences in the arts that have been handed down over the generations. Being the youngest child of Charlie Robison, Henry Benjamin Robison remains a beloved part of a family known for its contributions to the world of music from the country genre.

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