SENSEX 67000 CE Options Freak Trade? Nifty BankNifty

by Sushil Pandit

On Friday this week, the weeklong Sensex 67000 option to call lapsed with a rise in the price of 50-fold in the course of the period of. The day was one minute, specifically at 11:02 am, the option contract witnessed an extraordinary rise from 4.3 per share to 209.25. Yes that’s right that the premium increased up to 209.25 for a short time. However, later it was revealed it was due to an error made by a fat-finger that occurred on Friday’s session when 67000 strikes were struck on the Sensex call option. A report was released and said that because of this mistake within the Sensex call option at 67000 strikes the trader was able to lose Rs. 78 lakh. What occurred during Sensex 67000 CE? What caused the error? Since the incident took place at the time of trading, people are on the lookout for information about the incident. We have come up with this post to keep you updated about the matter.


According to reports, the glitch resulted from a wild fluctuation in the premium over just a few seconds. Then, prices returned to normal. A person was reported to have placed an order to purchase the Sensex call option for 67000. At the time, the Sensex call option was quoted at a price of between Rs 4 and Rs 5, due to an fat finger mistake. However, it was later discovered that the Sensex call option was reached the price of Rs 209 due to which the entire sell order was credited to at least Rs 209.

Market channel “SOAMJENA” that is on Twitter “SOAMJENA” posted on social mediathat “-80 lacs, indicating when the profits should be around 30 lacs, and their customer service has no clue about the term “limit order.” The issue was identified as a Zerodha glitch. A lot of traders reported on Thursday that they were unable to exercise the Sensex options to call on Zerodha in the event of the “issue in the service provided by internet providers” Move into the following section to find out more information regarding Sensex 67000 CE.

Then, Zerodha also responded to the error. It pointed out the error was in the internet service providers. The following day, Zerodha made a post on Twitter and wrote “Due the issue of ISPs, or internet service providers (ISPs) which affected the orders of a few of our clients within BFO were affected.” BFO section were affected. The trading in other segments was not affected. We are in the process of making changes to the status of affected orders. We sincerely apologize for any discomfort that was caused.” An investor who was in pain due to Zerodha Glitch claimed that I didn’t trade Sensex 65800 CE. So how did you manage to hit sell orders after the market hours? Zerodha addressed this trader, and asked the trader to raise an issue

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