Ryan Tannehill’s Injury Update: What Happened and Did He Get Benched!

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Ryan Tannehill Injury Update

In the world of football, an unexpected injury can change the course of a game and even an entire season. Such was the case for Ryan Tannehill, the Tennessee Titans’ quarterback, during their game against the Baltimore Ravens in London. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of Ryan Tannehill’s injury, its impact on the team, and the potential for his return.

An Unexpected Blow

The Tennessee Titans were facing the Baltimore Ravens in a highly anticipated game in London. The stakes were high, and the pressure was on. However, the game took an unexpected turn when Ryan Tannehill suffered a right ankle injury in the second half. This injury ultimately led to his removal from the field during the fourth quarter.

Tannehill’s injury occurred following two consecutive plays in the third quarter where he was hit hard. Despite showing signs of discomfort and limping, he initially tried to tough it out and continue playing. However, by the fourth quarter, it became evident that he couldn’t carry on, and he had to leave the field on a cart. It was a tough moment for both Tannehill and the Titans.

The Fallout

The aftermath of Tannehill’s injury was filled with uncertainty. Head coach Mike Vrabel explained that they were in the process of assessing the severity of the injury. After the game, Tannehill was seen using crutches and informed reporters that his ankle issue hadn’t improved when he tried to walk it off. This injury was not only causing him discomfort but was also affecting his throwing ability.

Ryan Tannehill’s determination to persist despite the injury was admirable, but it became increasingly clear that he couldn’t generate the force required for accurate throws. The extent of the injury would need to be evaluated comprehensively through an MRI.

Before his departure from the game, Tannehill had completed 8 of 16 passes for 76 yards and had one interception. In contrast, Malik Willis, who stepped in as the quarterback, completed 4 of 5 passes for 74 yards. If Tannehill’s recovery requires an extended period, Willis might become the starting quarterback, or the Titans may decide to assess the potential of their second-round pick, Will Levis.

Who is Ryan Tannehill?

Ryan Tannehill, an American football quarterback, has had a remarkable journey in the NFL. He initially played as a wide receiver during his college football years at Texas A&M. In the 2012 NFL Draft, he was drafted by the Miami Dolphins and spent seven seasons as their primary starter. In 2019, he was traded to the Tennessee Titans, initially as a backup but later becoming the starter and leading the team to the AFC Championship Game.

Known for his strong arm, mobility, and leadership, Tannehill has demonstrated durability by starting at least 13 games in each of his first nine NFL seasons. Despite his recent injury, he is expected to fully recover for the 2023 season and continue to play a pivotal role in the Titans’ offense.

Birth Name Ryan Timothy Tannehill III
Birth Date July 27, 1988
Birth Place Lubbock, Texas, U.S.
Height 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
Weight 217 lb (98 kg)
Position Quarterback

Ryan Tannehill – Age and Nationality

Ryan Tannehill was born on July 27, 1988, making him 35 years old. He is one of the older quarterbacks in the NFL, but his age hasn’t hindered his performance. Tannehill is known for his durability, having started at least 13 games in each of his first nine seasons in the NFL. He’s also recognized for his mobility and ability to extend plays with his legs.

As for his nationality, Ryan Tannehill is an American citizen. He was born in Lubbock, Texas, and attended Big Spring High School in Big Spring, Texas, and Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. He has played in the NFL for the Miami Dolphins and the Tennessee Titans, currently representing the Titans.

Ryan Tannehill Stats

Passing Attempts 4,692
Passing Completions 3,012
Completion Percentage 64.2%
Touchdowns-Interceptions 214-114
Passing Yards 34,393
Passer Rating 91.2
Rushing Yards 2,069
Rushing Touchdowns 27

Personal Life

Ryan Tannehill is a family man. He is married to Lauren Tannehill, and they have two children, a son named Steel and a daughter named Stella. The couple met in 2009 while they were students at Texas A&M University, and they tied the knot in 2012. The Tannehills are known for their commitment to family and faith. They are also active in their community, supporting various charitable causes.

Ryan Tannehill’s Career

Ryan Tannehill’s career in the NFL has been a rollercoaster ride filled with ups and downs, triumphs and setbacks. It began with his college football years at Texas A&M, where he displayed his skills and impressed scouts with his strong arm, mobility, and football IQ. His senior year was particularly outstanding, with the Aggies achieving an 11-2 record.

In the 2012 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins drafted him with the 8th overall pick. Tannehill quickly made an impact, starting all 16 games in his rookie season and throwing for over 3,000 yards. His athleticism and ability to make plays with his legs made him a dual-threat quarterback, adding another dimension to the Dolphins’ offense.

In 2016, Tannehill led the Dolphins to their first playoff appearance in eight years, proving that he had the ability to lead a team to success.

The Titans Era

In 2019, Ryan Tannehill’s career took a dramatic turn when he was traded to the Tennessee Titans. Initially a backup, he was thrust into the starting role midway through the season, and he took the league by storm.

Tannehill’s presence revitalized the Titans’ offense, and he led the team to a stunning playoff run, including an upset victory over the heavily favored Baltimore Ravens. His success continued into the 2020 season, as he guided the Titans to their first division title in over a decade. He showcased his ability to make accurate throws, read defenses, and lead his team to victory.

What’s Next for Tannehill?

As for what’s next for Ryan Tannehill, it remains uncertain. His injury during the game against the Baltimore Ravens has raised questions about his future in the 2023 season. The MRI will provide crucial information about the severity of the ankle injury, and the Titans, along with their fans, are anxiously awaiting the results.

The possibility of Malik Willis taking over as the starting quarterback is on the table, but so is the potential of Will Levis. Titans fans are keeping a close eye on the situation, hoping for a swift and successful recovery for Tannehill.


In the unpredictable world of the NFL, injuries are an unfortunate reality that players and teams must confront. Ryan Tannehill’s recent ankle injury during the game against the Baltimore Ravens has left the football community in suspense. The extent of the injury and its implications for the Tennessee Titans are yet to be determined.

As fans, we can only hope for the best and await further updates on Tannehill’s condition. The 2023 season holds much promise, and the Titans are undoubtedly eager to have their star quarterback back in action.

Ryan Tannehill Injury Update – FAQs

1. What caused Ryan Tannehill’s recent injury?

– Ryan Tannehill’s injury was caused by an ankle issue during a game.

2. How severe is Tanne hill’s ankle injury?

– The extent of Tannehill’s ankle injury is currently being evaluated with an MRI.

3. Who replaced Tannehill when he got injured?

– Malik Willis stepped in as the quarterback after Tannehill’s injury.

4. How did Tannehill’s injury impact his performance during the game?

– Tannehill’s injury significantly hampered his ability to throw accurately and effectively.

5. What’s the potential recovery timeline for Tannehill’s injury?

– The timeline for Tannehill’s recovery is uncertain and will depend on the MRI results.

Get the latest updates on Ryan Tannehill’s injury and his journey to recovery. Stay tuned for more information as the story unfolds.

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