Philip Mould Net Worth in 2023 | How Rich is Philip Mould Now?

by Sushil Pandit
Philip Mould Net Worth

Philip Mould Net Worth 2023

Philip Mould is an English Art Dealer, currently boasting an estimated net worth of 10.7 Million Dollars. This article explores the life and career of Philip Mould, delving into his contributions to the art world and his journey to becoming a respected figure in the realm of British art and culture.

Name Philip Mould
Net Worth( 2023) 10.7 Million Dollars
Profession English Art Dealer
Date of Birth 1960
Age 63 years old
Birthplace Wirral Urban District
Nationality English

Who is Philip Mould?

Philip Mould is a multifaceted figure in the world of art and culture. Born in 1960, he has established himself as an English art dealer, gallery owner, art historian, writer, and broadcaster. His contributions to the art world are extensive and varied.

One of Philip Mould’s most notable achievements is his knack for uncovering significant art discoveries. He has played a pivotal role in identifying and authenticating works by renowned artists such as Thomas Gainsborough, Anthony Van Dyck, and Thomas Lawrence. These discoveries have not only enriched the understanding of British art history but have also added to the cultural heritage of the nation.

Mould’s specialization lies in British historical portraits, and his art gallery has been instrumental in placing numerous royal and historical images in prestigious institutions like the Royal Collection and the National Portrait Gallery. Through his efforts, these valuable pieces of art have found a permanent home where they can be admired by the public and preserved for future generations.

Real Name Philip Jonathan Clifford Mould
Date of birth 1960
Age 63 years old
Birth Place Wirral Urban District
Gender Male
Profession English Art Dealer
Nationality English
Education University of East Anglia
Spouse Catherine Mould

Remarkably, Philip Mould’s involvement in the art world began at an early age when he ventured into fine art as a teenager. Over the years, he has transformed his passion into an international business empire that focuses on British art spanning 500 years, from the early Tudor period to the 20th century. His expertise also extends to historical portraiture and portrait miniatures, showcasing his comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter.

Beyond his role as an art dealer and historian, Philip Mould has shared his insights and expertise through various mediums. He has authored books, contributed articles, and appeared on television programs that delve into the world of art authentication and appraisal. Notably, he co-presents the popular TV show “Fake or Fortune,” where he helps unravel the mysteries behind artworks, adding an element of excitement to the art world.

Philip Mould’s life and career have been dedicated to the exploration, preservation, and celebration of British art and historical portraiture. His diverse talents as an art dealer, historian, writer, and broadcaster have made him a respected and influential figure in the field, leaving an indelible mark on the world of art and culture.

How old is Philip Mould?

As of 2023, Philip Mould is 63 years old. He was born in 1960, in the Wirral Urban District. Despite the passing years, Mould continues to bring his passion for art to life, showing unwavering dedication to the preservation and promotion of British portraiture and historical art. His age in 2023 marks over six decades of commitment to his craft, during which he has become a renowned figure in the art world.

What is Philip Mould’s Nationality?

Philip Mould’s nationality is English. He was born in the Wirral Urban District, which is in England, and has spent the majority of his life in the United Kingdom. His career as an art dealer and historian has revolved around the rich heritage of British art, and he has played a pivotal role in preserving and celebrating the nation’s artistic legacy. Mould’s commitment to English art and culture has made him a respected figure not only in the UK but also internationally, as he continues to contribute to the world’s understanding of British portraiture and historical art.

Philip Mould Career

Philip Mould, an English art dealer and art historian, was born in 1960. Here are some key highlights of his illustrious career:

  • He embarked on a career in fine art dealing during his early teenage years.
  • Over the years, he has developed an international business specializing in British art spanning 500 years.
  • In addition to his role in the art world, Mould is actively engaged as a broadcaster, art reviewer, and writer for national publications.
  • He is known for his work on the Channel 4 series “Changing.”
  • Mould has also dedicated time to touring Laurus Trust schools, where he interacts with students to discuss famous artworks.
  • Philip Mould’s illustrious career spans a quarter-century.
  • He holds a particular passion for portraiture within the realm of art.
  • Notably, he has successfully sold a picture for an impressive £12,000.
  • For inquiries or contact, Philip Mould & Company can be reached at +44(0) 20 7499 6818.

Philip Mould’s journey in the art world began in his early teens and has since evolved into a thriving international business. His multifaceted career includes roles as an art dealer, historian, broadcaster, and writer, making him a well-rounded contributor to the world of art and culture. His dedication to portraiture and his ability to connect with students through school visits demonstrate his commitment to both the art itself and its continued appreciation. With a career spanning 25 years, Mould’s achievements are a testament to his expertise and passion for British art. For inquiries, Philip Mould & Company can be contacted at the provided phone number.

Philip Mould Achievement and Awards

Here are some of Philip Mould’s notable awards and achievements:

  • Philip Mould, a distinguished figure in the art world, is recognized as an art dealer, broadcaster, and portrait painting expert.
  • He has gained widespread acclaim for his work on the BBC1 program “Fake or Fortune?” which stands as the most-watched arts program on television. Additionally, Mould serves as the host of the British version of “Antiques Roadshow.”
  • Mould’s remarkable career is adorned with prestigious awards and honours, including:
  • In 2013, he was bestowed with an honorary doctorate by the University of East Anglia.
  • The year 2019 saw him receiving the EVCOM (Event and Visual Communication Association) Fellowship award.
  • In recognition of his contributions, he was named an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in 2005.
  • Mould was also granted fellowship status by the Linnean Society in 2012.
  • Beyond his accolades, Philip Mould has held significant positions that reflect his commitment to art and culture:
  • He served as the official art adviser to the House of Commons and House of Lords from 1988 to 2011, contributing his expertise to matters of national importance.
  • Mould holds the distinguished position of President of Kids in Museums, highlighting his dedication to fostering art appreciation among young audiences.
  • He has been both President and former Chairman of Plantlife, an organization dedicated to preserving and celebrating the natural world.
  • Furthermore, Mould serves as a Patron of Fight for Sight, demonstrating his commitment to the cause of vision research and eye health.

Philip Mould’s illustrious career is not only marked by his expertise in art and portraiture but also by his extensive contributions to the arts community, as evidenced by his awards, honours, and roles in various organizations and institutions. His passion for art and culture continues to make a profound impact on both the art world and society at large.

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